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Those Two Ponies · 1:40am Feb 22nd, 2018

You'd think they would have an episode or two with them in a supporting role since their redemption, but they've infamously stuck to the background since Crusaders of the Lost Mark aired. Can't help but wonder the kind of stories where they'd play a prominent role, whether it's meeting another former antagonist in the form of Starlight Glimmer or adjusting to their new ways of life. Unfortunately, it seems like they won't make a major appearance in Season 8, but the synopses for those episodes may have a few secrets within them. Any other characters or things you wish would make a comeback?

On an unrelated note, thank you for the recommendations a few days ago. I've read a few of them over the past few days, and all have been excellent. I'm always open to reading excellent stories on the site, and you're more than welcome to share more recommendations if anything comes up. It's a good way to pass the time, specifically when I'm not busy with IRL stuff.

Don't have much else to say, and I'll resume going through my list of stories to read for the next few days. Calculated that it'll take me a month to read everything that caught my eye, not counting stuff that comes out in between those days, so at least I won't run out of things. Just wanted to start a brief discussion about the show and its characters because ponies are sometimes on my mind.

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Comments ( 11 )

Yeah, it's a point of annoyance they've been relegated to background roles or cameos since their redemption, so I feel you man.

Personally, I'd like to see Spitfire get the leading role of an episode, for obvious reasons, or some other background or supporting pony.

I’d like to see what happened with Lightning Dust and Suri Polomare. For a show like this, being written as a one-off antagonist isn’t really fair to the character.

I just remembered there are others like this, like Gladmane and Svengallop. This is just my personal query.

At least they're still adorable. Being relegated to background appearances won't change that!
Strongly agree with the idea they should return. Lightning Dust in particular could be written as an interesting character, and part of me wishes they kept the episode's original ending where she's just demoted and learns a lesson from Rainbow Dash. As for Suri Polomare, she'd be cool to have return, especially since the cute Coco Pommel would likely be involved in some way.


I'd honestly like to see if Lightning ever did learn her lesson and grew up and moved on with her life, but given what we know of her... I doubt it.

It's sad these two have doen nothing at all.

The original ending had Dust demoted to wingpony. It’s anyones guess why they changed it, unless it was explained somewhere.

Might as well comment on the original post. We do need more DT and SS. Diamond Tiara’s songs from that episode are some of my faves.


Considering the fact that Coco's already been mentioned and DT and SS were the headers, you probably know exactly who I'm going to say.


Kidding, kidding. But Babs and Rara both need to come back.

I find it hit and miss whether reappearing does a character any favours or not. I think Trixie has got better each time she's been on screen, whereas Chrysalis would have been better to stick to only A Canterlot Wedding. Lightning (and the Dazzlings) has been gone so long and made such an impact that I doubt her return would live up to it. Although the same could be said about Gilda, and I thought her return was lovely.

I'd like more Minuette (given that she wasn't really an antagonist, I think she'd be hard to get wrong) and, if they didn't ruin her, more Fleetfoot.

If an antagonist has to return, I'd like to see more of the Sphinx :twilightsmile: I want to hear his real voice!

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