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I had no idea


Written for the Equestria Daily Batpony Writeoff.

One is a pegasus, coolheaded and (mostly) logical. The other is a bat pony with a tendency to misinterpret things. She must cope with the new envirovenment, as well as sceptical colleagues, who don't believe that bat pony culture could be so much different. It couldn't be...right?

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What did I just read?

That was fun, good job. I'd love to see more of this bat-pony culture. Also, The back and forth between Case and Gaze was cute, especially Gaze's personality. :pinkiehappy:


I tried to have her as a bit naive because cultural differences, yet crafty enough for some of her schemes to work. Maybe I'll write something later involving them, but currently I'm trying to catch up with my other stories.

3425055 It worked, half the time I was trying to figure out if she was serious or not, it was fun. Especially with Discord at the end.

Author Interviewer

Not amazing, but definitely amusing. Good on you with that final joke. :) Keep writing, you're definitely on to something.

This was AWESOME. I loved Gaze, and how you were never sure if she just really didn't know or was joking; and the Brick Joke with Discord was PERFECT.

Glaze realy reminded me of Ziva David from ncis totaly bad ass on acsadent and has no clue what slang and modern phrases are

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