What are you?!

by Sleepy_meep_92

Chapter 2-This new world

The next day came as dark left, like any other day. But with new ponies and a dragon, of course.
Everyone walked upon this new world with the little help of Twilight Sparkle, since most ponies around assumed the best when it came to newcomers, since creatures were mostly nice here, so the group had not really a problem with welcoming each other and themselves.

No sooner or later, a pony bolted up next to them, making Bakugou and Todoroki flinch a little.
"So you all came here in Twilight's castle so abruptly? No, don't tell me! You all came from a different universe where you all where different creatures and were sent here unexpectedly and are trying to find a way back home as quick as you can?"
Everypony, and dragon, stared at the singular earth pony, Pinkie Pie.
"Wha..How did you.."
Pinkie stared at Midoriya and shrugged, "Just a hunch."
All just watched her as she bounced away, with a cheery smile as she left.
"This is stupid." Bakugou scoffed. "How the fuck do we get home so I can beat the living shit out of that villain?!"
Everyone didn't have an answer for that question, for they didn't know either. Nobody knew how to return, only to know that for right now, they must focus on what they'll do in the meantime.
"I know this is a very odd to say right now but.." Todoroki hesitated as he turned to Deku, with a very odd look upon his face.
"Have any of you..tried your quirks yet? I have not but I don't know if we can in this world." Todoroki tried to activate it by focusing on his body for a second, but failed.
“Maybe,” Midoriya started as he returned looks at his stallion friend. “It activates using what body we have now, but in how these new bodies work.”
Kirishima caught on to this, and looked over at his ‘scales’, and forced his claws into fists. Which the whole fist started to harden around, making him gasp in awe.
“Wow Kirishima!” Cheered on Midoriya who then turned as he placed his hoof on his muzzle.
“Now if I only had one of my notebooks..” As he said this, his horn had glowed, and his hair started to shine a light blue-green. He had now activated his quirk. Not intentional, but it would do.

His horn spouted his second quirk, blackwhip, and his hooves, like Kirishima’s claws, had inherited his quirk, one for all. As the other three found out how they could use theirs, with Bakugou having wings as another ‘power’, all they needed to do now was simple; find a way home or figure out why they are here in the first place.
“Now that we have a bit of advantage in this world, why do you think we are here?” A confused Uraraka stood there, waiting for at least a sane answer. But the only sounds she got were from an irritated Bakugou, whom hated that the pegasi had uncovered the sun from the clouds which shone brightly, making him angrily start to cuss it out. For some reason.

Twilight trotted to catch up with them [because she was FAR behind], and flapped up in the air to catch more speed. She was only 30, but somedays it felt as if she had continuously walked for several days. Maybe it was for the times she was attacked by villains, she never really knows.

“Star swirl had mentioned that there is a spell only used by a hidden user, that may be the reason you had appeared.” She exhaled as she had caught up. She held with magic a scroll. Which she coincidently had in her hooves, Infront of Midoriya, in which she opened and read the cursive words on the page.

” An alternate world teleportation spell, is what I call it, this spell cannot be achieved by anypony except one. No one has seen or proven she exists, so we had called her Mare of Mystery. Although my accuracy is not precise, it is to be believed she is not meant to be found, and all whom have been inflicted by this ‘rare’ spell may not return home. For the only pony right now, that can control it, is the Mare of Mystery, which has not been found.
To all whom find this letter which I have hidden, you cannot replicate this spell.
indefinite possibility,

Deku stared at this letter with a melting heart of courage. Never going home?! This can’t be! What about everyone at home?! What about mom?! Eri?!
Everypony, and dragon, looked at eachother with sorrow and pain on what they had heard as well, with Bakugou rolling his eyes and staring at Deku with an irritated expression. He leapt down from the sky and slapped him with his wing.

“Are you a complete idiot?!”
To be continued literally

“Come in, Mr. Aizawa.”
Nezu held his hand towards his face, and signaled for Aizawa to sit down.
“Aizawa, I am aware that you are concerned about the sudden villain whom took your students, their parents are worried as well, and we don’t have note on the villain’s identity, but we were informed that they can warp timelines, like teleportation, but that’s all. So it means there must be someone else who was also a part of this act, in which that hasn’t been apprehended...”
Aizawa pressed his fingers together at the desk. He had no idea how to retrieve these students, which angered him. Todotoki, Bakugou, Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima. All five where gone. In an unknown destination. Nezu had tapped his hand on the table, gaining Aizawa’s attention again.
“But for now, I have a few pro heroes, including you on the lookout for them, this will be a bit easier if we have a search on them, since this is not like the ‘Bakugou’ incident. And do not worry, for I have a pro hero to substitute you, so Class 1-A is ok.”

Aizawa lifted from up his chair, bowing before walking out, understanding this circumstance.
Problem children, can’t get out of trouble this time, can you?
Aizawa crept around the city, being quiet to catch any suspicion. It was only then did he find something else. He found goop, or what it looked like. It was dark grey and sticky, standing there with unimportance.
But it was strange, but as soon as he were to walk away, the goop moved.
It moved.
It then depicted what had happened. All of the kids-shown to appear in a somewhat void-then seen to be with a black-shaded figure.
Aizawa went tense at the sudden picture, but couldn’t tell what the figure was.
He fumbled out his phone and called Nezu.
“Nezu speaking, state your name and why you called.”
“Principal Nezu, It’s Aizawa, I found something but I can’t tell what.”
“Reveal your location, Aizawa.”
“We are coming for a better look, stay there in the meantime, if results of attack occur, you know what to do.”