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After so long of thinking, planning, and worrying, Rumble has finally worked up the courage to ask out his crush Flitter out on a date. While thinking about what could happen, worrying about being rejected, Rumble tries to think of the positive. He thinks of Flitter's lovely smile, gentle eyes, lovely body, and above all else, her beautiful hooves.

Contains: Hoof worship
The requester of this commission wishes to remain Anonymous.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Trainer of Friendship

After getting his motivation back for adventure, Will decides to go on a journey through the Alola Region. Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon decide to join him in order to learn more about how to raise Pokémon.

Chapters (3)

No matter what she does, Princess Luna just can't get to sleep. Tossing and turning, she just wants to feel the sweet embrace of peaceful slumber. Her marefriend Derpy will try her hoof at helping the Princess of the Night get a little shut-eye.

Just a bit of DerpyLuna (is there a ship name for them yet?) fluff that I wanted to try writing. Please give it a read and tell me what you think. Thanks!

Chapters (1)

The Apple siblings take after their parents in more ways than one especially when it comes to finding true love. But when someone from their parents’ past comes back to take revenge on them, can they prove their loves are stronger? SugarMac, AppleSpike, and Pipbloom.

Chapters (2)

There is a rift on the large crystal sphere that surrounds the known universe.

Things don't make sense anymore.

Chapters (4)

Shining Armor plans to introduce his marefriend, Cadance, to his parents for Hearth's Warming dinner. It’s months away, but it never hurt to plan ahead, after all. First, however, Cadance and him have to talk.

Cover art by Evehly.

Chapters (1)

Discord finally admits to Fluttershy that he has feelings for her and he would do anything to get her to return his love. Twilight is suspicious. Rainbow Dash is angry and ruins everything. What will become of Fluttershy and Discord?

Chapters (1)

Twilight has an imaginary girlfriend!
Well, she has girlfriend that only existst in her head, but those are close enough.
But could you imagine if her friends found out? Wouldn't that be a pickle.
Guess she'll have to keep things quiet.
If only the voice in her head would remember that.

Set before Camp Everfree and completely disregards what happens in it, because I started writing it before then and forgot to upload it. Also! if anyone would like to help, prereading, editing, tips, constructive criticism, yelling at me to throw my head into a wood chipper, please tell me.

Chapters (1)

It tells of a mare who cares about no pony and wants to live her life in the barn. However, when her sister and friends get trapped by a heartless changeling, she intends to give her freedom for them. During her stay, a changeling-pegasus states that the two will remain changelings forever until the curse can be lifted. Can she find a way to break the curse and learn to love a dishonest changeling?

All vectors belong to their rightful owners
Thorax/Changeling design: Hywther

Chapters (14)
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