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  • 2 weeks
    S8E13 - The Mean Six


    Queen Chrysalis returns to plot her revenge on the Mane Six.

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  • 3 weeks
    S8E12 - Marks For Effort


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to enroll into the School of Friendship.

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    247 comments · 4,312 views
  • 4 weeks
    S8E11 - Molt Down


    Spike experiences and fears its side-effects will force him to leave the Castle of Friendship.

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    415 comments · 6,004 views
  • 5 weeks
    S8E10 - The Break Up Break Down


    On Hearts and Hooves Day, Big McIntosh overhears his girlfriend Sugar Belle is planning to break up with him.

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  • 6 weeks
    S8E9 - Non Compete Clause


    Applejack and Rainbow Dash take the Young Six on a field trip to learn about teamwork.

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  • 7 weeks
    S8E8 - The Parent Map


    Starlight and Sunburst are called by the Cutie Map to solve a friendship problem that involves their estranged parents.

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    127 comments · 4,200 views
  • 8 weeks
    S8E7 - Horse Play


    After casting Princess Celestia in a play, Twilight realizes that Celestia's talents lie elsewhere.

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  • 9 weeks
    S8E6 - Surf and/or Turf


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders help a young hippogriff decide whether he belongs with his hippogriff or seapony relatives.

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  • 10 weeks
    S8E5 - Grannies Gone Wild


    Rainbow Dash accompanies Granny Smith and her elderly friends as a chaperone at Las Pegasus.

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  • 11 weeks
    S8E4 - Fake It 'til You Make It


    Fluttershy takes charge of the Rarity for You boutique in Manehattan while Rarity is away.

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Episode Discussion » S7E6 - Forever Filly · 11:12am May 6th, 2017


When Rarity surprises Sweetie Belle with a special day together filled with all of her favorite activities, she quickly learns that her little sister is no longer the little foal she used to be.

Reminder that this is the Canadian Treehouse airing. US is airing Fluttershy Leans In

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Can't wait.

cant wait to watch that

Why do such good artists deactivate their deviant art accounts? :fluttercry:

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver



…new episode yay!:twilightblush:


Claire Corlett is turning 18 in a couple months, IIRC.


Claire in July, Michelle in September.

Holy time cliches, Batman they've grown up... as have their characters.

Best episode of the season, so far. I liked that part where Marty went back to the past to meet Star Swirl the Bearded and convince him to make a friend, thus skewing Equestria into an alternate timeline where instead of Celestia and Luna ruling over Equestria. is is now ruled by Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer instead.

Why the different episodes?

RK_74 #9 · May 6th, 2017 · · 6 ·

sniff... that picture brings a tear to my cynical eye... its beautiful.
Why did the showrunners give her such an ugly cutie mark shared with her friends... sigh, she was supposed to be a singer (which i hope will still happen) and the mark was supposed to have a personal meaning encompassing her as an individual and that "Certain something that makes her special" as Twist said in Call of the Cutie.
Also that's her G3 cutie mark in the picture, it looks pretty good, certainly blends much better with her colorscheme unlike the clashing mess that her G4 one is, no problems with it.
Ah well, we shall see what happens

4522147 Because the worst things happen only to good people and bad people get all the glory. That's the way the world works. Deal with it.


Why did the showrunners give her such an ugly cutie mark shared with her friends... sigh, she was supposed to be a singer

I honestly kind of like the concept of the shared cutie mark, and if you recall, they did have an episode devoted to the three of them discovering what they can do on their own when not dealing with CM situations. Sweetie has a musical note and a star inside her badge (or whatever people are calling that part of their marks), so her being a singer as her 'secondary' destiny is a VERY good possibility.
Though I do agree that the color scheme of their cutie marks is a little... well, it could have been better.

Because all the voice actors are Canadian, so motherland gets first dibs on the newer episodes. :twilightangry2: (I don't know, but Canada is an episode ahead of us for whatever reason).

I remember putting this picture in my dA 'Favorites' list before that account went dark. I don't know if it's still there. :fluttershysad:

RK_74 #12 · May 6th, 2017 · · 6 ·

Problem is the "shared cutie mark" cheats canon on the description given by cheerilee back in season 1.

A cutie mark appears on a pony's flank when he or she finds that certain something that makes them different from every other pony. Discovering what makes you unique isn't something that happens overnight, and no amount of hoping, wishing, or begging, would make a cutie mark appear before its time.

Taking that literally it shouldn't have happened except by author retcon and/or deus ex machina.
They messed with it when they wrote about troubleshoes forgetting what his cutie mark meant too hence my problem with it.
This is just my personal opinion and you are entitled to yours
Also i'm getting off topic.

This should be interesting...and cute.

Love the header, btw. Suits the theme of the episode.

Wait is this today's ep!?


Oh probably should have read the rest of it...

First off:

this is just my personal opinion and you are entitled to yours

Thank you, and as are you. :twilightsmile: But if I may make an attempt to sway you...

Think about how many jobs there are out there in Equestria. Yes, a cutie mark is supposed to mark individuality, but how many ponies out there do you think may have similar cutie marks because they have similar talents in their fields? Take the Cakes: each has three of the particular type of dessert they are named after. Pound and Pumpkin will likely have the same, but that's speculative on my part. Point being, I can only imagine that there are other ponies out there who will also have similar marks to others.

When it comes to the CMC, as far as I can gather, the whole point of them having the same badge as part of their CMs is because they are destined to always be together, because each of them has a particular trait (or traits) about them that adds to their group as a whole to make it complete. At the same time, the inner part of each of their CMs shows what makes them different from the others, so each of their CMs is different from the others, but they have that shared badge because them being together is what helps them fulfill their destinies.

As you said, you're totally entitled to your own opinion, but that's mine, and my attempt to defend the writers' decision. If you're not convinced, I won't try again.

4522223 Except 1/3rd of the shield has the coloration of each of the CMC's mane color, so even if they aren't together, a part of them will always have something to remind them of their friends because of their cutie marks having each filly's mane color on a part of the shield. So, having the same shield coloration and shield shape, this is the unifying characteristic which marks them as a unit, signifying their togetherness/bond.
However, within the overall cutie marks are icons which signify their strengths and individuality. Sweetie Belle's cutie mark has a Star and Musical Note. Her strength is in music and entertainment. [I personally see the longer upward point of the star to signify that she's a rising star] Apple Bloom's cutie mark is an Apple and Heart icon. This then would not only identify her as a member of the Apple family, but also mean that her strength are in agriculture and nurturing occupations. Finally, we have Scootaloo's Lightning Bolt and Pegasus Wing. This lightning bolt could signify her swiftness as the idiom is: 'fast as lightning.' Then we come to Scootaloo's pegasus wing. Even if she never flies, she can still use her wings to propel her swiftly on wheeled contraptions along the ground. In addition to this, Mercury sandals of Greek mythology has wings upon his sandals. Thusly, it might indicate that she would make an excellent messenger pony and even a delivery pony.
The darker purple of the larger icon is probably to mean valor and courage (I.e., the Purple Heart), while the pink of the smaller icons probably are to signify the care and compassion they have for ponies who either don't yet have their cutie mark, or fully understand the possibilities their cutie mark may present to them. (As in the case of Bulk Biceps, in that he could teach others how to properly lift heavy items, given that he had already lifted every heavy item he could.)

So the color and shape of their overall cutie mark signify their unity as members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, while the smaller icons signify their strengths special to each filly and indicates their individuality within the Cutie Mark Crusaders..

This. Very much so this. :twilightsmile:

Just watched the episode. It's not even half bad, and the title picture really speaks for this blog. Children grow up, find new things, move out, and eventually have families of their own.

At least Zipporwhill's still around. :ajsmug:

4522251 ther are plenty of cutie marks that have similarities though, because no one singular field in existence is unoccupied. like how both octavia and vinyl have music notes as cutie marks.
also that does not say that they cannot share a cutie mark. and even then its individualized

4522147 It's totally unfair when that happens.

My favorite of the season so far and probably the best of it as well. Seeing the CMC actually more or less running a legitimate guidance service with many successes was amazing. After Luna helped them all through their dreams to learn about themselves, they're doing the same thing forward and the moral is very relatable. This episode wasn't really funny for me, most of the humor falling flat, and suffered a bit from conspicuous character absence like Fluttershy Leans In (seriously, no one considered Fluttershy for dog troubles? She literally could've asked what's wrong and problem solved), but the rest made it for it. Overall I'd say an 8 or 8.5 out of 10. Frankly, I'd say the CMC are alicorn worthy, maybe even more than Fluttershy.

Eh, might as well, my alicorn worthiness order: Sunset > CMC/Fluttershy > Rarity/Spike (honorary alicorn Spike at least, though I guess he could earn his dragon wings or something) > Applejack > Pinkie > Rainbow Dash > Shining Armor > Big Mac > Starlight.

4522218 At least try and have a little hope for some good stuff in the world.

I think I'll wait for the U.S. airing. That is such a cute picture. And I enjoyed today's ep.

4522368 When I see it happen.

this episode was so good. It summons up one of my personal mottos "best thing about puppy is that it's grown up and become adult dog"

That was a nice little episode, it's great that Zipoorwhill (is that how you write it?) got some screentime, and Chipcutter was a cutie. Does anyone else hope that we see the CMC transition to the lanky teen body we've seen AJ and Flutters in? That would be really cool.

Its like a sequel to Sister Hooves Social. Now its Rarity who is having trouble connecting with Sweetie Belle instead of the other way around. I was playing Let Your Mane Down after this aired and I realized how long its been since I first watched that episode. Its been at least 5 years. My how the time has flown. These Ponies sure have grown over the years. :pinkiesad2:

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Oh my god I wasn’t prepared for that bucket of feels at the end. ;_;

Another episode with a plot that could've been avoided had Sweetie Bell put her hoof down earlier, but it was a heartwarming episode nonetheless

Although none of the CMC have gotten any larger than they were in Season One, oddly enough
It's been around four years in-show - you'd think they'd hit their growth spurt by now

a exultant episode but I am wondering ware this is leading to??
Hasbro has a plan I am sure.

I think my biggest issue is that instead of "on the job", they should've said "You've come to the right place, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are on the case."

RIP USS TwistyPopxRarity

A ship sunk, a heart deflated.

never forget

It's a Sweetie Belle episode, of course it's going to be perfect.

Okay, this episode kind of reminds me of A Goofy Movie.

Is it telling that the first thing I think of after seeing that picture is: "Damn, Canon Sweetie Belle doesn't have a cutie mark half that good"?

Todays episode brought to you by the music, The Living Years, and Cats In The Cradle?

Especially given the name of the dog.

Never go back for the cat. :pinkiesad2:

For PTSD, I put this episode just behind Tanks For The Memories.

Im not sure how I would handle an episode titled, The Last Laugh, or, They Call Me Binky Pie.:fluttercry:

4522579 Neither was I :pinkiesad2:

I had my fourth rewatch today. TwistyPop so close on a Rarity ship, many callbacks and on.

Because they grow up and move on with their lives?

Celestia worried about Twilight moving on, Twilight worrying about Starlight moving on, and now Rarity being oblivious that Sweetie Belle has moved on. Anyone else noticing a pattern here? :duck:

This might be the only time I do this, seeing as I don't know if the Canadian broadcast has everyone pitched a semitone higher or if it's just a sneaky copyright dodging technique. Either way, it sounds weird, and it's throwing me off. But, I figured I'd catch up fully since, well, that's kinda what EqD is doing.

Sound issues aside, this was actually a very deep and poignant episode. Sweetie Belle is not a little filly anymore, nor is Zipperwhil's puppy, well, a puppy. I saw the juxtaposition for this coming as soon as we saw the dog, and it was expertly executed. Perhaps Rarity has been very busy with her own career. And Sweetie Belle with hers. And I can imagine a lot of parents relating to Rarity's struggle of having to realize that their little one, isn't so little anymore. :ajsleepy:

The best episode of the season so far, and of course it's a Rarity and Sweetie Belle episode.

I was hoping to see their parents again, but I don't fault the episode for not giving them a cameo.

The episode can be summed up with an
"Aww they grow up so fast..."
Rarity was so out of touch it was embarrasing and it makes sense.
But yeah, like the bottled anger episode, SAY SOMETHING.
Found myself repeatedly clicking the video bar on sweetie belle's reactions to make my own makeshift youtube poop.
Overall it was pretty good.

Not a bad ep, but I hope they do something more adventurey soon.

The Feels! That's all I can really sum up the episode with.

Though, Sweetie Belle kind of reminds me of myself when I was growing up—especially with her sudden interest in experimental black box theatre over childish puppet shows, preferring healthy salads over junk food, and just getting annoyed with being thought of as a little kid. I think the show has done a great job with progressively showing her character grow up naturally and becoming more mature with every season. This episode was definitely no exception to that, and I really enjoyed the parallel story of Zipporwhil and her dog; it's like how other TV shows take similar plot lines, only to have them either intertwine or help accentuate a certain message the show is trying to tell its audience. Not my favorite episode of season seven so far, but still a great addition to an already solid season.

When that I was and a little tiny boy
With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain
A foolish thing was but a toy
With a hey, ho, the wind and the rain...

I thought it was a pretty decent episode; in my opinion, a definite step up from the bore that was the previous episode. I enjoyed the moral plenty and I can relate to it pretty well, as I have a younger brother of my own. I wouldn't call this my favorite of the season, though; nothing against it, it just wasn't the most interesting to me. Like I mentioned, I liked the moral, and I still appreciated the sister dynamic. It's still pretty reminiscent of how real life siblings interact.

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.

"Beating your viewer in the face with symbolism 101"!

They went a little TOO far with the parallel between Sweetie Belle and the dog, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty adorable and enjoyable episode. Also if they intended to make Sweetie Belle much older than the younger blankflanks, they maybe coulda actually made her a bit bigger than them. I guess that would require a redesign, but seeing the exact same Sweetie Belle from Season 1 talk about how much time has passed and how much she has grown is a bit on the weird side.

Also this is twice this season they've talked about it being "years" since Season 1, calling further into question just how much time has passed and why the CMC's haven't changed as much as they probably should.

The SIsterhooves Social episode was only 2 seasons ago, I wonder how many of the things Sweetie wanted to do then - catch frogs, ride bikes, pillow fights, coloring - are things she still likes doing.

4522826 Yeah, and today we will get another parents-child story with RD

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