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I don't even English at all.


I always have liked "The sandman" by Neil Gaiman, and since fanfiction is about relax, talk about established characters (or say how awesome, or lucky, are new ones) without explain them a lot, and maybe do a little crossover (and I mean that I'm stealing the whole thing with this last, even so I would like to give references from where I took the idea). Here I present:
The Sandman: Re-enacted by ponies

I mean: Luna's Midnight Theatre (sorry).

I dunno what else to say, I guess that's actually a concise presentation, I guess I'm improving with this of writing xD

Well, let's c, I did a Gamer Luna story; it had to be funny, so it asked for a little of -out of character- I'm trying to do something serious here, with Luna as "The Sandpony" (yeah, I know, I like poorodies). So Luna is here a night goddess, but she works too with dreams and deaths here, and no all the way up to goddess, but top magic and that, you know. So yes, this Luna is a little out of character too, I'm just wondering why she isn't depicted more often as "The Sandman" of pony world.

Picture by John Joseco, i was just looking for something with Lyra and Luna, or the sandman or Luna actually, but that was harder to find.

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I always have liked "The sandman" by Neil Gaiman

You have excellent taste.
He's my avatar sometimes

How do you write a story on this stie

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