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As the title implies, this is a complete re-imagining of a story I wrote five years ago about how Twilight and Discord handle the passing of those they hold dear.
(Mentions of past Fluttercord)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to One on One Philosophy with Discord

Warning: The following you're about to read contains philosophy in plain English and is currently unedited. If you do not like one or both of these, you know where the exit button is.

Years after Starlight Glimmer becomes the new Headmare of the School of Friendship and Twilight ruling over Equestria, Discord is still teaching useful philosophy classes. Although he is known for his unusual teaching methods, there have been rumors that he may have to take a liking to Professor Fluttershy. However, that rumor was never confirmed in any way.

That was, until one Summer when Discord put up the offer for a surprising class in the felid of Philosophy. The subject was about love. Even with Discord promoting the class, one question is raised: why?

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1 - What is Romanticism ✅
Lesson 2 - On Being Single ✅
Lesson 3 - On Dating
Lesson 4 - Challenges of Marriage
Lesson 5 - Why Do Some Have Affairs
Lesson 6 - When to Leave
Lesson 7 - How to Fall in Love... Again

List of Students and Status:

Fluttershy - Single
Sandbar - Dating
Gallus - Single
Ocellus - Dating
Smolder - Dating
Yona - Dating
Silverstream - Single
Cadence - Married
Shining Armor - Married
Starlight - Dating
Trixie - Dating
Braeburn - Married
Applejack - Married
Rainbow Dash - Married
Big Mac - Married
Sugar Belle - Married
Ms. Harshwhinny - Single
Spoiled Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Filthy Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Fleur de Lis - Dating
Fancy Pants - Dating
Troubleshoes - Married
Soarin - Single
Lyra - Married
Sweetie Drops - Married
Mr. Cake - Married
Mrs. Cake - Married
Miss. Cheerliee - Single
Twilight - Single
Rarity - Single

Chapters (5)

In this one-shot idea, Fluttershy asks her friend Discord if he would be interested in taking up the job as a teacher at the new School of Friendship. Discord agrees to teach them something if he were given a chance to test-drive it by having a few students to see if he would take up the job. What follows is a lesson on the meditations of Reniegh Haycartes.

A special thank you to DuskHeart13, The Hat Man and SashimiPony for taking the time of proofreading this.

Note: this and its sequels were written before "Matter of Principles."

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Kindness and the Heart of Shadow

Shortly after the events of Kindness and the Heart of Shadow, Fluttershy begins to worry how much her foal might take after its father—the evil King Sombra. While Twilight and Pinkie Pie head for the Crystal Empire to learn more about the shadow ponies, Fluttershy comes to a realization that raises the question of immortality. Discord is so afraid of the thought of losing her that he flees, only to come to a terrifying realization of his own...

A Fluttercord story, with a couple other ships thrown in for good measure.

Chapters (12)

Not many legends involving the Lord of Chaos have happy endings. However, in the time since he befriended the Element of Kindness, more and more of them are concluding that way.

Written for Day Five of #FluttercordWeek 2020 - Wedding.

Chapters (1)

Discord and Fluttershy go on a nature walk. They talk about life, and also death.

Death tag is for discussion about death. Nopony actually dies in this fic.

Featured on Equestria Daily 2/23/2020. Thanks to 63.546 for pre-reading!

Included in the Equestria Daily fanfic list for Fluttershy Day 2020.

Chapters (1)

What if Twilight had remembered a reforming spell? How would this decision affect Discord, Fluttershy, herself, and the whole of Equestria?

Cover art made by TheOperaticOne

Russian translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/9144801

Day Four of #FluttercordWeek

Featured on 1/23/20, 1/24/20, 1/26/20,
1/27/20, 1/28/20, and 1/29/20

Chapters (1)

After Ponyville's annual Hearth's Warming Eve pageant, Discord and Fluttershy discuss holiday traditions.

A Jinglemas 2019 Entry, written for Petrichord.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy is dying of cancer. Twilight has to stay strong, and to keep Discord from falling apart, because there's no one else who can.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy doesn't worry too much about the strange things happening to her. Coughing up a few petals can't hurt anypony, can it? Hiding an unrequited love won't kill you...will it?

Chapters (1)
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