• Published 28th Mar 2014
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Short-Circuit - WiseGaurdian

Don't know how burning electronics can clone you, nor how that clone can end up in Equestria. Definately don't know how my soul jumped to the clone either. But it happened.

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I had expected a bit more resistance, I mean I did just tell her that I was willing to give up my life.But there was no questions, like, at all. I suppose I sounded a tad bit more confident than I had felt. Yes I knew I wanted this but, you know, I was going to die in one world because of it. And yes I knew the opportunity was well beyond anything I could hope for. A new body, a new world that was free of pollution and war. I just wish there was some way I could bring my friends and family there, or at least let them know I had died in body only, my spirit, my soul, was going to another body and I would be fine.

I still felt that guilt as Luna put a forehoof on my shoulder. I was about to ask why she gave me no resistance when I found it was too late. I was being pulled out of my body as Luna drifted upwards. I just saw it laying there no motion no motive, just there. I felt as though I might wretch. Then I felt a surge of acceleration, and we were above the dorm. Seconds later the entire city. Half a second after that I was above the clouds. Quarter of a second and I was in space, seeing the blue marble called earth, it was beautiful. The acceleration continued until we were going to fast for even light to reach my eyes.

Even with the incredible speed at witch we were traveling it was a full eight hours until we started decelerating. We were still going at an immense rate of speed when Equis came into view. Another beautiful blue marble, but the view did not last, as we were hurtling towards it. It was not long until cities came into sight, it was then that we came to a complete stop, but even that was not to be enjoyed for too long before we started moving once more. It was another five seconds before we arrived in Ponyville, and half a second more until I was being gently lowered into my new body. It had the same blond hair, and red beard, same facial structure, other than the fact my left ear was no longer creased as my first had been, but the actual body was a bit off from mine, something I noticed as I came nearer to my body. The skin was tanner and there was almost no fat on it, and it had the musculature of an MMA champion. Then I was just dropped into this new body.


"Well I'm certain Princess Luna has....... PRINCESS LUNA! ARE YOU OKAY!?" Twilight seemed a bit distraught over something, but I was not quite willy to open my eyes let, surprisingly it hurts to fall into your body. Fortunately I didn't seem to have to do anything as I heard a moaning, sounding like Luna's voice before she said, "Yes, it just wasn't all that easy to wake that creature."

"It still hasn't told you what it is or what its name is? Did you not ask, again?" Twilight nearly shouted at Luna. I noted that as a bold move, but I figured I'd interject, "No, Princess Luna did not ask my name or species, however since you seem so curious, My name is Ray, its short for Raymond. I am Human, scientific name Homo-Sapiens. Any further questions?"

"Umm..." Twilight paused before speaking again, "Yes, why haven't you opened your eyes yet?"

I sighed, considering my answer for a few moments while still taking in the feeling of the new body. Muscles under taught skin feeling like they could punch trough steel had I asked them of it. Air rushing into new lungs, strong and clear of pollution. Then I said, "Two reasons really. One, I'm expecting light on fresh eyes to be uncomfortable. Two, I'm not sure of how my mind is going to react to the new data it receives."

The room remains silent for a few moments before Luna speaks, "But you seemed so confident with what you have said earlier. That is why I brought you here with no intervention. I thought you said you were ready. I thought you were ready."

With that I sat up and turned my head to where I heard her voice and opened my eyes. I immediately flinched and snapped them back shut the moment they were hit with light, I was right, it hurt like a bitch. But I forced them back open and kept them open. It took a full ten seconds for my eyes to adjust before I could register the image that was Luna, a dark blue mare with a spiraling horn protruding from her forehead and feathered wings at her sides, the same blue as here coat. Her mane looked like a window to the whole of the universe and blew about with a breeze that could not be felt. Her appearance was both amazingly beautiful and at the same time, intimidating. She stood at seven feet tall, and that wasn't counting the six inch horn atop her head. Her face bore an expression of confusion, as I had expected it would. After seeing this I said, "Well yeah, I was, doesn't mean I knew 100% what to expect. Hell you threw me off base when you just up and decided that, 'yeah he seems confident enough, lets go ah head and drop him off in his new body with out question', especially since I knew that you knew, that the other body I was just in would die. So excuse me for being a bit apprehensive!" yeah I kinda shouted there at the end.

Luna was simply nodding in response. Having become bored of that, and not wanting to stare at her until she said something I turned my gaze to the left until it fell upon Twilight. The lavender allicorn was glancing between me and Princess Luna, and in a manner that looked as though it would cause whiplash. Although she was some how keeping her mane from becoming disheveled. For some odd reason I found that mane of hers was more fascinating than Luna's, even with it being normal hair. Well semi normal hair, it was black with a purple and pink stripe down the center. I couldn't quite place what made me appreciate her mane so much but I stopped staring at it and went back to overall analysis of the mare. Her height was about five foot,not counting her four inch horn. And she currently held an expression between confusion and anger. I had already knew her from the TV show but I didn't need her knowing that and I had to stop the head swinging so I inquired, "So you got my name, How about I get yours?"

"Wah?" Twilight responded, oh so smartly, "Oh! yes, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Now what was this about your other body dieing?

I hadn't noticed that, said knowledge was not shared previously. Oh well, I had decided to share with Twilight, "Well yeah, the body I am currently in is just a clone, a much stronger, better clone, but a clone. The original is back on earth dead. And before you ask I do have some guilt as to how it is going to affect others in my life, now I can't dwell upon that. I'm not sure how the whole cloning thing happened or how this body ended up here, but I chose to be here and don't blame Luna for making a bad decision, because it was my call." Luna smiled, but Twilight frowned.

"So, I won't get mad at Luna, but seriously. HOW COULD YOU THINK SUICIDE IS A GOOD OPTION?!" Twilight shouted at me, now staring me down.

I flinched, I mean, was it suicide? I shrugged, no, no it wasn't. So I said, "It was not suicide, not really. Yeah a body containing my genetic code is lying in my bed back home, that is biologically dead. But that isn't the dead that counts, not to me at least. No for me death, true death, is the ending of the soul."

"Okay..." Twilight said, looking almost deflated, but then a smile came to the mares face. And with a shine in her eyes she continued, "So you're from a different planet. I want to know everything, absolutely everything."

I smiled and said, "Sure thing, just once I'm out of the Hospital." then I paused for a moment. Several things hit me at once. First of all I just realized I was nude under the covers. Second I had no place to stay. And third I had no currency. So after the brief pause I continued. "Actually, that brings up some questions of my own. One, did I have on any clothes on when I was found? Two, where will I stay? And three, where can I get a job to pay for the incoming medical bills and food in the future?"

"Well there are no medical bills, why would anypony charge for healthcare? As for a place for you to stay, you can live in the library with me until you can get your own place. As for a job my friend AppleJack is looking to hire on a permanent farmhoof, and I could see if you can work there. As for your clothes they are on that cabinet to your left, and that saddle bag is yours too." Twilight informs me.

With this information I turn to see said cabinet and find clothes folded on top of it. The clothes were a pair of olive drab cargo pants, a basic white t-shirt, some tan combat boots laid next to those. On the floor leaning against the cabinet was the "saddle bag" witch was actually an olive canvas backpack. The whole set up screamed military to me, but I leaned over and picked up the bag to see what it contained. It had about twenty pencils bound with a rubber band, a sketch pad, a note book, and a metal tin witch looked like ones I knew to contain acrylic paint and a few paint brushes. At very least I would not get bored. I returned the bag to its original position, then I turned back to Twilight and said, "Thank you. So when do I get out of here anyhow?"

"Well sir you really should stay another twenty four hours for observation, but I can get you the release forms in about ten minutes." A nurse stated coming through the door. She was a white mare with a pink mane. Just an earth pony. She was about the same height as Twilight.

I smiled and said, "Yeah, I'd appreciate that. No offense Ma'am, but I never really like being in hospitals, not as a patient anyway."

"So you are a doctor?" The nurse questioned.

I couldn't help but laugh at that one. I laughed for a good five minutes before I could stop myself and return, "Oh hell no, I am horrible with blood, no I was studying to become a biomedical electrician. Unfortunately I am unable to continue my studies."

"Electrician?" The nurse questioned.

I shrugged and said,"Eh, things run on magic here don't they? I'm not exactly from, well, this planet. And on the one where I'm from there was no magic."

"WAIT NO MAGIC!?" Twilight shouted in surprise, continuing with, "Buthowisthatevenpossible!?"

I just scratched the back of my head as the three mares in the room stared at me like I had slapped the lot of them. Then I shrugged and simply said, "Just the way it was, no need to dwell on it, humans lived plenty fine without."

"So you just want me to shrug that off?" Twilight asked, glaring at me.

I frowned and said, "Only for now, I just am not yet comfortable explaining how things as big as what I dumped on your head work. I want to figure out how your world works before I make an attempt. Okay?"

"Fine, that's acceptable, but don't expect me to forget." Twilight said, blowing a stray bit of her mane out of her eyes.

I smiled and responded with, "If you did, I'd be surprised, so nurse..."

"RedHeart." The nurse stated.

Nodding to the information I continued, "RedHeart, how about those release forms please."

"Certainly..." RedHeart paused.

I informed her, "Raymond."

She nodded and left the room. Then Luna spoke, "I will return to Canterlot now Raymond, I will see you in your dreams tonight." Then she to left, but not before stopping and smiling at me.

"I will go and wait for you in the waiting room." Twilight stated plainly, sounding as though I upset her. And then she too left.

Well I may or may not have pissed off, or scared everyone, but at least I had my privacy. So I got of my bed and immediately noticed the sensation of feeling like I was made of cloud, for I sensed almost none of my own weight. But I quickly shrugged it of and got dressed. By the time I threw on my backpack nurse RedHeart returned with the release form.

Author's Note:

Well sorry for taking so long, but I got a bit dejected for a little while, and college got in the way. Oh well. I can only hope this is better than last chapter, as I still have no pre-readers, but I think I have improved.