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The Peculiar Life of an Apple and a Marshmallow - ReflectedApples

Just the life and times of Applejack and Rarity.

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Chapter 2: Look Before You Sleep


The Peculiar Life of an Apple and a Marshmallow- Chapter 2: Look Before You Sleep

"Omigosh! Of course you can stay over!" Twilight squealed.

Rarity nodded and trotted inside, Applejack followed but stopped at the doorway.

"Whoa, Is a tree really the best place to be during a lighting storm?" Applejack asked nervously.

"Well it would be, but I have a magical lighting rod. We should be fine! Come on in!" Twilight gestured her hoof.

Applejack nodded, "Thank yah kindly for yer hospitality" she then tried to step into the house but was stopped by a white hoof.

"Please be polite to our house guest and clean your hooves!" Rarity gasped and pointed at Applejack's mud covered hooves. Applejack growled and stomped out the door.

"I swear if I have to deal with her for one more second I don't know what I'll do..." Applejack grumbled as she grabbed the hose with her mouth and tried to spray her hooves. This fails, due to the fact that she sprayed the water into her own face.

Inside, Rarity and Twilight were drying off from the rain, wiping there manes and hooves with towels.

"Wow, this sure is a big storm. The pegasus ponies sure have done a good job. I hope you guys don't have trouble going home" Twilight exclaimed.

"Yes that will be a problem..." Rarity said.

"You guys can stay over for now. Spike is over in Canterlot on business, so I'm all alone tonight." Twilight sighed.

Here it comes, Rarity thought.

"You and Applejack should stay over! We'll have a slumber party! I've always wanted to do one of those!" Twilight gasped as she clapped her hooves excitedly. She stepped over to one of the bookshelves and pulled out a hardcover. She showed it to Rarity.

"Slumber 101: All You've Ever Wanted To Know About Slumber Parties But Were Afraid To Ask..." Rarity read.

"It;s my own personal copy. It's a fantastic reference guide. You should see the table of contents, it has cute little pictures of fillies having the wonderful childhood that I never had..." Twilight said, slowly drifting off.

"Uh... What's first on the list darling?" Rarity awkwardly asked.

"Huh? Oh let me see-" Twilight flipped through the pages, "It says chapter 1, Mud masks."

"Ooo, sounds wonderful. Let's get started." Rarity smiled.


Applejack's hooves sparkled grandly as she walked through the front door again, they were still wt but at least they were clean. Her body freezes in mid-motion.

"What in tarnation?! Now wait a second, yah make me go out inta that there storm to wash tha mud off my hooves, but it's alright that ya'll can put mud all over yer faces?" Applejack inured angrily, swinging her hoof from side to side.

"Don't be so silly, this is called a mud mask, duh." Rarity commented.

"We're giving each other makeovers! We have to do it, it says so in the book." Twilight giggled and showed Applejack the hardcover.

Applejack looked at strangely and read,

"Slumber 101: Everything You Wanted To- Agh! Um... actually Ah'd better get home and tell Big Mac tah fix tha barn roof so tha rain doesn' get in or somethin'..."


"On second thought, maybe I'll stay for a spell." she shivered from the burst of thunder.

"Hurray Slumber parties!" Twilight cheered.

"Great... here." Rarity placed her hoof in the bowl of goop and rubbed the substance onto Applejack's face.

"Blech, what is this stuff?" Applejack stuck her tongue out in disgust.

"It's a mud mask duh." Rarity rolled her eyes and threw cucumber onto Applejack's eyes.

"And what are these for?" Applejack raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

"To lower the amount of puffiness around one's eyes of course." Rarity explained.

"Puffiness- Schmfinuess, this taste good!" Applejack laughed as she ate the cucumbers from her eyes.

Twilight giggled and pulled her two friends closer to her.

"This is going to be the best slumber party ever! Yay!" Twilight shouted.

"Yay..." Applejack and Rarity both looked at each other. Both making faces, for different reasons.

After a few minutes of hair curling and make up, Twilight Sparkle finally checked make-overs from the list. She threw some pillowws onto the floor and lay on one of them. Applejack and Rarity did the same as they pulled the hair curlers out of their hair.

"Okay, make-overs... Check! Next is, ooh it says ghost stories! Who wants to go first?" Twilight grinned and looked toward Applejack.

Applejack smirked.

"Ah've got a good one." she glanced at Rarity devilishly, "It's called the tale of the Ghostly Jerk, who drove everypony crazy with her changes in attitude! Ahhhoo-ooo!"

"Pfft, I have a better one. it's called the tale of the bombshell ghost! And she surprised everypony for no reason within a thousand miles! Oo-ooo!" Rarity narrowed her eyes and looked over at Applejack.

"That didn't even make sense! You made it up!" Applejack protested.

"Oh yeah? It's a ghost story, they're all made up." Rarity objected.

Suddenly, the lights shut off and darkness filled the room. Rarity yelped in surprise. Twilight held a flashlight under her face and pretended to do an evil laugh. She clicked the flash light on and the light illuminated onto her face. She looked at her two friends and began to tell her story.

"This story is called The Legend Of The Headless Horse. It was a dark and stormy night just like this one... and three ponies were having a slumber party, just like this..." she continued.

A half-hour had passed and Twilight had somehow managed to force Applejack and Rarity into a state of terrified hugging.

"... and just as the last pony thought that she was safe, there, standing right in front of her was... The Headless Horse!"

Rarity and Applejack screeched and pulled each other closer. A crash of lighting, show Twilight with a blanket over her head pretending that she is incapacitated. The library lights flickered on and Twilight laughed at the two mares, and then pranced over to her book and quill. Applejack and Rarity pushed away from each other.

"Ghost Stories check! Now... s'mores!" Twilight checked off the box in the book with a glow of her horn.

She trotted into the kitchen and came back out with marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers.

"Here, let me show you how to make these correctly, darling." Rarity transferred the ingredients onto the table and started to make her own little cooking show. Applejack sit against the wall, waiting for this to be over so she could eat something.

"...Then you place one marshmallow on the top of the chocolate and be sure it's centered - that's extremely important - and then carefully put another perfectly square graham cracker on the top. And done. Ta-da!"

"Ooo!" Twilight was surprisingly mesmerized.

Rarity finally concluded her explanation and Applejack jumped forward towards the table.

"Nah! Yah just eat 'em!" Applejack chomped down on the perfect s'more and chewed it purposely loud. Call it revenge on a Canterlot snob.

"Mmm-mmm" she mumbled and then let out a big burp.

"Ugh, you could at least say, excuse me?" Rarity complained.

"Well, ah was just about to, but yah interrupted me..." Applejack replied, "...Pardon."

Twilight ran back to her book and checked off another one of the boxes.

"S'mores, check! Next is Truth Or Dare!" she called.

"I dare Applejack to do something carefully and neatly for a change." Rarity quickly said.

"Oh yeah? Well I dare Rarity ta lighten up and stop obsessin' over every last little detail and stop soundin' like a scratched record, for a change." Applejack said.

"I think the truth of the matter is that some pony could stand to pay a little more attention to detail!" Rarity

"Ah think that yah should stop bein such a jerk when somepony is tryin' tah be yer friend!" Applejack sneered.

"Um, I don't think this is how the game's supposed to work. You have to give an honest answer to any question or do whatever any pony dares you to do." Rarity

"Ah dares you to step outside and let your precious, tidy mane get ruined again." Applejack dared.

Rarity gasped in shock, "What?!"

"You have to. It's the rule." Twilight admitted.

"Hah!" Applejack laughed

"Fine!" Rarity whimpered and stood out into the pouring rain.

She came back inside and shivered from her soaking wet mane and fur. She stomped over to Applejack and looked her straight in the eye.

"Okay. I dare Applejack to play dress-up in a frou-frou, glittery, lacey outfit!" Rarity snapped.

Applejack went over and changed into a silk dress lined with pink lace and glitter. Around the inside were flowers and swirls, a princess cone was placed on her head.

"Happy?" Applejack growled.

Rarity snickered, "Very."

Twilight looked around confusingly, "Um, do I ever get a turn?" R

"Ah dare yah to enter the next rodeo that comes to town." Applejack barked.

"I dare you not to enter the next rodeo that comes to town." Rarity hissed.

"Ah dare yah not tah comb yer mane ah hundred times before bed."

"I dare you to comb yours just once!"

Twilight moved to her book awkwardly and checked off another box.

"I, uh, I think we should check off Truth or Dare and move on. Let's see what our next fun-fun-fun thing is, shall we? Hm, what does this mean? Pillow fight?" Twilight read.

Rarity rolled her eyes.

"Oh, please. I would never participate in something so crude-"

A flying pillow smacked dead in the face, thrown by no other than Applejack. She had a pile of pillows next to her, which were ready to be bucked.

"It. Is. On." she threatened.

Applejack bucked the pillows one at a time across the room. They were stopped by Rarity's blue magic and were thrown back to their bucker.

Tens of pillows thrown at all different directions. Twilight popped out from under a pile of white pillows with her book at hoof.

"Oh, I get it! Pillow, fight! Fun!" she called, but a few stray pillows whooped her against the head, "Ugh. Ah. Uh, girls? Maybe we should take it down a notch?"

"I will if she will!" Applejack replied as she flung feather filled pillow sacks at Rarity with a lasso.

"She started it!" Rarity gasped as she moved her head out of the way of the pillows.

Feathers flew everywhere and many fell onto to Twilight. Including some in her mouth. She spit them out and made a confused look.

"Maybe we should just call it a night and get some sleep?"

"Keep your muddy hooves on your side of the bed." Rarity mumbled from under the covers.

"My hooves ain't muddy." Applejack asserted.

"They were. There might still be a little on them." Rarity avowed.

"There ain't. See?" Applejack reported and shoved her hoof closer to Rarity's eyes.

"Eww!" Rarity gagged and pulled the only blanket on the bed onto her body.

"Now who's bein' inconsiderate?" Applejack reported. She pushed Rarity and the blanket off of the bed-set.

"I have to make the bed again so the blanket will be right. Get up." Rarity snapped and pushed Applejack off the other side of the bed with her horn.

"Hey!" Applejack yelled.

Rarity neatly placed the blanket straight and firm across the bed-set.

"Ah ah ah! You'll ruin it. You have to do it like this. Mm, uh, ooh, u-u-u-uh, uh, ah." Rarity nestled into the bed neatly.

: "Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Geronimo!" Applejack bounced into the bed and flung Rarity out and onto the floor.

"Hey!" Rarity barked.

"Ah." Applejack settled down with the blanket over her back and legs.

"You did that on purpose." Rarity cried.

"Um, yeah?" Applejack retorted.

"Get up so I can fix it again." Rarity coaxed.

"Can't hear ya, Ah'm asleep." Applejack razzed.

Rarity yanked on the blankets with her teeth, but it was no use.

"Ah ain't budgin'." Applejack responded to the movement.

"You will if you want any blankets." Rarity yanked again and finally got the blanket from under Applejack's flank.

"Give it back!" Applejack badgered.

"I will not!" Rarity said.

"Yes, you will!" Appljack grabbed hold of the other end and pulled.

"Won't!" Rarity.

"Will!" Applejack.

"Won't!" Left.

"Will!" Right.

"Won't!" Back.

"Will!" Forth.

They did this until the blanket almost ripped in half. But, a certain unicorn had, had just about enough and bursted out of her covers with her Slumber Party book.

"Enough! It says right here that the number one thing you're supposed to do at a slumber party is have fun, and thanks to you two I can't check that off!" Twilight shouted.

"I've been tryin' my darndest to get along." Applejack proclaimed.

"No, it is I who have been trying my best." Rarity retorted.

"No, it was me." Applejack remarked.

"No, it was I." Rarity declared.

"Me!" Applejack yelled.

"I!" Rarity yelled back.

"I hope you're happy, both of you. You've ruined my very first slumber party. The makeover, the s'mores, Truth or Dare, the pillow fight... Just go to sleep, tonight is ruined enough as it is!" and with that Twilight nestled back into her comforter and drifted off into rest.

They both turned their backs from each other and spread the blanket across the whole bed. Applejack couldn't sleep, she felt as though something wasn't right. Rarity was being so nice on Sunday, but now she seems to be... afraid of her. She had to see what was going on.

"Hey Rarity?" Applejack asked, "Are yah awake?"

"I am now..." Rarity grumbled.

"Er, sorry... Ah just have a question tah ask of yah." Applejack sighed, "Do ya'll hate me or somethin?"

Rarity turned to look at Applejack's face, and shook her head.

"No, no Applejack never. You're my best friend in all of Equestria..." Rarity frowned.

"Well, yah've been such ah bad apple lately Ah couldn't really tell." Applejack smiled at her but, then reflected her frown.

"I'm sorry applejack. I have been very crude lately, it's just that... you did something..." Rarity tapped her hooves together anxiously.

"Was it on Sunday?" Applejack asked.

"Yes." Rarity replied blankly.

"Did Ah tell you somethin' that yah wasn't suppose to know?" Applejack asked again.

"Indeed you did. You told me that you-" Rarity was about to confess, but her confession was sealed by Applejack's hoof.

"Shh... don't tell me. Ah don't wanna know okay?" Applejack said.

"Really are you sure?" Rarity sighed, "I really need to tell somepony."

"Eenope, don't tell me." Applejack smiled, "Good night Rarity."

Applejack rolled back onto her side and began to fall asleep. She was already passed out by the time Rarity was ready to respond.

"Uh, Why Good Night Applejack...I-" Rarity didn't know why but she had the sudden urge to say something. Maybe it was the freckles or the green eyes. But, something deep inside her made, Rarity want to say... I love you.

Author's Note:

I've decided that every "alternate episode" chapters will have pictures/gifs from the show because I think it makes it look cool?
# of pics ranging from 1-6 <---depends on chapter length.

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Comments ( 4 )

It's basically the episode written out. Only the ending was changed, and not much happened. I'm sorry, it just seems really uncreative. I won't say lazy, because, well, you had to watch the episode, write out the details and the dialogue, but this is fanfiction. What's the point of writing fanfiction if you're just going to copy a majority of the episode?

2665016 Yeah I just realized this now. I don't know why I didn't before. I was originally going to have Rarity stay at Applejack's house, so I think I will go with that instead of this garbage. Note to self: Oh please for the love of god, make changes to chapter 1 and re-write all of chapter 2!

2666731 Have faith in yourself, and in ponies. I BERIEVE IN YOU!!!!

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