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I had no idea


Two very different ponies suddenly find themselves in each other's horseshoes. Thinking the effect is only temporary, they decide to take it easy, and just drift along until they change back. Nothing could go wrong at all!

Written for Equestria Daily's Simple Ways followup fic-contest.

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how do publish words on a story

... ... ... whales. Whales like this story. And so do I.

Hah! This was a fun read!

The story needs a pass by an editor to clean up some spelling/grammar errors, but the core is cute, funny, and silly, so it gets an upvote from me! I greatly enjoyed it!

That was amusing. I approve

that was epic!!!:rainbowlaugh:
dude, you gotta do it!!! the twilight and shining swap!

"I made a funny!"
Oh, shut up, profile pic!

This is really funny, and I can only find one error, which might just be a typo your editor overlooked.

"If there is one thing I hate more than logic, then it's reasonable logic. Please don't bore me to death, Luna"

There should be a period at the end of that. Otherwise, this a fun little one shot that is going straight to the favorites. :raritywink:

You know, I'm secretly hoping that you make one with Discord and Pinkie swapping places. That'd would be the best idea ever.

I do so enjoy good literature! :moustache:


I was writing this at around midnight, being sleep deprived for almost two weeks now. (No, not without any sleep, just not much.) There might be typos, but right now I don't have the time to check them out. Private messages with mistakes are welcome, and will be corrected later on.


I was thinking about a Twilight/Cadance swap, but that would've been straight into clopfic, or too much innuendo to enjoy. Still, I don't really have an idea how that would play out, so for the time being it's not likely.


I don't think they'd notice anything being different. I mean, come on, Pinkie and laws of nature? Discord might be more powerful if they switched.


I hope you expand your enjoyment to this one as well. :trollestia:

Luna, if they ever figure out you were involved...

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