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For millennia, the grays have wandered the galaxy. These small, humanoid creatures are always seeking knowledge. They are always performing experiments and gathering data. They work tirelessly to fill their near-infinite databanks. Their ultimate goal is to archive every last detail of every last living being in the entire universe.

But they do not learn. They never truly learn. Oh, they've refined their data-gathering techniques over many thousands of years; they've improved their efficiency and effectiveness, but they've never once stopped to ask if it was something they should even be doing in the first place. Emotions are foreign to them. They've never listened to the complaints they've gotten from unwilling test subjects beyond the need to fill their ever-hungry databanks with speech pattern samples. Truly, it would take a miracle for even one of them to change their ways. Yet in a magical place with colorful ponies, miracles have a way of happening.

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Poor wubmaster this needs a sequel

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