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I had no idea


New story · 7:46pm Dec 22nd, 2014


So, uh, yeah, I'm not dead.


I'll try to get a little work done on my stories, but I promise nothing.

Bigger problem is, some of my backups have been wiped, so I will try to upload what I already have.

Story will be uploaded 5 minutes from now on.

Peace out.

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Progress and scraps · 9:42pm Apr 30th, 2013

Hi there!

Updates, updates, updates.
Let's have a look at the numbers, shall we?
(plot for the actual chapter, btw.)
Interchanged destinies: 1302 words, about 25% of the plot.
Costume Calamity: ~2000 words, 33% of the plot, and accidentally left it on a computer I'm not going to be able to access until Thursday.

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Updates · 1:03pm Apr 20th, 2013

Uh hi there! No, I didn't do anything like starting a completely new story, no Sirree!

All right I confess! I made a new story, and it's up for moderation!

*sweats more*

All right, I confess that I typed another story that needs a cover before it's published.

*sweats even more*

Aaaah, I confess, I have seven more story ideas, and I'm writing both Blue and Costume Calamity at the moment! Waaaah, make it stop!

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April Fools membership · 9:48pm Apr 2nd, 2013

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Where's my damn gold membership? Revoked after a few meager hours. I miss being able to edit other people's stories.
Also, Blue continues. Not an April 1st joke! Moderation in progress.

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Blue, chap. 9. · 10:47pm Mar 17th, 2013

I finally typed 4431 words of next chapter. There are some more, and it will finally go up, too. On a side note: we are nearing the end of part 1.
I originally planned it to be a 3-parter, but pacing leads me now to a two-parter instead. Thankfully, the cover for part 2. will be an easy one, so no delays because of that (Unlike a certain story sitting fully typed in a folder, sitting lonely because I hadn't made a cover for it yet).
Expect new chap in 1-3 days.

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Slow progress · 10:20pm Feb 19th, 2013

675 words typed over 40 minutes? Yuck. Gotta speed things up.

Status update:
I am not leaving any of my stories unattended, I'm just flooded with work right now. Still, here's a quick runthrough:

1.) The Tool is a one--shot, and has no connection whatsoever with any other of my stories. Still, I felt I had to write it.

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Twilicorn finale · 9:21pm Feb 16th, 2013

So Twilight is an alicorn, presumably the alicorn of singing, or OCD, perhaps? Well, if she orders Equestria to be renamed Aeeiqrstu, then we'll know which one it will be.

I distinctly remember the alicorns are princesses, not queens for a reason. Yet, when I look at Celestia's crown... Yeah. Overcompenstaing much?
Also, Luna does NOT look good in her regal attire. It just doesn't roll with her colors.

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Creative overflow · 11:26pm Feb 11th, 2013

So, yeah, I'm late with updates. Not neglecting any of them, though, it's just that I have about seven different stories I want to write in my head, and sometimes I inadvertedly end up writing those instead of what's already started here. Still, I wrote a chapter of something completely random (wait, isn't that what I always do?) and it only needs a cover image to be uploaded. Shiver me timbers mate, more unfinished fics! Just what we needed! Still, I'm going to post a little bit of it, for

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Fics, fics everywhere · 8:26am Jan 14th, 2013

.... and still, no stories that involve following character tag combination:
Trixie+Crystal Ponies
Trixie+Daring Do (3 pieces of fics)
Trixie+Babs Seed
Trixie+Spa ponies
Trixie+Lightning Dust (2 pieces, one sex, one gore)

Someone should really get to it!

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Chapter 3 · 10:57am Nov 3rd, 2012

To anyone wondering, yes, I'm writing chap3, but I got a liiiittle sidetracked with this:
Nevertheless, it's in production, and will be delivered in... say a week.

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