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I love Luna stories, but not ones that are too sad to read.

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Wishing she rather be in a prison of stone herself, Celestia grieves hourly about how her life as gone amiss. One Luna that casually pranks her is enough as is, but triple the matter and you have a bride for any Draconequus. Dealing with both the silliness of Luna's youth and present, the Goddess is distracted to Nightmare's plot to overthrow her. As fast as her faithful student can work, Twilight Sparkle is in search for a way to reverse the spell, the only question is: can Celestia hold out long enough?
A/N: In all fairness, I had this thing sitting in my box for a while now. Any criticism? I need work on sentence structure and flow, if you don't mind pointing it out. The emotions and characters would be nice as well!
Image belongs to 90Sigma on dA.

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Depressed after only having one pony show up for her Winter Concert, Octavia slumps herself within the holiday season. Not to mention the pony that did show up was her marefriend, Vinyl didn't exactly count as a viewer. Nothing to be merry about, Octavia is likely to spend another Hearth's Warming Eve alone, again. The only problem — Octavia wants to spend it alone. Her stubborn marefriend, Vinyl has other plans in mind as a blizzard hits Canterlot quickly and unexpectedly, sealing both ponies inside her apartment until the weather clears. Hilarity or insanity she doesn't know, but Octavia seems to enjoy spending time with the upstart DJ.

A/N: My first holiday special. Hope you guys take kindly to trying writers! Any criticism is appreciated as long as it's helpful!

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Twilight and Trixie go through the adventure of life together, the other as their sister. Things go smooth for both mares, but as fillies their lives are more than unusual. While Trixie fights homework, school work, everything else that involves work, as well as her mother, Twilight stands alone as a golden child. More often than not, the sweet alumna sees herself saving Trixie from trouble around every corner. As Trixie lives life to the fullest, exploiting her sister for everything she could, Twilight prefers the quiet way, keeping Trixie in line as best she could.

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Fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, and despair. They all hold meaning to the Lunar Goddess that we call, Luna. What do each of them mean? Luna knows, she knows them all too well. How can one save themselves from such horrid things. That's what Luna is desperately seeking. The only one to help her on the journey is the living embodiment of each of those things, Nightmare. Trust is the name of the game those two play as they spend more time with each other. So, what is the key to putting all this darkness behind her and move on? It's in the shape of a lavender mare, with hopes and dreams of her own, Twilight. But when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object, bi-polar vs bi-polar, there will always be damage on a collateral scale. Given the chance, will Trixie, Luna's personal maiden, swallow her ego, forget her grudge with Twilight, and pay the debt she owes to the Lunar Alicorn? Or will her pride and bravado as well as Nightmare's drive Luna to insanity?

Picture belongs to... you know what? I change this every few weeks, I'll have a permanent picture at the end of this fiction.
Thanks to my editor 1over0 who constantly tells me to write better. Also thanks to my new editor, Tonto the Trotter. Now my second editor, TwiLunaLover.

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