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Hello! You might know me from Youtube or Fanfiction.net. I am a 19 year old woman, who loves parties, studying, and apples. My main OCs are Lemon-Lime, Celery Stalks, and Pink Sprinkles.

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Who would have thought a pony and a changeling could have children together. I certainly wouldn't have. This is Shining Armor, and I'm in a weird situation. Chrysalis has shown up to my home and dropped a kid off stating that it was our son.

What will Cadance think? How am I going to raise a changeling child? Why does Chrysalis keep coming into my life, and why am I finding it harder to keep her away? Hopefully answers can be found with as little problems as possible. Oh who the Tartarus am I kidding, my seed is a changeling! There's bound to be a problem along the way.

Story inspired by Bakki's excellent fanart.

Cover done by Droll3. Thanks Droll3, and go check his work out

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Twilight is reading a book in the bathroom when she discovers that there is no TP. Spike isn't home, and Owlowicious isn't either. What will Twilight do to solve her toilet paper predicament?

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Four ponies survived the viral outbreak that wiped out the pony race and caused some to come back as mutants that walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be a it seems.

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