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With every pedal to a flower, is a soul. And with every pedal that I pluck, the more I begin to understand the meaning of power.


Hiatus. · 8:46am May 4th, 2020

My story “The Skull Behind the Mask” Will be on a hiatus for a bit. I’m sorry for the lack of content recently, it’s just that I’ve had to deal with a traumatic experience and the last little bit has been a struggle for me.

I will come back and continue my story, but for now, I will be not on this site. Instead I will be spending more time with my family.

Life is short. And your life could end at any moment. Don’t take what you have for granted.

See you soon.

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Creature Behind The Skull. · 1:02pm Apr 18th, 2020

I’m making this quick blog to kinda just get something off my mind.

My story, ‘The Creature Behind the Skull’, obviously isn’t perfect, not in many means. And I didn’t make this story with the idea that everyone would love it, but with the idea that it would be fun to read the feedback and comments of people’s opinions.

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