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With every pedal to a flower, is a soul. And with every pedal that I pluck, the more I begin to understand the meaning of power.

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This story is a sequel to The Tale Of A Lost Wolf

In order to achieve the power he seeks, Trider leaves his friends in Equestria and returns back to his planet. But when he arrives he is faced with a world that has changed since he left it and people that still remember his infamous past.

At the same time, his friends and allies in Equestria try to find different ways to combat the oncoming darkness that threatens to consume their world.

With the fate of two worlds on his shoulders and only a year given, Trider treads forward, gaining new friends and enemies, while also facing the sins and mistakes of his past.

Chapters (8)

It was a beatuiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, it was a perfect day to try out some new spells that the Ponyville librarian came up with. However the spell goes awry and causes a chain of events to take hold on their world.

Meanwhile on a planet far far away, a group of freedom fighters are trying to escape from their pursuers after a failed attempt at sabotage. One by one they are being captured until only one reamins standing, but even he eventually runs into a dead end. With no means of escape he prepares to fight until a blinding light envelops him and transports him to Equestria.

In a new and unfamiliar world, with no means of return, he must adapt to his environment. But how can someone of a violent nature like himself integrate into this new alien society? And will he ever learn the meaning of friendship?

Cover art done by the amazing xXAngeLuciferXx.

(Proof read by EMBER SPIRIT SHIELD from Chapter 12 onward)

Note: First of all, this will be my first long story, so any and all constructive critisim is welcomed.
Second, while the tag says human it is not technically a Human in Equestria.
Third, this takes place before Canterlot Wedding and will span across multiple seasons. Also I will may change a few things in future seasons.
Fourthly, I may add a gore tag, but only maybe, not 100% certain, and sex tag only for humor and suggestions (no clop though, sorry to all the cloppers).
Finally, this story will greatly revolve around Dragon Ball, but it's NOT a Dragon Ball crossover. By that I mean, Ki blasts exist, heavy paralels between Saiyans and the protagonist (protagonist is NOT a Saiyan though, just a lot like them) and, surprise, transformations.
Hope you enjoy :pinkiesmile:.

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