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A Flower In Command - spetsnaz pinkie pie

Five Score Divided By Four Side Story with a U.S. Marine

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Floor one: Pink hair, purples eyes and cutie marks.

Chapter 2. Floor one: Pink hair, purples eyes and cutie marks.

"I don't fucking believe this." I said to myself as I stared at the Fleurs adorning my hips. "I'm back one day. One damn day! And I already get my ass tattooed as a birthday present."

I closed my eyes and began to calm myself down. This isn't the time to be acting stupid.

"Ok let's assess this situation I'm in. First what the hell do I remember doing last night?" I racked my brain a bit only to start remembering bits and pieces of last nights party. "Blake took me to a strip club." Winning. "Got a lap dance from a smokin hot white girl named Lily. Actually I believe she is one of the girls in my bed." Super winning. "Everything after that is pretty much a daze."

"No! Wait back up. ...I remember something but what was it? I was about to drink the cognac I had but something was bothering me. I could hear something inside my head. Dammit what was it!?"

Trying to figure what the voice said was making my hangover worse for wear. I placed my left hand on the wall as I lifted my right hand to my head and began massaging my temples. "The voice it sounded British from what I can tell." Little bits of what the voice said began to surface from the depths of my mind.
"...Militia...no more..."
"Five score divided by four."

Wait that last sentence? It was as clear as a bell. But. ...What does it mean? A 'score' is a unit of time twenty years to be precise. But it mentioned five score and that adds up to 100 years. But why divide by four?

*Bang - Bang - Bang*

"Hurry up in there some of us have to take a piss!" My brother banged on the door startling me from my thoughts.

"Dear god my fucking head!" My head was throbbing from sheer pain of my hangover and the door banging is what almost drove it over the edge. Part of me wanted to vomit my damn guts out and the other wanted me to bang my head against the wall.

With Blake banging in the door I went ahead and put my jeans back on and walked over to the sink and began splashing water into my face. I wiped away the water and took a good look at myself. Even with the years of fighting in the Marines and I guess no matter how trashed I was last night I still look as sexy as the days back in high school.

"Damn you sexy!" I said to myself. As I looked I noticed something wrong. My eyes. They weren't the usually hazel color I always had. No. These eyes were purple in color and sparkled like an amethyst crystal. "Ok that's just weird not to mention impossible?"

There is no way this can be right. Eye color can't change from one color to another. And purple eyes are an impossibility to have.



I have never met a black man who ever needed to take a piss so bad. Or maybe he has the squirts (Fucking disgusting) "Alright, alright!" I said as I open the door to the bathroom. "Jesus dude you couldn't wait one da-" I was cut off with Blake pushing me out of the way and kicking me out the door.

"Dammit bro did you really have to kick me out!? You know I could have just walked out by myself! Ass!"

"Fuck ever Floreal. You took to long and I have to take a massive piss! Do you not remember what we did last night?"

"Hey what's going on out here?" I heard from the entrance to my bedroom. I looked over to my door and saw both girls that I slept with were there standing at my door wearing only panties and two of my unused shirts.

"Hey ladies! Ugh! Damn this hangover. Nothing big going on just my brother being an ass!" I said to them as I used my thumb to point to the bathroom door. "So how did you girls sleep last night well I hope?" Not really concerned or anything just making small talk to lighten the mood.

One of the girls I think Viper was her name. Or stage name. Walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck as she nuzzled my chest. "Oh I think you know just how well we slept. That was one wild night we had isn't that right Lily?" Viper turned back to Lily and gave her a wink.

I looked over to Lily I can see she had a smile across her face as well as a red blush pushing to the surface of said face. "Last night was really amazing Sergeant."

I chuckled at her when she addressed by my Military title. "Please girls just call me Floreal. I'm only a Sergeant when I'm on duty."

Lily walked closer to me and I could see that she was holding my Fleur de Lys plushie in her arms. "I never mentioned this yesterday since we were celebrating but I would like to say you have a really exotic name."

"Well thanks Lily. Say why don't we talk some more as I get breakfast ready?" I asked them. Both Lily and Viper gave me a smile as they both shook their heads approving of my suggestion.

The three of us walked down the hall way and into the conveniently close kitchen. Both girls waited at the outside bar of the kitchen while I began looking for ingredients for any possibility of making a decent breakfast. "Floreal?" I heard someone say. I turned around facing the both of them as I held a carton of eggs and a gallon of milk in my hands. Viper was asking me a question as I placed the items on the counter. "If I may ask? What does your name mean?"

I placed a small smile on my face as I began to explain to her what my name meant. "Well Viper. Floreal is a French name of course. It is a male term for the English word flower. And of course the female term for flower is."

"Fleur?" Lily interrupted Floreal. Lily looked at the plushie she held in her arms then back to the Marine standing inside the kitchen. "Is that the reason why you have this Fleur de Lys plushie?"

I placed a bag of hash browns on the counter along with some pancake mix as I replied to Lily's question. "Not really. I mean it is funny how our names are the same hers being Fleur and mine being Floreal. But the reason I made that plushie is because she is my favorite pony of course."

A short silence split between the Marine and the two strippers with Floreal revealing himself to be a brony.

"Really?" Viper questioned. "You don't seem the type to be a Brony. I mean I myself used to be a Pegasister and my brother was a Brony before the show ended but he was a fat loser at the time. I thought only those types of guys were the ones to watch the show? Ugh! I still have nightmares when I caught him touching himself to one of those. Ugh! I'm gonna vomit!"

"Well." I paused a bit after hearing that little revelation. "Well the show did start before I joined the Marines but even as the years past I still watched because of the many lessons it had to the all the viewers that watched the show. It was hard to believe for some time that their would be Military Bronies out in the world. hell my cousin was the first Brony to ever become a Navy Seal. Crazy bastard tattooed the entire mane six on to his arms."

'Tattoo's!? That's right I have those Fleurs tattooed on my hips. I wonder if these two know anything about it? And honestly who the hell thought it would be a good idea to get Fleur de Lis tattooed on my-?' at that moment I realized what the tattoos I had on my hips reminded me of.

'MOTHER FUCKER!!! You can't be fucking serious!? Seriously!? I know I love the mare but why the hell did I get her cutie marks tattooed on me !?'

'Dammit brain calm down and we'll get to the bottom of this soon enough alright?'

During my little brain aneurism there was a yell from behind the bar. "WHAT!?!?" I heard the girls exclaim rather loudly. "He's a Navy Seal and he got all of the elements of harmony tattooed on him!?" Lily spoke out.

'Alright man just be cool try not to lash out like a jack ass.'

"Yeah." I began as my tone became more somber. "It's really a shame him and his brother died. They were both on the Seal team that took down Assad back in 2013."

"Wait!? Your cousins were the York brothers? The same two that were given the medal of honor at they're funeral By President Obama!?"

I gave them both a nod as I started to mix the pancake batter. Both girls stood there at my kitchen bar in a daze from finding out about a part of my family.

More time passed and we haven't said a word to one another. I was still kind of fighting myself for being stupid enough to get a pair of cutie marks tattooed on myself. For the matter of breakfast everything was going good so far hash browns were cooking along with the scrambled eggs. I was beginning to start making the pancakes when I spoke up to the other two.

"Just ask them about what happened and see what you can find out.'

"Hey girls? You wouldn't mind if I asked a few questions regarding last night would you?" I looked back to Viper and Lily and I see them shake their heads while saying "Sure go ahead."

"Thanks. But aside from the obvious. What exactly did we do last night? Because after drinking some of that Louie the 13th I kinda lost track of what the hell happened after."

Both girls began to giggle at me for a few seconds before it all turned into a full blown laughter. Viper bent over and had the palms of her hands placed on her knees. Her luscious red hair covering her face as she laughed. Lily squeezed my Fleur plushie close to her chest as she had tears cascading down her face as she laughed uncontrollably.

"W-we." Viper began but couldn't as she kept laughing. More seconds past and both girls were beginning to calm down from their laughing fits. "W-we have had many soldiers come to our club before, but never in my three years of being a dancer there have I ever met someone as fun as you." she finished with half-lidded eyes.

I raised my brow to what she said. "Interesting. So what exactly did I do?" Viper and Lily began telling the story of the many events that took place the night before. They explained how I took a simple lap dance from Lily and turned it into a best ass competition with Viper and a few of the other girls.

Apparently when I'm drunk off my ass I'm quite the playful seducter. Another thing Viper mentioned, is that I have been barred from using the private rooms ever again if I return to Cabaret Royale. I may have kinda messed with a few of the girls while in the private room. If you catch my drift.

The story went on how both Blake and I left the club with a few of the strippers. Me with Viper and Lily while my brother took Kandy and Tali. After we left the club we all went to Whataburger for some food.

When she said food she meant FOOD!!! After buying the many burgers and fries and apple pies are alcohol induced adventure took us to the ever so conveniently placed convenient store where we grabbed vodka, tequila and few more items of grade A alcohol.

With all of our food and alcohol we made our way back to the house? That's weird not once did Viper or Lily mention anything about going to a tattoo parlor. During the story I had put all the finishing touches to the breakfast dishes and had placed everything on the dining room table.

"Well I have to say that was one interesting night." Both girls began to giggle again as they walked over to the table. "But." I interrupted there advance "...I have one question. Did we at anytime go to a tattoo parlor?" I crossed my arms as I looked to them.

Lily and Viper both looked to one another before they looked back to me with quizzical looks. "No we didn't. After picking up the food and booze we came here where the fun really picked up. Why did you ask about a tattoo parlor?"

"I'm going to be truthful with you two. I hardly remember anything from last night only bits and pieces. When I awoke this morning I happened to find myself in bed with you two. Which by the way was awesome. Anywho. Before I was kicked out of the bathroom earlier by my brother, there was something I found that was quite perplexing and as of right now I have no explanation for it."

"What is it? What did you find?"

I unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor. Both girls began to blush by I told them that what I was doing was important. "Alright I dont know how this happened. And I dont understand why but before last night I never had these." I lift up a legging to one side of my boxers and showed the cutie mark tattoo I had on my hip.

Both girls looked to my hip in astonishment. There they saw the two smaller purple Fleurs both above the large golden Fleur. "Wow!" Viper exclaimed as she moved closer to me. She crouched a bit and looked closer to the tattoo. She began to touch and feel around the mark which for some reason sent small jolts of pleasure up my spine.

"D-don't do that Viper! It's sensitive for some damn reason." She didn't hear my words. She kept sliding her fingers across the Fleur which started to make me pant and sweet with every touch she gave.

She finally took her hand away and still crouched looking at the mark a few seconds passed before any words where spoken. "Floreal this isn't a tattoo." Viper said to me.

"Are you sure? Because nothing else explains what it could be!"

She stood up to her full height and looked at me. "Look." She said as she removed her shirt exposing her breasts and the few tattoos that adorned her torso. "These are tattoos. Feel them." I did as she said. When I ran my fingers threw them I felt there texture. "They feel different from the ones on your hip don't they?" I gave her a nod as kept feeling her tattoos upon my fingers. It was completely different from the texture of the ones on my hips. It was at this moment something in my mind snapped and it caused me to jerk my hand away from Vipers breast.

I brought my hand back to my hip and ran my fingers through the mark once again. Aside from the small pleasure. When I touched it there was one thing I noticed. It was smooth nothing like Vipers tattoos. Hers had there own texture to them something I'm not sure I can explain.

'The Fleurs are real. This is a cutie mark, a real cutie mark. But why? Why do I have one? And why do I have Fleurs? This is strange.'

"What the hell is going on in here!?" I heard Blake's voice coming from the hallway breaking me away from my thought . He walked closer to the dining room with the two girls from his bed walking with him arm in arm. "Ok I'm gonna ask nicely. What the hell are you three doing? And why the hell is your hair turning pink Floreal?"

My eyes went wide when he mentioned my hair. When I looked into the mirror earlier it was the same brown buzz cut I always got being in the Marines. But now that I look towards Viper and Lily and I can see there jaws have dropped as they looked what my hair was now.

"That, that's impossible! We've been with Floreal this entire time, there is no way his hair can change like that!?" Viper was freaking out from what she saw. Lily on the other hand kept looking between me and the Fleur plushie she still held to her chest.

I stepped out of my pants and walked straight to the bathroom door by-passing everyone in my way. Inside the room I looked into the mirror that held my reflection. And what I found looking back at me was something I found truly strange.

My hair was longer, at most by 2 inches. But the color was becoming two toned, possibly multi I couldn't tell at the moment. But Blake was right my hair it was turning light pink in color. There was a few places where the strands were becoming an even lighter pink almost turning white.

I looked away from my hair and into my eyes. Again another change. My eyelashes have become longer and thicker than before. The eyes themselves have become larger, larger than the size of an American quarter.

I placed my hand on the mirror as I looked in to my own eyes once more. "What the buck is happening to me? What could be causing this?"


"Floreal are you okay?" I heard somepony say as they knocked on the door. "Floreal it's Lily. Do you mind if I come in?" I didn't mind she has already seen me like this.

"Come on in Lily I'm not stopping you." There was a sigh from the other side before the door slowly opened. She stood there in the doorway still holding my plushie while she held a sad look upon her face as she looked to me.

"What's happening to me Lily?" I said to her as I looked back to the mirror. "...I'm changing and I don't know why." I lift both leggings to my boxers and showed her the cutie marks that adorned my hips. "These are real Lily. These are real cutie marks. I felt them with my own fingers. and you know what I felt? ...Nothing. There was no texture to them, no bumps or grooves. They just blended in with the rest of my skin. Like if they were actually apart of me.

And what about the other things. My hair is growing at an alarming rate. And what about the fact that it's turning into many different shades of pink. None of this makes sense, not a single bit."

I turned back to Lily and I could see tears welling up into her eyes. I dont even know why that is? She's just a stripper that I slept with, there is nothing between us. Nothing that should even make her want to worry for me.

But just by looking at her teary eyes it made me a bit sad to see her in such a state. I sighed to myself as I looked away from her. "Can you pass me my plushie please." I asked her. Lily stepped forward and unclenched Fleur from her chest and held her out to me.

I brought the plushie into my grasp and held her close to my face inspecting every inch of her body. We had the same cutie mark, her mane was light pink, just like mine, her eyes sparkled like amethyst crystals, just like mine.

I moved away from the mirror and sat on the cover seat of the loo. I placed the plushie on to my lap and began to stroke Fleurs mane.

"I'm scared Lily. I'm scared of who I'm turning into. Just from the changes in the past hour I can tell I'm turning into her. I don't know why I would be but it's the only explanation that seems viable at this time. The similarities between us is uncanny. I have her mark. I have her eyes and my hair is changing. The colors alone tell me it's hers. What will happen next? Will I grow a tail? A horn maybe? Will I lose the one part that defies me as a man? I dont know. And if this change goes all the way and I turn into a pony what will I do? I have to report back to my c.o. And head back to Africa once my time on leave is up. And what about my brother how do I explain this to him?"

"Explain what to me?"

Author's Note:

Ok I have to say writing this chapter was a bit meh for me but I tried anywho.

I hope a few of you have enjoyed it.

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House keeping!

And I already get my ass tattooed as a birthday present."

although this is overused it just keeps getting funnier. any idea why?

Also you said BRAKE not BREAK in that part with the bro breaking down the door.

I think it was kinda meh as well but still good ^_^ keep up the good work!


Honestly I think the chapter sucked but damn.

Cliffhanger!! :raritydespair:

When I first saw this I thought "A sergeant becomes Fleur in the field while leading marines? Pure awsome!" Of course that's not what happened, but I still like the story.

There are some things that I think detract from the story though. You have many places where poor word choices detract from your intent, and some places with incorrect words or extra words. Minor distractions, but still noticeable.

There is also a lot of exposition. I mean there's a ton of it in here. You spend far too much time talking about everything instead of letting the characters show us.

But if there's one thing that I think needs some attention here, it's how you portray the Marines. I have known several, and they all have this certain aspect to their character that is completely missing from Floreal.

I think that this is a good story, but with a little help it could be amazing. I strongly suggest you get two people to assist. First get yourself a grammar Nazi to clear up the nitpicky details, then find yourself a Marine Brony to consult on that aspect of the story. Because to a Marine, they are Marines first and that mindset colors everything they do.


Yeah I'm thinking about re-writing everything.

You know what that's what I'll do.

"Just ask them about what happened and see what you can find out.'

-> double quotes closed by a single quote. Since it is a thought, the double should be a single.

that defies me

-> defines

WHY DID YOU CANCEL IT!!!!:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::fluttershysad::applecry::twilightoops::rainbowderp:


I got bored with the five score universe.

3503111 how this was an amazing story!!!


2634131 They have a comic called "The Secret Life of Fleur De Lis. She acts as a bodyguard for Fancy pants and ends up fighting a changeling Doppleganger of herself after the same changeling posing as a waiter offers a spiked beverage to Fancy Pants. Princess Luna drinks it and she gets drunk or in some stupor. Fleur investigates and finds the real waiter tied up and then attempts to expose the impostor.

Her doppleganger has fangs and wings, as well as green magic from its horn, even when it is posing as Fleur.

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