• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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The Last of Us

Chapter 1: The Last of Us

Thunder Roller walked the streets of Ponyville. Or at least what was left of it. It had been four years since the virus struck Equestria. Everyone she knew had been killed by it, or had turned into one of those things, the things that came out at night. Anyone that had managed to not get the virus was killed by them. She was the last one, she walked the streets alone with not a pony to talk to for four long years. She wished she had gotten the virus as well so this nightmare could end. As far as she knew no pony in all of Equestria had survived. The virus had started somewhere in the Manehattan area and spread like wildfire. Within the week Canterlot had fallen to the virus and the beloved Princess Celestia was killed defending her citizens from the mutants. As for Luna, she was one of first in Canterlot to get it. She died within the hour. The virus then spread all over. Fillydelphia, Cloudsdale, even The Crystal Empire. Six months after the virus had started it ended, having killed everyone. Thunder Roller had luckily been out on a camping trip with Rainbow Dash when the virus hit Ponyville. By the time they had returned all of Ponyville, dead including Princess Twilight Sparkle and the other bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Rainbow Dash could not get over the grief of loosing her friends. The next day Thunder Roller found Dash lying face down on the ground. She had shot herself in the head over losing her best friends. From that moment on Thunder Roller walked alone. She was a scavenger eating whatever food she could find. Always inside in the dark. It wasn't safe at night. She thought she would walk alone. She thought she was the last of us.

Rough Charger galloped through the back alleys of Fillydelphia. The mutants were on his ass, again. He was reckless, he was brave, he would never back down to a fight. But that usually got him into trouble, as in this case. He felt it was his obligation to kill the mutants. He believed that if he did, he might be able to finally live out the rest of his days in peace even if he was alone. So this night was just like any night. He went out to kill as many mutants as possible and it usually ended up with him killing one or two mutants and then being chased all over the city by the rest of them. Sometimes he was forced to run all night before the mutants were forced to go inside due to their intolerance to sunlight. Other nights he would manage to get back to the bunker he called home. It was a bunker that was built many yeas ago during the pony cold war. It could withstand anything making it the perfect place to live in this apocalyptic world. Every day seemed the same since everypony died. He had no one left his family was gone, killed or turned into mutants. So were his friends. He had figured out quite early that he was immune. As everyone else died around him he did not. Some days he wished he had died so he was not so alone. Some nights he stared up at the sky when he was running and wondered if anypony else was out there. But in his heart he knew no one else was there. In his heart he knew he was the last of us.

Cloud Flicker flew through the skies of Cloudsdale. Around an empty city. Not a soul in sight. There hadn't been a soul in sight for four long years. He flew every day desperately hoping to see someone else flying through the skies. For four years he had never seen anypony. They were all dead. Killed by the virus. Or turned into mutants. The weather factory was silent no clouds had come out of it for four years. The weather never changed. For four years the weather had not changed . He had lived these four years scavenging for food among the cloud streets, still living in his house. Except his house didn't feel like his anymore. His house had been lively and full of noise and laughter from the parties he loved to throw. But those parties, happened no more all the people that went to them, dead. He never talked not even to himself. What was the point of talking when there would never be another pony to hear him. The only way he could get away from it all was to fly. So he flew every day it felt great with the wind in his mane and his wings spread out wide. But every time he flew he always ended up looking for another pony. But he never found one. He knew he never would. He thought he was the last of us.

Sky Dreamer gazed out the window of her Manehattan apartment at a destroyed city. Dead bodies lined the streets and mutants stalked the same streets at night. She had nothing to do. For four long years she had nothing to do. All she ever did was stay in her apartment. Occasionally leaving her apartment to go steal food from others apartments. They wouldn't mind it missing they were all dead anyways. She desperately wished she had died too. But she was immune and doomed to live in this living hell. The only joy anything brought her anymore were her books. In her books everyone wasn't dead. People were happy and nothing bad seemed to happen. It was the old Equestria not the cruel world Equestria had become. This Equestria was full of dead bodies and mutants. Never changing weather and not a soul to talk to. It was the Equestria she thought she lived in by herself. She thought she was the last of us.

They were all wrong.

Author's Note:

My 2nd fanfic. Once again comments and criticisms welcome.