• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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Sky Dreamer- Dust In The Wind

Sky Dreamer- Dust In The Wind

Sky Dreamer was sitting on her balcony on the 63rd floor of Manehattans premier urban apartment building. Staring out over a city in ruins. It was once a spectacular view, you could even see Celestial Island, where the great Statue of Celestia once sat. It had once been the worlds largest statue. It pictured Celestia holding up the sun in her hooves staring out over the ocean beyond. It had fallen three years before. Bodies lined the streets many feet below her. Casualties of the virus that had swept her nation. They were skeletons now, and among those skeletons were everypony she had come to know and love over the years. All swept away in a matter of days. Like dust in the wind. So for four years she had never left her apartment building. Unable to cope with the apocalyptic world outside. She kept herself sane by reading and writing poetry and staring out over an empty city. As she looked over the ruins she closes her eyes and remembers what this view looked like before the outbreak. A city so full of culture, prosperity, and life. Carriages packed the streets, ponies talking as they walked, restaurants with all sorts of foods lined the streets. And then it all turned to dust and blew away replaced with the ruins of what once had been. Sky had had enough of gazing and decided to go write some poetry, maybe something about Equestria. She walked over to her writing desk and went to work. Writing and erasing and trying again until finally she had finished. The poem said.

I dream of a land
A land of hope and life
A land of peace and joy
Of love and kindness
And of heart and soul
A perfect world in many ways
That we thought would last to the end of days.
We were wrong.
I dream of Equestria
But Equestria is no more.

It was one of her better poems. She nodded in approval and put it in her folder with the hundreds of other poems she had written over these last few years.

Maybe I should read a book.

Sky walked over to her large shelve of books. Their were thousands of them. Books of every shape and size and of every subject. As she was scanning the bookshelf looking for a book to read she came across a photo album. She picked it up. On the front it said.

Sky Dreamer Age 12-22

Sky smiled and decided to look through it. It brought back memories. There she was with her parents at her favorite hotdog stand at the corner of 8th and 14th. There she was meeting Princess Celestia after winning a poetry contest in high school. There she was with her parents on the balcony of the apartment she had grown up in. There she was at the prom with Josh, her boyfriend. She had to stop for moment to wipe away the tears. That last picture really brought back memories.

I love that pony. We were going to get married. He was the greatest I had ever met.

Sky continued on. There she was graduating high school at the top of her class. There she was with Josh on her first day at Manehattan School of The Arts. There she was graduating from The School of Her Arts. There she was at her first day as work as a weather pony, she had been the only unicorn to ever be weather pony in the history of Manehattan. And finally there was Josh proposing to her. The week after the virus hit and Josh and everyone else was blown away. Sky glanced at the clock.

Its getting late. Better hit the hay

As she slept she dreamed of her friends and family but they suddenly blew away. Like dust in the wind.

Author's Note:

Heh heh heh. Kansas reference.