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I'm a college student and member of many fandoms, including MLP. I'm a total Fluttercord shipper.


An attempt from Discord to get some honey leads to him getting stung. Fortunately, Fluttershy knows just how to help with those. Written for Day 9 of Febuwhump 2024: Bees.

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What’s “Febuwhump”?

This was a wonderfully cute little oneshot. Have an upvote!

Awwwww it’s like an extra Drabble 💕😊💕

It's an event/prompts list, with a different prompt for each day: https://febuwhump.tumblr.com/post/738235110369918976/febuwhump-2024-prompt-list. The goal is to write "whump" (hurt/comfort) for the prompts.

Awww. This was a cute little fic. I would have read it sooner if I had checked the filter. Though don't I follow you? Why didn't I know about it...?

Anywho, okay, this cute fic actually brings up an interesting potential plot. Discord, Lord of Chaos, allergic to bee stings in a way that dampens his magic, to the point of not even having it, should it be severe enough. Like there you go as a way to take off some of Discord's plot armor. Bee weaponry. Bee darts. Bee *Changelings* that are a different species entirely!

Oh, GeekCat, what have you done? :pinkiegasp:

Bee changelings as a subspecies would be such a cool idea, actually...especially since the changelings we know did once manage to briefly steal his magic with that throne. It's all connected...!

It was infused with the venom of their bee Changeling cousins! :raritydespair:

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