• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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The Last of Us - BlackRainboom

Four ponies survived after a horrible virus wiped out the pony race either killing them or turning them into mutants who walk the streets at night. But this virus has a dark backstory and everything might not be as it seems.

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Rough Charger- I Found A Friend

Rough Charger: I Found A Friend

Rough Charger slowly opened his eyes. He looked to the left and there was a pony sitting next to him.

"Oh good you're awake." exclaimed the pony.

Rough Charger tried to get up but was hit by a blinding pain in his chest.

"Sorry about that but when I saved you from them mutants I may have accidentally broken some of your ribs." said the pony who put on a cheesy grin.

"So who are you?" asked Rough Charger who was now surging with excitement. He wasn't the last pony alive.

"My name is Cloud Flicker. I'm from Cloudsdale. And you?"

"Hey Cloud Flicker. I'm Rough Charger. I'm from Fillydelphia obviously. By the way thanks for saving my flank from those mutants"

"Oh its no big deal. What was I supposed to do? Let possibly the last pony in Equestria besides me die?"

"That makes sense." said Rough Charger who was grinning. "But wait where exactly are we?"

"Oh. Were just on top of some random building their was nowhere else to go.But now that your awake you can tell me where your house is."

Rough Charger looked over the city determining their location.

"Its about 5 blocks that way. Its and old bunker from the Pony Cold War." said Rough Charger pointing south.

"Okay hop on my back I'll fly us down to the ground." said Cloud Flicker gesturing for Charger to hop on.

Rough Charger grimaced and in immense pain slowly trotted over to Cloud Flicker and sat down on his back.

"You better hold on." said Cloud Flicker as he burst off into the sky making a slow descent toward the ground.

They soon landed and Rough Charger rolled off Clouds back and onto the ground wincing as he stood back up.

"I'm gonna need help walking 5 blocks."

"Don't worry I'll help you. Put your leg around my shoulder for support."

And so Rough Charger and Cloud Flicker set off slowly trotting down the street. They talked about anything and everything. Life before the virus. Their families, hobbies, their ex marefriends, you name it. It was a site to behold. Two stallions walking down an empty street, through an empty city. Vines growing up the once active high rises whose windows were now shattered hollow husks of what had once been one of the proudest cities in Equestria. A moment in time that perfectly captured what this post-apocalyptic world was, a dark and empty place. Their walking came to an end soon enough as they reached Chargers bunker.

"Hey Cloud Flicker will you get the key out of my bag?" said Rough Charger.

"Sure man."

Cloud Flicker took the key and opened the bunker. It was a nice place really. It seemed like Rough Charger had everything he needed really. It even had electricity thanks to the bunker having its own generator. He had a bed in the corner a kitchen. A little reading area. It was a quaint place.

"So Cloud, I guess you can sleep on the couch because the bed is my turf." said Rough Charger grinning

"Okay, that's cool." said Cloud Flicker throwing his stuff on the couch.

"You know what Cloud, I'm really tired i think I'm gonna hit the hay early. We can go get supplies to fix my ribs tomorrow."

"Okay that's fine. I'm gonna hit the day too."

"Goodnight Cloud." said Rough Charger as he went to go turn off the light.

"Night Charger."

Charger turned off the light and got into bed. As he stared up at the ceiling he smiled. He hadn't just found another pony. He'd found a friend.