Following an disaster in the Everfree Forest, Luna begins teaching Twilight about dream magic, in doing so they discover a threat to Equestria, an ancient Cult believed destroyed, and a new race of ponykind...

Be careful little fillies, for there are dangers in mortal dreams.

This fic takes place during mid season 4, I'm unsure weather to tag this "Alternate Universe" since it changes a few small things in Equestria's history, as well as nullifying future episodes.

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After months of searching for the entrance of the legendary Temple of Recluse the Alicorn, Firestopper locates it and descends into the earth in this adventure story.

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When Starlight set out to heal a burned horn that has haunted her since foalhood, she had to look to unconventional sources. And when that healing succeeds, she might have just managed to dig up parts of the past long buried that there are ponies out there that wish it to stay buried. And will stop at nothing to reseal that knowledge again.

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After Tommy defeated Rito Revolto in Equestria, he returns to Earth with many worries. He needs to know how Rita Repulsa found out about that world. He does some research about Equestria and finds there have been a few instances of a power called “Equestrian Magic” going crazy at some high school called CHS. He takes his leave there and finds an old foe trying to resurrect his mortal enemy so they can conquer Earth and Equestria. It’s up to Tommy to convince a group of teenage girls who have apparently dealt with magic before that they are meant to stop this evil.

This does take place in the same universe as Welcome to the Jungle, but happens simultaneously to Call of the Wild and any other story I do in the future.

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This story is a sequel to The Storm and the Scorpion

The Storm King has been defeated, his former subjects are recovering, and the world is being rebuilt, trying to erase all evidence of his tyranny. The new chaos god, the sister of the Equestrian prince Antares, has left Equestria in an attempt to heal from the events of the war, and with the help of her friend, the former seapony Princess Skystar, she travels the world, hoping to find the peace she seeks, even if things do not go the way she hopes.

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Takes place right after Season 6 and before Season 7

A creature from Equestria finds a device that allows him to mimic spells and has gone rampant.

With the Mane 6 powerless against him he escapes Equestria into the real world with a plan to take over a land with no magical resistance. Determined to defeat him, the Mane 6 follow as they cross onto Earth.

With a powerful creature on the loose and ponies with magic on the planet, the governments of the world struggle to find out what to do, and are fearful that their existence might be in jeopardy. With this knowledge, the world treats them all as a hostile attack against the planet. As options run thin, panic sets in across the world as this creature begins his assault on the human race.

The Mane 6 try desperately to control this monster while remaining in hiding. Challenges arise along the way as the world war for the Magic of Friendship has begun.

With hopes lost and morals low, this summer will always be known as, The Summer of Dejection.

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Cozy Glow's plans failed. She was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment in Tartarus, sharing a cell with the likes of Tirek and locked away from the world. Everypony is in agreement that justice has been served, right?

Well, her parents aren't. What parent could ever stand by and allow their child to suffer all alone? And if Celestia won't listen... then they'll just have to take matters into their own hooves.

Inspired by the dobermans' A Letter to Cozy Glow's Parents. Special thanks to Telaros for proof-reading. Vectors for coverart: Sad Cozy :( | Dark Cozy >:3

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This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight's Gashing Origins

"As long as Xenomorphs exist amongst us and continue to thrive on Equis. The journey that started on board Valuntas Station will never end" - Princess Celestia

Our Story Continues!! Mistilie Flare's plan to wipe out life on Equestria has been brought to a halt by Twilight Sparkle and her allies. Once the battle was over with, Twilight Sparkle used the powers of the Queen Gene to order the attacking Xenomorphs to take refuge in the ruins of Canterlot City. This command would cause the alien attackers to no longer spread death but instead, make a permanent hive. Only attacking ̷t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇h̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇s̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇w̷̷̶̷̷͇͇h̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇g̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇c̷̷̶̷̷͇͇l̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇s̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇

If Only Peace On Equestria Was A Real Thing

Evening slipped into the long abyss and the darkness falls onto the ponies, malicious shadows forecasting doom, for the cursed animal, inhabits the precious Equis. When Twilight looses something that kept the beast in pony control. The Xenomorphs ...


Artwork Created By NSilverDraws


Alien: Twilight Signing Out

Alien: Twilight MIA

Alien: Twilight's Final Chapter

Alien: Twilight's Gashing Origins

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A series of dangerous and deadly accidents begin to befall Ponyville. Normally, something Twilight would chalk up to simple coincidence
Only Twilight is beginning to suspect foul play going on.
What's worse, is she's beginning to suspect Pinkie Pie.
And there is something very wrong with Pinkie Pie

*3 AM Rarity Short*

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