• Published 28th Apr 2013
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The Peculiar Life of an Apple and a Marshmallow - ReflectedApples

Just the life and times of Applejack and Rarity.

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Prologue: Nothing Good Happens After 12 Jugs Of Cider

The Peculiar Life of an Apple and a Marshmallow- Prologue

Applejack and Rarity made their way down the street of Ponyville. Applejack was wearing her normal farmer's hat and ponytail, while Rarity wore her hair in a bun which matched her home made silk dress. The streets were bustling more then Applejack had ever seen before and Luna's moon looked almost invisible against the lights of the nightlife. Applejack looked at the luminous street signs and lamp posts.

"Wow, Rarity. You come out intah this every night?" Applejack said, amazed by the amount of ponies who were out and about at this hour.

"Why yes darling... I do, I always like to go to my favorite bar of Fridays." Rarity smiled gleefully at her friend and stopped in front of red and black building labeled Jackson's Pub which was also illuminated by neon lights. Rarity held the door open and let Applejack pass her. Rarity soon caught up to Applejack, who was rubbing her eyes, trying to adjust her eyes to the dim light.

"Could they make it any brighter out there?" Applejack complained, "I almost thought that Princess Celestia raised tha sun up early..."

"Oh, don't worry you get used to it after a little bit..." Rarity told Applejack as she sat down on one of the bar stools. She then called, "Hey! Peachy Twist! Come here!" Rarity waved to an oranged maned unicorn in the bar who trotted towards the orange and white ponies.

"Hiya, Rarity. Who's your friend?" Peachy Twist asked as she shifted her eyes toward Applejack.

"The name's Applejack. Nice to meet ya...Peachy Twist?" Applejack said , as she held out her hoof. Peachy Twist shook it and turned her attention back to Rarity.

"So, you want the usual?" Peachy Twist asked Rarity.

Rarity nodded, "Why yes and I'll have a cup of cider for my friend here."

The oranged maned pony retreated back to the alcohol bottles and liquor dispensers, leaving Applejack and Rarity alone on the bar stools.

"Thanks for taking me out with you Rarity, Ah really need a few jugs of cider right around now ya know?" Applejack said woefully.

"Your are very welcome! Life has been very stressful lately... sometimes all a pony needs is a good old sip of wine or two..." Rarity said.

"Do yah know what time it is?" Applejack asked Rarity quickly.

Rarity looked into her purse and found her watch, "It's 12:30 dear... why do you ask?"

"Well, my Great Aunt Apple Mix always told us that nothing good happens after 2 am..." Applejack looked down as Peachy Twist handed Applejack her cold cider and Rarity her martini.

"Well, I'm sure that's not true. I've been out plenty of times after 2am and nothing bad ever happened to me. Well, actually there was that one time that I almost got hit by a bow and arrow..."

Applejack quickly grabbed the jug and gulped down the cold cider as fast as she could, "Woah nelly! They must have got this from Manehattan it's so good!"

Rarity took a small sip of her martini and placed it on the table.

"...And there was also that guy with the cloak who... Oh! Why yes they do get their drinks from... around that area... um how did you know?" Rarity smiled brightly.

"Ah went there a week ago to visit Babs Seed. Ah went out to the club with her mother and father." Applejack replied, and smiled back. She gently pushed the empty jug of cider toward the edge of the bar and called for a refill.

"So, how's Applebloom doing?" Rarity asked, trying to engage in conversation.

"She's...good...lately." Applejack said between gulps of cider, she put the mug back on the countertop, "But, she's in one of her moods..."

"Moods?" Rarity questioned.

"Eeyup, she's being really stubborn. As stubborn as a mule with no carrot stick!" Applejack said angrily.

"Well, I'm sure it's a phase." Rarity giggled, taking another small sip of her drink.

Rarity looked at her golden watch again. It was 1:45 am, and Applejack have, had 12 cider jugs by now. Rarity was also a little tipsy herself but 4 martinis are not as strong as 12 cups of cider. Applejack had been rambling on and on about the government for 45 minutes straight, but now she sit there in silence and deep in drunken thought.

"R...Rarity..." Applejack mumbled between hiccups.

"Huh? What now Applejack?" Rarity turned her head toward her drunken friend.

"T-there's a...a... umm, mare I like..." Applejack said.

"Really? Who?" Rarity asked in anticipation.

"She's really pretty... and I... love her." Applejack hiccuped, and grabbed onto Rarity for support as they started to leave the pub.

"What's her name darling?" Rarity asked once more as she walked down the street of Ponyville trying to avoid pedestrians with her drunk friend in her arms.

"Rarity..." Applejack whispered and then laughed.

Rarity's eyes grew wide with surprise and it took her a moment to realize the events that had just unfolded. Her throat felt dry like a desert and her eyes felt like they were about to flood. But there were no sounds made, Applejack was passed out on Rarity's back and there was nothing else to say for the rest of the walk home. Rarity laid Applejack in her bed and looked up at the clock. It was 2:36 am. Rarity frowned and looked down at the floor coldly.

She slowly closed the door behind her and looked up at Applejack's bedroom window.

"She was right..." Rarity made her way down stairs and out the door, "...nothing good ever happens after 2am,"

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading the prologue of this story :3
And now, Rarity and Applejack will express their feelings on the situation of this Prologue:

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