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After a freak magical accident, Scootaloo finds herself on the opposite side of Equestria,in the cart of a very-very grumpy unicorn. With nothing to help her on her journey home, and only a careless showmare helping her, what will happen to her?
Can she go home when nopony believes her?
Can Trixie really protect her on the way?

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Hmm, very nice start. Trixie being grumpy and hardened but deep down decent enough to care about others' well-being is perfectly reasonable and makes good sense. Likewise, her magic being functional and reliable even if it's comparably weak fits well with my interpretation of her, and she would know how to cook given her lifestyle. (To quote a line from one of my works in progress: "On the road, you either learn how to cook or develop a taste for grass.")

I want to see more of this. It's an interesting setup and everypony so far feels comfortably in-character.

This is good, I don't know why your like/dislike ratio is out of whack. Keep writing I want more.


For now, I plan an update-fest for my other stories, but after that, I'm planning on continuing this, too. Although, given my update speed, it might be 2032 for chapter 2. :rainbowderp:

I love Trixie saving Scootaloo from the Timberwolf with illusionary flames. I can't wait to see what other adventures this unlikely duo get up to. But I do suggest a combined stunt/magic show with Scootaloo jumping a scooter through flame rings and levitated objects so they can make enough cash to support themselves.

Will Scootaloo and Trixie be badass in this story?

4645892 Well, that depends on what you'd consider badass. Still, the road home won't be an easy one.

Good job I am liking it so for:pinkiesmile:

Dis gon be gud!

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