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Equestria…a nation of heroes and guardians whose purpose are to fight against all evil that crawls its way into the world. Though after an event that lead to most of the strongest guardians lost Equestria is in need of new guardians. A new generation of protectors to keep the world safe. Though can these new heroes be ready in time before an evil that was once thought defeated returns and brings darkness throughout all of Equestria.

Follow Twilight Sparkle as she trains to follow along her older brother's footsteps in hopes to find out what has happen to him and the other protectors.

Photo belongs to https://johnjoseco.deviantart.com/

Chapters (2)

It has been a month since the whole battle of the bands fiasco. Everyone is going back to their regular day to day routine. Go to class, sit in class, go to lunch then go to class again.

Sunset Shimmer on the other hand is given the task of helping a fellow student fit in the school. Though, there's one problem this "fellow student" is someone who might have tried to take control of the school with her two companions.

Follow Sunset Shimmer as she learns of has become of the former Sirens. Will she help those who were just like her?

Cover image taken from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvBwiqWHX-4

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A short story with the two Sparity siblings (Crystal Clarity and Turquoise Blitz). Claire with a master plan, and T the perfect scapegoat. Just a silly short story based off the cover picture. Enjoy.

Cover art belongs to Kilala97.
Crystal Clarity&Turquoise Blitz Belong to Kilala97.
Check out her amazing work here.http://kilala97.deviantart.com/

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A short story about Spike, Rarity and their daughter Claire (Crystal Clarity) with a little bit of family fun and a little bit of other. This is more like single short story with just some sparity family fun.

This story is based off the awesome art of Kilala97.
I don't own Crystal Clair, she belongs to kilala69

Chapters (1)

Are the changelings all gone? Is Chirp the last of her kind? Taking place two weeks after A Mother's choice and consequence , Chirp is now being taken care by Twilight Sparkle. As she lives her new life in Ponyville, she will go through struggles for being different, but as she lives and grow older she starts to feel something she doesn't know what, but it feels as if something is calling her.

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After her plans were ruined her hive now in destruction all shes has left are two young changeling. When she is saved by one of the ponies responsible for destroying her plans the great Changeling queen is forced to make certain choices. Will the choices she make now be for the better of her last remaining children or will she lose them for good?

Chapters (13)
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