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Not much to say really, I write stories for the Brony Nation and the Pegasister Alliance that's all I do really.

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Haha! Oh, Zecora.:rainbowlaugh:

nothing hotter than getting serviced by the Spa Twins

I think you need an editor...too many grammer mistakes.

Super hot I loved it ^^

5211423 I only have one thing to say to that.

5211673 No..? It got to the point where there were extremly rookie mistakes such as...well...missing periods, capitals in the middle of a sentence etc

5211686 You do realize I am calling you a grammar Nazi right?

5211704 And I (kind of...) happily agree! Besides this is a piece of fiction...don't you need to know how to avoid comma splices and run on sentences?

5211714 Personally, I've never cared about details like that. I just prefer to put my stories out and damn the consequences.

That was really really awsome

oh my god I have been wanting a twin on twin clop fic for sooooooooooo long now and now i get one bravo bravo

5211423 check your spelling before complaining about someone's grammar

5771968 Okay. Grammar. You happy?

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