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Chuck Norris is in Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle is not happy about it.

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Ogod a story with Chuck Norris in it. xD Time to become an immature 12 yr old again and read this lol.

Lel I'd love it if Twilight stalked me. "What is he.. oh my Celestia!! Just what does this sicko fap to! It's just a bladder! :twilightoops:"

Oh and that Gatling gun would be going to Lyra my dear.

Aaand Chuck Norris. xD

You know there's one thing I've noticed alot about the whole Chuck Norris thing. Everyone makes it seem like he's some physco rapist/murderer and he does whatever the fuck he wants. He's a nice guy you know. :S


Next five years. xD Applejack gonna become fat and lazy now. :L

I take back what I said about you making Chuck seem like a dick. xD Also I dunno if Equestria would be earth tho

For some reason I feel like this would make a commercial. xD

“No problem, Chuck Norris took care of it with a roundhouse kick that sent it to someone else’s shore,” This is a reference to something. I know it god damnit!

Lolrarity. Mind if I help?

Lol I'm liking this so far. xD

Chuck Norris only calls himself Chuck Norris, amirite?

Lel. I'll be watching this... it's good so far IMO. Granted I'll like just about anything. xD

Oh...I wonder what this is.
IT'S JUST SO STRANGE!!! :twilightoops:

I have two words for Chuck Norris:

Bruce Lee.

3290433 Thanks for the running commentary, you actually gave me some ideas on now I can make the next chapters better.

I think the problem with the Chuck Norris jokes, and just about any legendary, larger than life character, is that the person gets lost in the persona. The other problem is that when you have that much power, how do you do the right thing without collateral damage?

I wasn't going to do much with his personality, the nice guy underneath the legend, but I think I will change that a bit.

3290663 Strangely enough, I was debating whether to include Bruce Lee in a minor role in this story (not the antagonist)

3290503 Yeah, it's certainly not my magnum opus by any stretch of the imagination, just trying to have some fun and try something different.

The absurdity here is wonderful, I look forward to the next chapter.

3294045. Thanks! I'm working on the next chapter now.

Can he set a like on fire by rubbing two ice cubes together?

Also, I once google'd Chuck Norris at school. I misspelled his name, and the campus suddenly lost power. :rainbowderp:

3293316 If the right thing doesn't do collateral damage, then you're doing it wrong! :pinkiehappy:

Chuck Norris approves this story and roundhouse kicks the next chapter into existence.

3339773 Thanks, and don't worry, there will be plenty of collateral damage. I'm still working on the next chapter, it's kind of a game for me trying to pack in a whole lot of Chuck Norris jokes while still keeping the narrative coherent. So the next chapter does exist in an incomplete form.

Chuck Norris is, therefore I am afraid.

*head explodes from the presence of Chuck Norris*

Please oh please, let the enemy be the old spice guy. DOUBLE SUN POWER!!!!!!

is this hilarious story dead? :fluttercry:

Was that a Gatling gun that was just delivered to Screw Loose's house?

I think we need to bring Goku or Saitama in the mix. Twilight would go insane :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Well. This is..interesting. Who dared to try to fight Chuck Norris? Vegetto fought him once and the loser had to become temporary.

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