This story is a sequel to The Celebration

After the events of the Summer Sun Celebration, Starlight, now an Alicorn, must learn what her new responsibilities mean for her and her life. She will run into problems along the way to becoming a full fledged princess, as well as afterwards.

Riots, threats of exile, magical problems. Almost nothing goes according to plan. Can she endure all the hardships ahead?

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This story is a sequel to The Sunlight In Her Eyes

As more questions arise, Twilight and Sunset decide to do some investigation regarding the portal's magic and Sunset's ever-increasing abilities.

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After Applejack and her friends suffer deep emotional wounds, she takes a moment to look at the stars and reflect.

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It's the night of the biggest fashion show of her career, yet all Fleur de Lis can think about is how she would rather be anywhere else. Just one night away from the prim and proper lifestyle she's surrounded by couldn't be so bad, could it?

Luckily, with Spike to chaperone her around town, she's able to see just how fun life can be.... at least for one night.

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It has been three years since the Six-Winged Serpent took over an Afton's body, used it to kill five ponies, and the disappearances of Michael and Seth Afton. Michael was found in the underground facility while Seth's location is still unknown. The Mane Eight and William decide to go over to Freddy's to find Seth Afton and undo the sins that were committed in that same pizzeria.

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Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset have a sleepover at Twilights when Rarity gets the idea to ask Twilight and Sunset on why and how they got together. Wanting to hear the cute tale of how the young couple got together she and Fluttershy sit in as they listen to the tale of these two.

Sex tag is only for mentions of very tame sexual content. This is a little short fic I pumped out as I'm currently stuck on trying to write the ending for another one.

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There's a little known fact about Bonbon, aka Sweetie Drops. Though she's known as a tough as nails, hard-boiled mare that has stared down monsters, she's also a notorious cuddle bug. Unfortunately, Bonbon, as with most other ponies, is ignorant to this fact. Luckily for her, Adonis is more than happy to bring this closely guarded secret to light.

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No important political meetings to attend? Check! No letters to answer? Check! A magical and child-safe gift for Flurry Heart that she's sure to love? Check!

Her schedule was clear. Shining and Cadence were off on vacation. She'd prepared all her materials. Twilight Sparkle was more than ready to spend a fun-filled weekend babysitting her favorite niece.

But she wasn't prepared for King Sombra to return from beyond the veil. Nopony could prepare to be trapped with him inside a storybook of fairy tales.

And nopony's ever ready for an unhappy ending...

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Base on Original story Fallout Equestria by Kkate. A New Order, As two years past after Little Pip began her adventures, Luke a young alicorn begins his journey out of his secret vault Stable 14, he come over to the adventure of the wasteland, where he faces challenges, creatures, raiders, and a new force that arrives taking over some Equestria places. The New Order a strong force out of the Equestria wastelands comes to the land to claim its land for themselves. Will Luke fail the challenges ahead in the wasteland or will he push through, and kill the The New Order find out in this fan fiction book.

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AU to "My Little Galaxy". In this fic they just explore the star cluster and have adventures as Equestria develops a space fairing civilization. This takes place in the main universe where "My Little Galaxy" takes place in a pocket dimension. No interactions with the Q or universe shattering consequences if they fail test of worthiness like in the First "My Little Galaxy", just the fate of one star cluster

Main characters of the fic

● (Name)

● Screwball
Earth Pony / Demigod
Z Warrior
● Spike
Eastern Dragon
● Smart Mouth
Pegasus / Kitsune Hanyou
Rogue / Necromancer
Autistic / My OC
● Rumble
● Button Mash
Earth Pony
● Pipsqueak
Earth Pony
Rogue / Gunslinger

Other Students
not main characters but also taught by Doctor Whooves.

● Silver Quill
● Doctor Wolf
Wolf Yokai
● Brawny Buck
● Dinky Do
Time Lady Unicorn

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