• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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Cloud Flicker- I Heard The Bells

Cloud Flicker- I Heard The Bells

Cloud Flicker had left Cloudsdale. He left in hopes of maybe finding another pony out there. After four years he was tired of being alone. He vowed he would search every corner of Equestria. But he needed a place to start. He decided on the nations capitol of Canterlot. Even though he knew the chances of finding a person there were slim. He remembered that TV broadcast four and a half years ago. He was with his friends in his house. The virus had come down upon Canterlot. Anyone that survived was brought back into the inner castle. But that night the mutants came. The world watched in horror as the mutants slowly broke down the gates, and when the gates did finally fall how Princess Celestia bravely stepped between the mutants and her people only to be overwhelmed by the mutants. Our last god had fallen. Luna had died weeks before of the disease. Hope was lost. Within a month the virus had reached Cloudsdale and within a month it had left. Everyone in Cloudsdale was either dead or walked the streets at night with flickering red eyes except for the pony with the turquoise mane. Cloud Flicker.

Slowly Canterlot came into view. What was once the proud capitol of a proud nation, was now in shambles. Many of the buildings were burned down in the riots that had started after the virus began. Celestias tower had fallen over and Lunas looked like it would fall any day now. It was deathly quiet in Canterlot. Well of course who would be making noise during the day? So Cloud Flicker walked the streets of an abandoned capitol calling out for someone, anyone. All he got in response was the occasional howl of a mutant. After about four hours he realized this was a lost cause and decided to leave the capitol. His plan was to then go to Manehatten and after that swoop back around and hit Fillydelphia and Baltimare. Cloud Flicker flew onwards through the night flying for Manehattan following the carriage roads. After a few hours Fillydelphias skyline came to view far to the west. And as he flew by he heard a noise. A bell. Ringing through the night. He knew this wasn't just any bell this was The Celestial Bell. And someone was ringing it. Cloud Flicker burst off towards the skyline of the once thriving metropolis with the sounds of bells ringing in his ears. As he got closer his suspicions were confirmed, it was the Celestial Bell that was ringing and somepony was ringing it. He was getting ready to land when he noticed suddenly more people were standing next to the bell. But these ones had ghostly red eyes and they were attacking the pony ringing the bell.

No this isn't how it all ends! I did not come all this way to see possibly the last pony in Equestria besides me die!

With tears in his eyes he burst forward grabbed the pony being attacked by mutants and flew off into the night sky. Suddenly the city was lit up by a turquoise glow and he looked behind him and a turquoise ring was extending out about a mile back and turquoise trail of light was coming out of him.

A sonic rainboom! Never thought I would do that ever.

Cloud Flicker landed on the roof of a nearby building and wept. After four years he had finally found another pony. The other pony appeared to be unconscious probably having been knocked out by the mutants and he appeared to have no wounds. But it did not matter. After four long years with not another pony to talk to he had finally found someone.

He was not alone anymore and determined to be never alone again.

Author's Note:

4th Chapter yay! I will be going to Maine on the 18th but I am going to try and do another chapter before then.