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Writer, student, comes up with too many ideas. Thinks Best Pony is Pinkie Pie, Luna, Fluttershy. That's not an order. They are all best pony.


Twilight Sparkle wakes up on the streets of Manehatten with no idea how she got there. Things take a turn for the strange when a scroll appears in front of her, threatening erasure and signed by "The Reapers". Just what is this game that Twilight has gotten herself into, and can she survive for seven days?

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You know, since we seem to be ponifying everything that exists, why don't I just get World History ponified so we can be done with that.

I've never played "The World Ends With You", but you got me interested!

Well written story; I've enjoyed it so far.

I love TWEWY and this seems pretty well done so far; I'll be interested in seeing where this goes


Your stories are always treats. Well-thought out, with vivid characters. Thank you.

I recognize Pyrokinesis and Ice Riser, but what was that shadow ring thing?

Dark Barrier, only found on Creepy Weepy Barrier and Black Saturn in-game.

it seens odd though, that fluttershy gets TWO planet pins seemingly at the start of the game. Her other one is Black Uranus (looked it up)

As I wrote, I wasn't so much basing the pins on the ingame pins as I was psyches that I thought would sort of make sense for the characters to have, ie Twi has Pyrokinesis owing to the whole Rapidash thing in Pinkie Keen, Rarity gets Apport/Rock dropping because of her gem finding and so on. So it's not that Fluttershy has two Darklit planet pins, its that she has two pins that share psyches with Darklit planet pins. None of the pins are perfect analogies to ingame pins with the exception of Twilight's pyro pin and the Black Skull Pin.

Also I should update this again. Let's see if I can't make that happen soon. Stupid exams delaying everything...

Okay, with this batch of updates, I should mention that any further updates will be delayed until after November and NaNoWriMo are over.

Hi just a subtle note about your fic's title. You say it's about a gang called "The Reapers" implying multiple units of reaper. Therefore it should surely be changed from "The Reaper's Game" to "The Reapers' Game", no? :twilightsheepish:

On a side note:

FTW :)


To argue that point, Pinkamina mentioned that these were not THE Reaper but rather other winners, making the title correct again.

I adore your descriptions -- particularly of when Twilight sees the wall as a whole for the first time.

Your combination of this game and the FiM series has created an excellent story. Thank you for continuing it!


The Mane Five (plus Twilight, whoever that is) are back together!

Have a great NaNoWriMo... and thank you for this continuation of the story.

I can tell someone reads Homestuck. :pinkiegasp:

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FINALLY AN UPDATE!! :rainbowkiss:

>>"The more players that make it to the end of the game, the smaller the chances of all five of my friends and me being resurrected."


You've written a good start to the day -- and you've got an interesting way for Twilight to regain Rainbow Dash's respect.

Eeeeeeeeeeevil. Evil people running this game.

Well done!

Dang it, that was a typ.... uh... I mean, yes, well done on picking that up. That was totally intentional.

Also a more general apology for lack of updates. It's amazing how little writing gets done when you regain access to a PS3.


78991 I know what you mean I was usppose to my story for about a month then I got an xbox

Okay, I'm interested, but before I start, I must ask two questions.
First, do I need to have played the game to get the story?
Second... is the game any good?

Went ahead and started reading, and I think I've answered both questions myself.
...I know what game I'm getting next.

....Ouch. I know Pinkie isn't aware of her friendship with Twilight, but man, way to stab a knife through her heart.

85296 To answer your questions:

1) Not really, though having played the game myself, it does assist with understanding the mechanics of the world that the story is set in, such as how the pins work, how the partner system works, what Noise are.. etc.

2) In a word, yes. In multiple words.. OMFG HELL YES!!! The World Ends With You is one of my absolute FAVORITE games on any system, and it's made better by being on the DS - thus making it portable, being able to play it anywhere, anytime. Only game that I can see outshining it, to be honest, is when they release Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS in February - another of the greatest games of all time, coming to a hand-held system.

I realized now that I haven't said anything about the game itself. lol. Basically.. it's got an epic storyline, is almost impossible to die, ever - you can change the difficulty from Easy / Normal / Hard / Ultimate at any time once you have the stickers for each. You can also play with your level, so you can stay at level 1 for the entire game, or you can change it to your current max.. or anywhere in between, which affects Pin drop rates. There is well over 1,000 items for the inventory - clothing, food, key items, etc.. as well as ~304 pins that the main character, Neku, can master and use. And finally, last but definitely not least... if the story is epic (and believe me, it is) the soundtrack is, to put it in terms we bronies might understand, at the very LEAST, 20% cooler. I have never actually gone out and bought a soundtrack for a video game in my life (only have a couple that were sent with special editions of games) but the TWEWY Soundtrack is one that I have seriously considered purchasing - and only lack of funds when I think about doing it has prevented me thus far. I even have gone so far as to get a ringtone of one of the songs from TWEWY on my new phone - Calling is the name of the song, if you want to listen to it on YouTube.

Anywho.. hope that helps.

It's a shame "Oh Celestia" isn't as easy to chant as the human variation.

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1. The story's doing a fairly good job of explaining the mechanics and the nature of TWEWY without making it boring to people who have played it.
2. The game is all kinds of crazy good.

Okay, finally managed to get a new copy of the game a week ago.
I love it. Thank you for the recommendation.

Well played. Looks like Dash is getting a run for her money on this one :ajsmug:

Looking forward to seeing the gamemaster on day 7

T'would be funny if it were a Yodai Higashizawa pony :rainbowlaugh:

This :facehoof: Might not end well for all of them......


MUST.SEE.WHAT.TWILIGHT.GAVE.UP. Neh, I reckon she gave up her friendship but I really want to see how they'll all react.

Dash is gonna get her and applejack killed :ajbemused:

Dash and AJ experience the joys (and pains) of chain battles.

184157 Twilight gave up her friends memory of her.
Do you mean Pinkie?

I was hoping by this point all the mane six's entry fees were obvious. :applejackunsure:


228765 Sorry, but they really aren't.


228765 Sorry, but they really aren't.

228985 List time then? I don't consider any of these spoilers, and I should double check the chapters to see if it really is that unclear, because you shouldn't have to read the comments to get key story info.

Twilight, her friends, in the form that they don't remember her.
Pinkie, her bubbly personality, hence why she is Pinkamena.
Fluttershy, her voice, hence why she has no dialogue.
Rarity, which is the hardest one for me to remember, her style and grace. Her mane is meant to be dishevelled, and she tends to be a bit more clumsy, usually in battle.
Rainbow Dash, her wings.
Applejack, her accent, so she is currently talking with a Manehatten accent. Another hard one to show in text, especially since the way she speaks hasn't changed mostly (will still call others sugar cube, etc)

Once again, sorry if any of those were unclear. I'll do some revisions if necessary once I'm done with the next chapter.


229855 Ah, now I'm sure if I read this bit right but if they win they get these things back right?

231397 Yes. So it's less an entry fee and more a safety deposit really.


231432 Ah, well looking forward to more.

Aww, short chapter...
Is it bad when I heard "clear the park of ponies" my first thought was of bloodshed?

"No. Not erase all players. Don't erase players. Hands off."
I understand the grammar of this sentence, but shouldn't the last part be "Hooves off."?

The remaining three were still struggling with their envelope, so Twilight Rarity and Pinkamena went over to help them open the letter and attach pins.
You missed a comma or two.

I believe that's all I have to say.

254296 Oops. Thanks for that. I shall have to have words with my prereader, she normally picks up the comma stuff. Fix'd.

You might have been asked this before, but is this only going through one game?
Or is that something you don't want to reveal?

256279 Only the one game. Mostly because I can't come up with many more than 7 missions.

Alright. I guess it would be hard to figure out not only a new set of missions each time, but a new way of giving them as well for each GM. (Those math problems, man.).
...Though, I guess Mission one and seven in the game seemed to always be the same, or close, mission one being some iteration of "Go to building 104" and mission 7 was always "Defeat the GM."

Now that I think about it, I can't wait to see your GM. The game's GM's were very interesting; I hope to see yours be just as great.

254296 I thought the same thing, bro.. pony vs pony slaughterfest. >.>

257255 BY THE WAY...if you need a prereader...i'm here

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