• Published 28th Mar 2014
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Short-Circuit - WiseGaurdian

Don't know how burning electronics can clone you, nor how that clone can end up in Equestria. Definately don't know how my soul jumped to the clone either. But it happened.

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Jump Start

*Beep...beep...beep* "Mrrrugh, Why doses it have to be 8 already?" I questioned as I curled over myself to stop my phone's alarm. The bones in my vertebrae popping loudly as I did so. It no longer hurt like when it first crept up on me. My health was in shambles for my relatively young age of 19. But at the time I really hadn't noticed how bad I was.

After having stopped the very annoying sound emitted from my phone. I hurriedly got dressed. Jeans, T-shirt, and the lot. Then I grabbed my flannel shirt, my fedora, and my back-pack. Throwing them on as I walked out the door of my dorm room. I looked down at my watch, noting how I never remember that I put it on but always find it where it should be. Any how as I was glancing at it it showed that it was 8:10. Not bad, dressed and out the door in ten minutes, I'd actually be able to have breakfast today.

I got down the stairs and out the door of my dorm building and was headed towards the dining center. It was a short trip, but I hurried along anyway as I usually did, never have figured out why I'm always in a rush. Anyhow, once I was in the dining center I casually threw my book-bag on an empty table, where it landed with a loud smack. I fluidly grabbed a fork as I passed the silverware cart and held it like a dagger as I approached the line where they were serving breakfast. The options were ham, scrambled eggs, hash-browns, biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, and hard-boiled eggs. I ended up having a slice of ham, some has-browns, and a biscuit with gravy. After receiving my plate I went and got a cup of french-vanilla flavored coffee. I quickly finished my meal and grabbed some coffee to go.

With my pack back on my shoulders I headed to the tech building. I was studying for bio medical electronics and the class I was headed to was linear circuits, which may as well have been 'Transistor 101' as all we really did in that class was learn about different transistors and how to use them. On this particular day I was going to be building some basic Op Amp circuits. And by basic I literally mean just one dual inline IC. The chip we were using was the 741c. Now the only major rule with an OP Amp was not to mix up your positive and negative power-supplies for that was really the only way to kill one of those short of beating it with a hammer.

Like usual I was in the classroom a half hour early, again with the rushing. So I just sat there sipping my coffee when my friend Luca came in. He was wearing his usual early morning scowl. So naturally I inquired, "So, Luca, drinking again last night, or just still hating the fact it's spring and it's still dropping bellow freezing?"

"Yeah, the last one. But you know, that's Indiana weather for you" Luca said with a chuckle.

After that not much else was exchanged, so I went back to my coffee while Luca went and messed around on the computer. It was about fifteen minutes before class was to begin when the majority of my classmates filed in through the door. Luca's roommate whom I never caught the name off, the campus student lifeguard Alex, and the others. They were closely followed by the professor, Mr.Vonderwell, who's first words were, "I don't feel like doing much of anything today." Typical Monday morning Vondy.

At 9:05 my lab partner Logan came in and class began. Vondy quickly reviewed the topics he taught us Friday and asked us some questions about the Op Amps operated. I answered a fair majority of them, much to my surprise. Then we went into lab, it was one of the ones were we shared the equipment and Logan found his components first so he got to use the equipment first. So I paced around the room while he did his lab. Granted I should have paid more attention to how he hooked everything up. Because once he was done I hooked the wires up as the lab-manual said forgetting how we had actually hooked the wires into the power-supply. When I turned it on my 741c shorted and burnt up and it emitted a green smoke. Due to my close proximity at the time I inhaled most of the smoke.

The affect on my mind was almost instant. I suddenly had gained a ton of energy and was going a bit hyper. I was also hallucinating characters from My Little Pony. I had wondered why but I just shrugged it off as something I had been familiar with and an easy image to process. Granted I only told people of the energy gain, I didn't really want anyone other than myself know I had watched the show. Besides the hallucinations weren't that bad. I got my work done in that class early even with the set back. So I was aloud to leave early.

Unfortunately the energy portion of the accidental intoxication wore off between that class and the next. Like enough so that I fell asleep between the two classes. As I slept I had a dream. In this dream I was greeted with the face of Princess Luna. I was surprisingly lucid so I said, "Hello Princess Luna." It seemed dumb but it was better than nothing.

"Hello Creature, how do you know my name?" Luna returned.

Shocked I stammered, "I-I ah, y-you see the-there's kinda this, um, show an-and you're well.... one of the characters." This was not how my dreams normally went at all.

"I see." The Princess stated, "Well a few of my subjects have asked to enter your dreams to see if I could wake you from your coma."

Wide eyed I blurted, "But I'm not in a coma I'm just sleeping between classes!"

"I find this to be true as well, it seems you have two bodies. One here in Equestria, and one, far far away." Luna observed.

That was calming enough to throw me into analytical mode. So I inquired, "That's rather atypical, when did uh, 'coma me' appear, and by chance did he appear in a cloud of green smoke?" It was odd to know I had another body laying around in the universe somewhere.

"'Coma You' was found around 10am, and yes he did appear in a cloud of green smoke, how did you come to that conclusion?" The Princess informed.

Well I knew right then what happened and I relayed, " Well you see I was working on an electric circuit during that time and I ended up shorting out one of the components, when that happened green smoke came out of the component and I ended up inhaling a great deal of that smoke. I thought nothing of it at the time but green is not the usual color of smoke caused by those mishaps. I think that is where my second body came from."

"I see, I was going to pull you consciousness into the 'Coma You' but with you having the other you, it kill that body. I can still do it though if you wish, 'Coma You' is healthier from what I can tell." Luna stated.

I almost said yes right then and there but instead I said, "Could you come see me later today, give me some time to make my decision?"

"Sure, with the weight of the decision I can understand your not wanting to answer right away, when would you like me to return?" The Princess nodded.

I was relived I did not have to make the decision immediately and said, "Thank you, Some time between 9pm and 2am" I had some thinking to do.

"You're welcome." Luna said as she faded out of view.

With that I awoke just five minutes before class. At least I only was sleeping at my desk. But my thoughts weren't on that. No, they were focused on what had happened during my nap. I was tossing arguments and counter arguments around in my head all day after that. Then when I had finished my final class for the day I had my decision. So I called my mother up on my cell, I only got the answering machine but I still said what I intended to which was, "Hey mom, this is just a spur of the moment thought, so no need to call me back, and for this I'm kinda glad I got the machine, but. If I were to die tonight I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all you've done, and I love. I will always keep you in my heart and I hope you always keep me in yours." Tears were running down my cheeks as I said it, the spur of the moment bit was a total lie, but I couldn't have her worrying more than what the message was truly saying. Then I texted my best friend Brian these words, "Don't Reply, I just need to get the thought out of my head. If I died tonight I just wanted you to know you've always been a great friend and that I'm thankful for all you've done for me. So simply Thank You." By the time I had finished that I was back in my dorm room. I got into my Pajamas and steeled myself for the meeting with Luna.

I was out as soon as my head touched the pillow. Then I was promptly greeted with Luna's face once again. Before she could even say a word I stated, "I have made my decision, and I wish to have my mind brought to the body in Equestria. I have made my peace and am ready and certain of my mind." My tone sounded almost like a solider accepting a mission

"As you wish." The Princess Stated Simply.