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Not much to say really, I write stories for the Brony Nation and the Pegasister Alliance that's all I do really.


This may be a rumor but... · 2:49am Sep 23rd, 2022

Apparently Fanfiction.net is going to shut down. Now this is a rumor, so I cannot confirm if this is accurate or not. So as a precaution I plan on moving my past and current stories on to Archive of our own.

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I am going to be very busy this October. · 9:45pm Aug 18th, 2022

First off...


And finally...

But before that, in September...

Yeah, I'm going to be occupied for a bit.

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Kazuo Takahashi passed away. · 3:46am Jul 8th, 2022

It was reported that the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh series was found dead off the coast of Okinawa Prefecture wearing snorkeling gear. The coast guard is investigating the cause of death, Takahashi began as a manga artist in the 1980s and found success in 1996 when he created manga comic series Yu-Gi-Oh! and began serializing it in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. He later outlined the rules for an accompanying trading card game.

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New Story Published! · 8:15am Jun 13th, 2022

It's as the title says, The Ice Queen of Canterlot City is currently undergoing approval. It's my attempt at making a Displaced story, so I doubt I screwed up too badly.

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Guess what's coming to Switch? · 6:01am Mar 6th, 2022

Link So, after becoming a thing on Steam fans are going to get a chance to play the game on Switch. Me, I have a love of fighting games dating back to Street Fighter II on the SNES when I was a kid so you know this is a Day One for me.

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Barely surviving 2021. · 5:11am Jan 1st, 2022

It is almost 11:00 where I am and of course I am writing about the end of the year. So, yeah 2021 was a train wreck on steroids. Between the issues with the government, the Omicon outbreak, the COVID resurgence with the Delta variant, and numerous scandals and deaths scattered throughout the past year it was a wonder that we managed to crawl our way through. So here's my theme song for 2020-2021:

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Serious topic. · 5:07pm Dec 1st, 2021

My dad has passed away earlier today. Even now I am having difficulty typing how I feel about this. Then again when you lose someone close to you like a friend or family member it is always hard to describe how you feel about it, I know it sounds a bit callous but it's a coping mechanism. Everyone has a method of coping with loss, drugs and alcohol are usually the preferred method, but that is just an temporary numbing escape, for me it's talking to my friends and loved ones that's preventing

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25 Years of Blues Clues. · 5:31am Sep 8th, 2021

So Steve the original host for the Nick Jr. series Blues Clues made a surprising appearance on Twitter:

This legitimately brought tears to my eyes. You never realize the impact of the things you do for others until they say "Thank you for everything you have done.". With that no other words are needed.

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So...Guess who's getting a Pony Bishoujo Figure? · 4:29am May 21st, 2021

In all honesty I am not surprised to say the least. Thoughts?

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Ten years...A retrospective. · 7:13pm Oct 10th, 2020

Ten years ago today a show premiered that was originally suppose to appeal to girls in the 6-9 year old demographic but unintentionally exploded into a phenomenon that is still going strong even when the series is over. Yes, I am of course talking about My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. I actually got into the series a little late, near the end of Season Two to be honest, before that I had no idea about the series being made or so forth it was because one of my favorite authors on

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