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I'm a long time pony fan with an imagination and a keyboard.


A thousand years after the fall of Equestria and the deaths of the four princesses, what killed them and shattered the kingdom has returned. A strange creature is out to wipe ponykind off the face of the Earth. The only hope is a band of ponies driven from their homes and onto a quest to find the magical force used to forge the Elements of Harmony, but is even it powerful enough to defeat this enemy.

Disclaimer: Contains G1 MLP Characters.

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Faved and followed!
Also, first! (Sorry, couldn't resist)


Keep going!

I have a suggestion. Spacing out paragraphs breaks up the text and makes it far easier to read. Just a friendly suggestion.


3115399 Thanks for the suggestion. I just did that.

If you have a fanfiction account, this can automatically be done in the document editor to perfection

Nice work! Can't wait for the next one!


oh god one big spider would have been enough to send me fleeing! 80

smart move, I like that your realistic enough not to make everyone a hero

screw that merv old pal, entering this alliance saved your lives

Looks like our heroes have trouble on their hooves.

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