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Hello. Due to life and work, I post stories on here randomly. Come back when I make one/a new one. ^^ [most of my stories are teen rated.]

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Luna wants to learn what ponies these days do.
Maybe someone who knows them will help.
It can't be that hard .

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Midoriya wakes up in an odd place, for one, the villain was gone. And they were stuck in space?!
This can't be right!
And now what’s with the ponies?!

[because my art style sucks!]
[replaced with my own stupid cover art lol]

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Pinkie mourns by faking happiness over the loss of her older sister.
Pinkie celebrates another joyful day in ponyville with her friends!

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Lyra was always behind one's shadow, either walking simultaneously or trying to confess her love to her friend, BonBon. She is very persistent.
But when she is hurt knowing that her love is not returned, lyra is heartbroken. But now she makes sure that nobody can love her if she can't. Even if she doesn't get praised.
No one is safe.

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Sweet celestia.
I fcked up.

I left him there.

I'm screwed I really am.
I promised her I'd care for him. Now he's gone. They'll kill him in a day.
I have to go back.
I need to.
I have no choice.

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