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Sometimes, the universe seems to enjoy crushing your dreams or hopes. Sometimes, such events unfold that everyone thought impossible. Sometimes, these events were instigated by a single decision. This is the story of such a decision.

Many years ago, a simple unicorn, without meaning to, has changed the future of Equestria. Was it not for her, Twilight Sparkle might not have been coronated. Faced with her conscience, the pony now realises she is single-hoofedly responsible for the best thing that happened to Equestria since many lifetimes... but it came at a price. A price, that she will reveal now, for her life is ending.

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"Think Twilight, think! What are you supposed to ask somepony who nearly destroyed the town twice?"

Oh don't act so high and mighty. Not only did you potentially drag everypony into a massive brawl over your stupid doll in an inflated sense of self, but you actually did destroy the town with the parasprites ;).

And thusly did canon separate itself from the Lunaverse.

I am in no way affiliated with the Lunaverse.

Maybe later on.
Ponies tend to forget their own gimmicks, so ...yeah. Besides I could have written "What do you ask somepony who nearly destroyed the town twice as one who actually did it herself?", but it'd be a stretch.

Comment posted by Jphyper deleted May 27th, 2013

An interesting start. Twilight and Trixie being sisters in one fashion or another is hardly new, but that doesn't make it a bad idea, and you have an interesting twist on it.

Oh no... he can't do it,he can't do it... he do it :derpyderp1:



I've noticed that Trixie hasn't referred to herself in the third person even once so far in this story. But, on the other hand, I just recently noticed that her tendency to do that seems to depend on her emotions. When she's in a good mood, it's third-person. If she's feeling sorrowful, apologetic, etc, she does first person. She would indeed be likely to do primarily first-person in a scenario like this. It's just different seeing her go this long without doing it, as most writers tend to go overboard with it.

My stories tend to ignore that, mostly because pcychological reasons. She speaks in third, as you've noticed, when sshe's confident. Considering that she got deeply shaken in her view of the world twice just in canon, it could be said that she approaches things a bit differently. Still, I'd like you to check out the progression of her various ways of referring to her parents. Might not be that obvious yet, but later it will be.

I haven't given this an upvote yet? That's odd. I'd better fix that.

23 upvotes? A foul CRIME! I must rectify this foul deed posthaste! 24 upvotes!


Thank ye kindly! Sadly, I don't know when will I come around to write the rest.:pinkiesad2:

On a re-read, I have to say that it could be any two of the four non-staff ponies who fainted. Most readers will probably assume it is Twilight and Trixie, but it is an interesting twist that you could have (and perhaps did for all I can remember) pull off in the next chapter.

-Again, I'm rereading here. A few seconds ago I thought that "neme-" was akin to "demi-" and "hemi-". Then I realized that it was a portameneau of "nemesis" and "sister".

I have a rather large vocabulary, if I do say so myself, despite this, there is always more to learn, and so I often find myself googling while reading fanfic. This was the case with "stracciatella". I only mention this because I nearly concluded it was the soup before I opened up the specific page on Wikipedia.

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