• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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Cloud Flicker- I'm Tired of Waiting

Cloud Flicker- I'm Tired of Waiting

Cloud Flicker was horrified. People were dying all around him. The screams of agony came from everywhere, from every corner of Equestria it seemed. Soon the dead bodies filled the streets and the stench of death hung in the air. As night fell some of the bodies started to change. They started to spontaneously shake and foam at the mouth. Their eyes appeared to melt out of their sockets and were replaced by a ghostly red flickering light where there eyes used to be. One stood up and let out a blood-curdling scream. It proceed to charge at Cloud Flicker who was frozen in fear. The mutant jumped, coming in for the kill.

"NO!"screamed Cloud Flicker waking up in a cold sweat.

Calm down, calm down. It was only just a dream. The mutants didn't get me.

Cloud Flicker then proceeds to walk downstairs where he is greeted by a cold and empty house as usual. He had a breakfast of some hay and daisies and proceeded to walk outside where he was greeted by a cold and empty Cloudsdale. He started his daily fly over of the city looking for possibly another person that survived. He didn't know why he did this anymore. For four years he had not found anyone why did he think it was going to work now? This city used to be alive and thriving and there was always another pony to talk to and say hello. But these days it was a city full of shadows and memories. He passed the Cloudsdale Colosseum in all its glory. He remembered going to see he Wonderbolts here as a little colt. He remembered the best young flyer competition from five years ago with Rainbow Dash and the Sonic Rainboom and the competition from last year which he entered, but lost. All these memories brought tears to his eyes. Those were the good old days when he threw parties every Friday and invited all his friends, when he went to the racing track and raced other Pegasi, when he would go to the bar and drink with his bros. But those were all memories now. All the people that came to his parties died, all the people he raced with died, and even his bros had died. At that moment Cloud Flicker felt just how alone he really was in this world. As far as he knew there would never be another pony to talk to, to comfort him. Then Cloud Flicker broke down. After four years he finally broke down. He sat in the middle of the street sobbing uncontrollably.

"Why did this happen to me! Why am I one the one who is cursed to live here! It's not fair!!!" Cloud Flicker screamed to the heavens.

"I didn't bucking ask for this! What did I ever do to deserve this! Why! Why! Why!"

Finally after sobbing and screaming for a good half hour he finally went home, but not to stay. He wasn't in Cloudsdale any longer. He was either going to find another pony or die in the attempt. He couldn't live with himself if he didn't try to find someone else. So he packed up his things, but left his memories behind. He waited until the black of night and left the house. He flew away into the crisp night air and before he left he turned around and gave Cloudsdale a salute. Once a proud city now empty and with that he flew away into the crisp night air never to return.

Author's Note:

The chapters are going to be split up by individual character until they find each other. So lets say Thunder and Charger find each other then there would be chapters with both Thunder Roller and Rough Charger. So they would each no longer have their own individual chapter. I'll be gone until the 13th so don't expect another chapter until then.