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A cup of coffee tends to help Octavia deal with the stress of mornings... however, during this particular cup, she recalls a moment from her youth... where she was saved from a group of monsters. But the one who saved her was also a monster... a monster, known as a vampire.

But after the cup is finished... she finds her life changing when she meets that monster who saved her... once more...

I used to despise the idea of vampires in MLPFIM, now I'm like...
Would tap.

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Yes please write more. I liked this story.

Okay so killing a werewolf and all she wants is coffee. Classic Vinyl.:twilightsmile:

This was strange and I liked it.
It deserves a proper fic though, and shouldn't be left as a one-shot.

I might, if enough people like it enough, ehehe.

You liked it? Nice to hear! :heart:

:rainbowkiss: Yep, she would like a Cuppa Joe for her efforts.

Good strange I hope?
And I might write more to it, assuming enough people like it. Like I said, experiment.
Actually working on another chapter now because eh

7654229 If it was bad strange, I wouldn't have liked it.
Also, will the new chapter be added here or to a new fic as a sequel?

... True, very true.
It'll be added here, I'll have it as a one-shot for now but if enough people like it (Like ten fifteen likes) I'll consider throwing up the next chapter... assuming I have it done.

7654267 Well, it's already at 11...


Its at 14 now... Eh screw it, I'll make it a full story.

Well if you so desire, just lemme work on the next chapter for a bit and I'll post it whenever.

I love yo faces~

Well this was kinda silly. I hope you keep this story going for a wile I really in joy it so far.

While there will be some serious parts, I want there to be a few silly parts to match Vinyl's character, heheh.
Thanks man, I'll keep it going as far as I can.

7656419 Just out of curiosity will this turn into a romance?

Between Tavi and Vinyl? Mmm...
Maybe, maybe not.

it's got so much going for it that you just leaving it on a cliffhanger like that is really messed up and sad. I really don't think it's far to the readers is all I was saying and sorry if it sounded demanding.

...You glorious bastard.
I love it!

Its just a silly short dude to let everyone that I'll be adding more to this, and besides... cliffhangers are something I enjoy throwing out to you all :trollestia:

I am glad you do~

Maybe short but straight to the point. Love it:yay:

What is your universe like is it similar to ours or more toward cannon

7656666 what I meant by a cliffhanger was a story with one chapter that ends on/or before something BIG.:pinkiegasp:

Omfg i loved it more more more more

Glad you do! :heart:

Mmm... a little towards our universe. Its not EQG if that's what you're wondering.

Oooooh, okay.

Glad you loved it! :heart: Legit~
Thanks guys!

It's good.
A touch quick and easy, but given the premise of the fic, that's a good thing for a break-chapter.

Sorry for the quickness, I'm not really known for slow good chapters :rainbowlaugh: But thank you!
I'll try and make the next chapter a bit better. Just out of curiosity, anything in particular you're hoping to see next chapter between these two?

7664837 Only expectation I have is for at or near the end of the fic, with Octavia becoming a vampire as well.

And like I said, the quickness of this chapter is a good thing.
This fic is largely action-based with minor comedic aspects inserted here and there, at least once a chapter, right? So your break-points like this, where you see them partake in normal daily life with some minor slice-of-life or back-story aspects take place are better suited as being slightly quicker in their pacing.
You'll just need to be careful you don't have them too often.

going to geuss that vinyl doesn't burst into flames is because whatever she's doing operates with celestias blessing.

Ahhh, I see :trollestia:

And nicely said, and I'll do my best to keep it like that. Sounds intriguing, tho it might be slow. My comedy isn't as strong as I'd like.
Thanks man!

Celestia's Blessing? :pinkiegasp: say wha?

7666865 I mean she's approved of whatever there doing so the sun isn't hostile towards them, just a theroy

Huh... well... maybe if the Celestia in this world had any sort of control over the sun, sure.
But this isn't a magical world :P at least not in that sense.

7667792 Good chapter. Whatever Vinyl is doing maybe get a reason why she was watching her for those two decades.:heart:

And I shall, don't worry.

This is so bucking awesome I can't wait for the next one

Glad you enjoyed! :D

Yes this is a good chapter.

There are so many cool ways this can go, I LOVE IT!!!!

Pool quickly began pooling

I think you misspelled something here. :derpyderp2:

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :yay:

Maybe... the pool... began pooling. :moustache:
*crickets, sighs and fixes*

This is an interesting turn of events. I can not wait to see where this goes.

Why thank'ee, glad you enjoyed.

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea :rainbowlaugh: A lot of people are asking me for updates for all of my stories and its getting me burned out right quick. I have 100 words done for it, and I could probably squeeze out a tiny chapter later this month if I tried.

Also your name wins all the points.


Also your name wins all the points.

You know, I came up with my name in like late 2013 when I was huge I into Team Fortress 2. My friend was looking for a new name for his Steam account and this just popped into my head when I was playing TF2, I was in my middle school band and we played The Eye of the Tiger in that class. I suggested The Spy of the Tiger to him, but he opted for Naked Cake.

Its a good name, hahaha, I approve man.

Thank you. I think the best names have some sort of story attached to them. What's yours?

Quite welcome, and yes that is something I think to.

As for the story to my name. Well its not that long a story, but about seven or eight years ago when I got onto the internet, I saw everyone had a handle for themselves. So I decided I wanted one, and after much thought, Dustchu came into being, Dust being a part of my real name, Dustin. And Chu coming from my favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. Dustchu. I combined them both into that one name, and I've been called it ever since. Heck, if you google it my sites and pictures come up, haha

Hahaha, yeah that's me alright. Ugly bastard ain't I? :rainbowlaugh: Though that pic is old, haha. My hair is grown out longer, almost down to my shoulders. :rainbowkiss: That and my goatee isn't that long anymore, I shaved it.

But yes, this is the lovely King of Goobs.

Nice. You can tell you're pretty successful if someone image searches someone and they're in the top line of images.

Hahaha, I wouldn't say successful, but approval~

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