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I will admit to the guilt of being a loner. Personally, I like the silence. It means more me time, rather than me and someone else time.

Oh but wait. That's right, as fate would have it, suddenly I'm in neck level expenses in covering for a particular mare that just so happened to knock on my door as though she was a freaking Jehovah's witness.

Do I have time to learn about the almighty god, Pinkie Pie?


I don't.

To be honest, I've been saying that alot lately...

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Turtles of Equestria

The Rainbooms and Turtles are back together again taking on old foes and new foes with the help of the girls of Crystal Prep and an old robot friend. But with a vengeful ex-principal out to prove the existence of their magic, they may be in for a load of trouble.

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Electra, the young and newly crowned captain of the Budgie Dream, has spent her entire life being told of the Carrion Skull, the Pirate ghost ship that supposedly has been flying the skies for over 200 years under the guiding wing of the legendary Celaneo. After her mother, the captain of the Dream, dies Electra becomes more and more enticed by the dreams of treasure.

Her crew leaves her, due to her young inexperience, and abandon the trading ship. And, with a bit of a twinkle in her eye, Electra forms a new crew with one propose: Finding the Carrion Skull or die trying.

And so, the motley crew made up of all the flying races began to raid towns for supplies, and become a new force in the wasteland. However, after conflicts with the enclave, they gain a brand new reputation as they continue to try and find the lost ghost ship.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash had enough of her friends picking out her mistakes. Now, she saw that her supposed 'friends' humiliated her and ruined her entire reputation at Ponyville. Her friends ... ex friends refused to apologize and Rarity began to compliment her costume. Angered, she decided to move away and start a new life... one without her so called friends. But Princess Celestia saw that the Element of Loyaly faded black and was beginning to crack. She gave a mission to Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie to somehow fix the Element of Loyalty. But Rainbow Dash wasn't one to forgive.

Chapters (1)

Displaced Story

Braniac/Brother Eye is the Displaced.

The Equestrian Multiverse is involved.

Crossover with Injustice 2.

Primary/co-author is Star709, due to my personal lack of show knowledge. Why I'm here writing fanfictions if I don't know the show like many on this site, is the big question.

I own nothing...except the idea for the story and the general line of story.
Sorry if my description lacks detail, but I get tired.

Chapters (1)

In the decades since her ascension to princesshood, Twilight Sparkle has managed to overcome every challenge put before her, both external and internal, on the path to becoming the leader she was meant to be. For how far she may have come though, one part of her position has remained a mystery. Even as one of them, alicorns as a race are a complete unknown. Were they truly immortal? Where had they even come from? Why are there only two natural alicorns in Equestria today?

An innocent Hearth's Warming gift may hide a way to find the answers. As Twilight and Spike follow the trail into ancient Equestrian history, they may find the lasting legacy of the alicorn race, truths hidden by those closest to them for millienia and a world in danger of having its future erased by its past.

Hey everyone! Welcome to what I'm considering the last regular piece before I start working on the finale of this complicated web of stories I've weaved. New chapters will go up every two days and I'm glad to say I feel back on form. Whether you're checking my stuff out for the first time or have kept an eye on me for the past two years, I hope you enjoy!

Part of the Quickverse. No other stories are required to read, though references are made to the events of Task Force Harmony, Secrets of the Heart and Fractured Crystals with varying degrees of spoilers.

Proof read as always by my ICBFF Deep Note
Cover art by Margony

Chapters (1)

One day while out crusading for their cutie marks, the CMC find themselves in a heap of trouble. But they come out of it with super powers. There's just a bit of a catch to it. Hold on to your flanks Equestria.

Chapters (1)

Changeling are just works of fiction, right? Well not anymore. A certain drone from a certain hive during a certain event gets sent through a certain hole in the space time continuim (aka, an interdimensional hole in time) and lands on the outskirts of a small town. A human that knows of its race decides to save it and help it grow, but becomes a little too attached as some would say.

This story inspired from Queen Sanguine Dreams story.
Will add other tags as readers view necessary.

Chapters (1)

Spike Drake is a young dragon who love/hate everypony. And frankly, who can blame him. Follow Spike in the craziest adventures of his fucking life! and trust me, This guy is the king of adventures.

Contains: Hard language, a bit of violence, non-catholic things, and lots of fun. (in my own way, baby.)

Chapters (1)

The Island of Sodor is in great danger once again. When magic from the railway disappears, it is up to Thomas and his Friends to find out where it has gone and restore peace to the Magic Railroad before chaos and confusion consumes the Island. This leads our hero to a world not unlike Sodor. It is a world filled with magic, new friends, and a completely different appearance from that of his tank engine form! In order to return things back to normal before the magic is lost forever, they must find the magic, in a place called Canterlot High!

It's a story of helping others, defining what makes an engine, person, or pony good based on their past actions, and using the power of friendship to accomplish anything beyond capabilities.

Chapters (5)
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