• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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Thunder Roller- The Crash

As a turquoise light shined over her face Thunder Roller was packing her things, obviously in a hurry. If she could find the source she could possibly find somepony else and she wasn't going to let that get away from her. She packed only the most essential items such as food,water, medical supplies, a gun, a rescue flare, and Rainbows suicide note. Within ten minutes she was off into the sky heading for the far off ring of light. The flying was easygoing, she saw a few mutant Pegasi flying around and steered well clear of them. Mutant Pegasi are easily the most dangerous type as they are very dangerous in the air. If you're not paying attention while flying one can sneak up on you and knock you right out of the sky. She passed near Canterlot, but not too close. About 3 months after the fall of Canterlot when ponies besides her were still alive a rumor started that Princess Celestia had risen up again as a mutant. She decided not to see if the rumors were true and stayed well clear of Canterlot. Canterlot is very beautiful from a far distance during the night because of something called the Mutant Light Effect. You see, when major cities fell so many mutants filled the city that from far distances during the night it looks like thousands of red twinkling lights cast the city in a beautiful red glow. But under that glow lies a shell of what once was. Nothing is as it seems anymore. Soon Canterlot fell behind her as she continued her quest towards the light. She was flying through the countryside not a care in the world. She let her mind wander and take her away wondering about what she would find at the source of this beautiful light. Would it be another pony, or maybe even a refugee camp. She smiled thinking wiht the wind in her hair of all the endless good possibilities this light could bring. She was getting more and more distracted as time went on, she wasn't paying attention to her altitude or direction at all. She stared up at the stars, they were very beautiful tonight. The sparkled and twinkled almost in a hypnotic fashion. Her stargazing was abruptly halted when her left side slammed into a rock face. She felt bones in her wing shatter and her ribs snap like twigs as she started to plummet out of the sky like a plane with only one engine working.

Oh shit. This isn't going to end well. But maybe I'll be with Rainbow soon.

Thunder slammed into the ground and suddenly everything was dark.

Author's Note:

I could really use some cover art if anyone could do that for me. :)