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It's about making the audience want more, not less.


"They say opportunity comes when you least expect it. I've never been one for believing in that kind of shit myself, but there she was."

Strike - a private detective working out of an old, rundown office building in Detrot - is a simple individual. It doesn't matter what the job entails, if there's money involved, he's interested. Usually, it's small things like catching others having an affair, finding a lost pet, finding a family heirloom; things most people could probably do for themselves but are too lazy to. But that's where she comes in.

Now faced with ghosts from his own past, Strike takes on a case unlike any he's ever seen before. It could very well cost him his life, but at the end of the day, a quick buck is more important, right?

Author's Note: This is a complete rewrite of 'Equestrian Noire: Echoes of the Past'

Author's Note: Contains use of vulgar language

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