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I don't even English at all.

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What the can says, isn't always what it seems.

Fluttershy can be scary sometimes.

Finished late for Nightmare Moon Night.
Oh, well...

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A human in Equestria plus
An easier and comfy life plus
Hearts and Hooves Day plus
A lot of mares that find hands sexy plus
A lot of HiE Clopfics around.

All that plus the fact, that not every human falls for pony girls.

Special thanks to yellowbastion who helped me to edit chapters 1 and 2 and like half of 3 so far

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Celestia's faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, develops a new spell that could help to increase the cognitive capacities of any conscious living being and after try it on different test's subjects, including a lab rat named Algamenon with positive results, she finds herself ready to try it now on an equine being.

Derpy has always been bubbly and happy in attitude, but her carefree personality has constantly caused concern between her friends and co-workers, and seems to be the perfect candidate around for Twilight's new experiment.

During the treatment, Twilight request Derpy with daily notes containing her thoughts and her new found vision about the world, but confronts the discussion about if what she did was ethical, or not.

In the other hoof, Derpy's new concentration as focus of mind, has changed the inner perspective of her world, altering not only to her but also to everypony around the new delivery mare, pushing away old friendships, and igniting new romantic interests; but soon realizing, that probably her only unconditional friend, in her new deviant state, is the lab rat named Algamenon.

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Sweet Apple Acres starts to produce a new breed of apple that will change the life of everypony forever.

A Pony In Hay was going to be part of the serie of shorts entitled "The Applejack Zone" under the concept of horror stories around a camp fire. But its length and ending stile were better for a stand alone story.

This tries to be a mix of Junji Ito horror stories inside the original flavor of FiM.
Proofreading courtesy by


It's really helpful, not just about grammar and punctuation, but to find out, if you can deliver the feeling in the story you were intending.

Warning: Contains short scenes of gore.
Rated Teen because these scenes could disappoint mature readers.
Yeah, I rather scare younger people.
the lack of horror tag is a problem again.

Image thanks to BambooDog: One In The Bunch
Visit his amazing gallery.

Finally edited thanks to the good Lifter who took some of his time to do me the favor of proofread it.

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I always have liked "The sandman" by Neil Gaiman, and since fanfiction is about relax, talk about established characters (or say how awesome, or lucky, are new ones) without explain them a lot, and maybe do a little crossover (and I mean that I'm stealing the whole thing with this last, even so I would like to give references from where I took the idea). Here I present:
The Sandman: Re-enacted by ponies

I mean: Luna's Midnight Theatre (sorry).

I dunno what else to say, I guess that's actually a concise presentation, I guess I'm improving with this of writing xD

Well, let's c, I did a Gamer Luna story; it had to be funny, so it asked for a little of -out of character- I'm trying to do something serious here, with Luna as "The Sandpony" (yeah, I know, I like poorodies). So Luna is here a night goddess, but she works too with dreams and deaths here, and no all the way up to goddess, but top magic and that, you know. So yes, this Luna is a little out of character too, I'm just wondering why she isn't depicted more often as "The Sandman" of pony world.

Picture by John Joseco, i was just looking for something with Lyra and Luna, or the sandman or Luna actually, but that was harder to find.

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What the can says.

Horror - mystery, auto conclusive stories.

Pinkie pie did die in the first story? Don't worry; Resent button at the end of each chapter.

Yay! For Status Quo.

Camp fire pony stories, and no better pony to tell them than the one from the countryside.

No horror tag? Does Celestia know this?

I consider dead ponies a little gory, but I won't be pulling out their guts, so if you like plain psychological horror, unsolved mysteries, and you can stand some blood on the floor, feel free to stay. It won't be too messy.

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Ok the idea with this is: What is keeping Luna so busy she barely appears around?
Well, a simple answer is “she has nocturnal habits” she’s widely considered a night goddess, so in fact that could do pretty well the cannon answer, between fandom her normal depictions are: “She has locked herself down, studying what she missed the last 1000 years, or that she’s a cocky dark bitch that thinks too high on herself than no mortal eyes should put place on her. Or whatever, you name it and someone has done a story about that.

The one I’m using here is NOT my favorite; Gamer Luna, she’s a vicious achievements hunter; playing Vgames all too often that she doesn’t hang out a lot, and is late at even the most important events. Of course a girl earns hotness by just adding the “gamer” suffix, so a lot of people likes (I thing so) Gamer Luna.

Well in my dirty and confusing style I’m mixing that with somehow the Luna of 'My Little Humie: Fanfiction is Social' by SwiperTheFox (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20889/My-Little-Humie%3A-Fanfiction-is-Social) where Luna is a producer, writer or dunnowhat of a TV show; what’s the result?

“Princess Luna: Videogame Designer”

Okay, yeah, I know it’s a crappy idea to give, but I’m not drowning in my smartness myself over here either you know.

This Luna creates games by magic; with the ideas of her boring years on the moon (actually they all are poorodies of real Vgames). Plays them with her sister, Derpy, or whoever online. Someponies like to troll and other ragequit.

These are ideas or concepts for games re-enacted by ponies, and how someponies could react to certain games.

Some games I would like to show are:
Elders scroll Equestria
Left Pony Dead (and that’s how the ponynet was created)
Assassins Creed Ponyhood (in times waaay back, before the first banishment)
World of Ponycraft
(I just wanna C twilight sparkle shouting
And that’s the whole joke about it; maybe I’ll leave this out).
Spike Kart
Call of duty: Wonderbolt Ops
Changelings May Cry compared to Asianpony Gaiden
The legend of Celestia: Luna’s mask
Silent Ponyhill
Metal Gear Sparkle
Team Canterlot (and why they do need team Canterlot 2)
The Legend of Spike: Dawn of the Dragon
Derpy Combat: Assault Horizon
Temuntris (some puzzle game were the objective is secretly kill Celestia in a meteor shower)
Grand thief Scooter (very polemic because the world in game is populated only with fillies)
Spike Party (and why Luna should do a new game of this series each year instead of DLC)
Something related to sports, and
Mare-do-well Vs DLC’s Characters (and that’s how her career ended, leaving canceled projects like Mare-do-well Wingloin Asylum, and Ghostbusters (no every title needs a pony word on them, you know)).

P d. i just love the poorody Word, perhaps cuz I made it myself, have u ever seen anyone else using it? THEY STOLED IT FROM ME!!! >.<

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