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Wind Whistler lived in Cloudsdale, but she awoke to find herself and ponies from across Equestria in a strange castle on an alien world. Rings arc across the southern sky and a pair of moons serve as a constant reminder they are far from home. Will they ever see Equestria again, especially when they must face the most dangerous species ponykind has ever encountered?

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 45 )

Great start on this story.
Also Happy Holidays.

Is that suppose to be the same Surprise as the 1 that is an official member of the Wonderbolts?

No. The next chapter will reveal this occurs about 100 years after the events of Friendship is Magic.

Amazing work on this. I didn't expect to see other Ponies from Equestria got transported here. Nor I expect Megan getting mention this earlier. At first I thought the bird creature was a raptorians but now I think it's one of the Witches of Volcano of Gloom.

Great work as usual. Excellent world building, and I gonna take a wild guess and say that Megan is actually the lost daughter of the Moonchick.:rainbowlaugh:

Really enjoying the story so far

this is a fun read, but i think its better if you shrink the text down. It is readable but it hurts the eyes at how big it is. It's say Times roman 13 is adequate font and size

So Blueflower was alive when around the time of Tirek's second attack? Didn't see that coming.

Great work on this chapter.

I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten any comments on Blueflower’s controversial opinions. Though, blind alacorn worshipers probably aren’t going to read this anyway.

Quick question, are there going to mentions or appearances from creatures from G1 MLP?

You’ll have to see. Though, I am drawing a lot of inspiration from the comic in this story compared to the animated series.

I love the rhyming spell casting. She'll be out for a while won't she?

You’ll just have to keep reading.

thanks for listening to my suggestion on the font size, its now more bearable and readable. I personally just whatever default font the site provided as its just as big enough to read

Great work, I love how these ponies are able to outwit their enemies.

I sense a battle come up in the near future. Good work.

Amazing work, plenty of action and emotion.

Thank you. This was probably the hardest chapter to write. Getting all that action to flow right and really utilize all of the combatants.

Because these are all G1 ponies, and Fimfiction doesn’t have any character tags for ponies from other generations.

The "Other" tag is appropriate then.

Wonderful work, great character interaction and intriguing world building too.

Thank you. I thought it was important to have a very deep valley after all the action of the previous chapter. And that it was the perfect place for Gusty to begin entering the group.

Good work on this chapter, Why do I get the feeling that Wind Whistler's plan will backfire in some way.

how about the other harpies? they still got a few there guarding their house. Also That swindling coot is still out there..

All the harpies were at the island. Once they had the locket, there was no reason to sit on the house anymore.

naruhodo. ... sooo i just realize something.. you're also bringing Tirek and the Smooze over to that world aren't you?

No plans currently. However I will not use those particular individuals. There might be a centaur named Tirac (the actual spelling according to Sunbow btw) and there might be a dark magic brew called the smooze. However, Mr. Roid Rage and the Radioactive Booger will not appear in this dimension.

There’s just one follow up chapter after this. Thanks for following it.

So it was Discord who was responsible, why am I not surprised? But who was he talking too? Grogar? Tirac? Or a more unknown villain? And Why do the get the feels the ponies will come into conflict with the rest of the Harpies? All and all, this was a great story.

This story was a fantastic read and thanks for writing it.

Well you certainly caught my attention, and I am proud to say you have surpassed my expectations. I award you most handsomely with a post in my Silver Standard Library, where stories that are a cut above the rest take their destined place in glory. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Take a like and a follow and give old Discord a smack on the back of the head for me, he keeps messing with worldly powers and it's going to bite him in the arse one of these days.

See you next time, and congratulations,
Shadow Quill, Messenger of the Moon.

Thank you for the attention and I’m glad you liked the story.

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