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Asking for a Favor · 11:59pm Feb 18th, 2018

When I planned on returning to the website, the idea was to read a few stories as they came, enjoying them and adding them to bookshelves whenever appropriate. However, my list of stories to read later has been shrinking greatly since then, and I am coming to a point where I'll need to compile a list of more stories to check out. In other words, I'd highly appreciate any story recommendations that come my way, and I will get to them whenever I have the time. Slice of Life and Drama are my preferred genres, but I'll happily read Adventure, Comedy, Romance, or Horror stories as well. Don't expect comments or critiques, as my new lifestyle needs to steer away from those kinds of things, but anything that you think would be fun to check out is good for me.

Hope you're all doing well, and I wish you all the best.

We could also use more stories about Wallflower Blush. Can't help but find her relatable.

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What sorts of genres are you looking for?

Slice of Life and Drama tend to be the genre tags that grab my attention more than others, but Comedy, Adventure, Romance, and Horror are good as well. The only ones I avoid would be crossovers or anthro stories, as those usually take me out of the story. Basically, the first two would take the utmost priority, but anything from those six works for me.

Loving the avatar as well.

Hoo boy, my time has come. Drama and slice of life are my bread and butter.

Gonna start things off with a couple of pretty dramatic self-promotions.

Hindsight, a story about the messy feelings that happen when you drink a love potion, almost get married while doped up on the most wicked viagra ever created, and then try to forget the whole fiasco.

Without Another Word, which details Grand Pear's reaction when he learned what happened to Pear Butter.

And some stuff from some other authors that I adore:

The Railway Ponies: Highball is fantastic because it so completely captures the entire culture that surrounds railroading, and tells a fascinating tale of love and loss along the way in a fairly short story. Of all the ones I'm throwing out here, this is the one I recommend most highly.

To Serve the Hive tells the tale of a Changeling drone bent on assassinating Princess Celestia after the Canterlot Wedding destroyed everything he held dear in his life, but a mare he manipulates to achieve his goal might just blow the whole thing wide open without even trying anything.

Seashell is a more melancholy tale, showing the strains and heartbreak that Equestria's leaders go through in the aftermath of a devastating war, all told through the diary entries of a guard who just happens to have a wandering ear.

Mrs. Robinson's Stand. Cheerilee is a badass when it comes to protecting her students from the forces of the Storm King. Enough said.

Hope these help!

Those all sound fantastic! Thank you so much for the recommendations, and I will be sure to read them when I get the time! :twilightsmile:

I wrote a story called blonde moments I'd love for you to check out.

I'll be sure to check it out as soon as possible. Thank you for the recommendation! :twilightsmile:

I'll check a few out when I have the time. Thank you for sharing some recommended stories! :pinkiesmile:

Slice of Life and Drama are my preferred genres, but others such as Adventure, Comedy, Romance, and Horror are acceptable. Sorry for the missing details, and I should've mentioned them from the start in hindsight. I'll update the blog post to include them. :twilightsmile:

The Silver Standard is an excellent story, and it's part of why I felt the need to stick around FiMFiction for a little longer. Definitely one of my favorite ongoing stories on the site. Anyway, thank you for the recommendations. I'll make sure to read some when I get the chance. :pinkiesmile:

'Drama and Slice of Life' - no problem, I thought; that's where I live too. 'And Mana likes the Wonderbolts, I must have loads of Wonderbolt Drama/Slice of Life stories to recommend!'

...Turns out most also have the romance tag attached or the comedy one.

Anyway, these are the ones I'd recommend from my various favourites lists (some of which you may have already read?):

The Platonic Pony Petting Cafe - this is the reason we love the show so much. It's silly enough to undercut the sweetness of it with some humour as well, so it doesn't seem too saccharine. There is a Wonderbolts chapter, too, though the final one was my favourite :pinkiehappy:

A Fire In His Heart and Sleeping With A Friend - I read most of the Spitfire non-Rainbow romance stories in one go a year or so ago, and these were the two that really stood out. Both are unfinished (and always will be), but also well worth reading for what does exist of them. I've reread Sleeping With A Friend a few times, I need to reread A Fire In His Heart too; hopefully it's as good as I remember.

A Talk Between Sisters - A friend of mine wrote this and released it to not much fanfare, but I think it's magnificent. It's an adult talking a child(ish character) through a very uncomfortable subject, in a way that's sympathetic to both sides and reveals rarely-seen parts of their characters.

Then there are three from the bar splayed across my front page, three of what I think are the best five stories on the site:

Firedance - I'm guessing you've read this one, but, on the off-chance - Spitfire meets Derpy in a Canterlot nightclub. This story took me in one night from 'Wonderbolts, aren't they those annoying ponies Rainbow always goes on about?' to 'I am writing a story about Spitfire right this minute, and then reading everything there is of her.'

Welcome to the Show - I think this is probably the best one of the lot. It's unfinished, and probably won't appeal if you're not much of a siren fan, but it's got three huuuugely complex, detailed, vivid characters struggling basically to know each other, and co-exist, even though they've been together for centuries. It's stuffed full of sharp dialogue, with probably the most engrossing in-character prose I've ever seen. After reading this, I spent a day wondering why I bothered writing anything, when it could never be as good as that. Cannot recommend enough.

The Maretian - I'm not sure I've ever read a sci-fi story on here before, but it's pretty grounded as far as that goes. Have you seen the Martian, or read the book? I've only seen the movie - doing so would probably be beneficial for the story, but isn't really necessary (I typed up a three-paragraph recap of it for a friend, summing up all you'd want for everything in the Maretian to make sense; I can paste it in a comment here if you'd like). Likewise, though the story is listed as a sequel, it's more of a spinoff, and I haven't read the original, Changeling Space Program, but it still makes complete sense without having done so. Anyway, it's Spitfire in space. A bunch of other characters, too, including an especially adorable Starlight Glimmer, and they're stuck on Mars along with a NASA astronaut, trying to survive long enough until they can be rescued. Robinson Crusoe with rockets. It's updating every day - it did not exist in 2017. But in 2018, it's just passed a hundred thousand words. And it's really become something of a shining beacon for an enjoyable few minutes each evening to read the new chapter.

Gonna mention one of my own because it's a Spitfire story I don't think many Wonderbolts fans have seen, and you were really nice about the prequel when I messaged you about it being an entry for your previous contest. If you've ever wanted to see Spitfire out of her depth as a detective, and trying to wrap her head around what makes some truly dysfunctional individuals tick, then Haunted Wasteland might be a story worth checking out.

Sounds like a batch of interesting stories. Thank you for the recommendations! :twilightsmile:

I got a whole lot of great stories to share, but just for a start, have you ever read Stuff My Sister Says?
It's got Wonderbolts, Slice of Life, hilarious comedy and some absolutely quote-worthy lines.

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