• Published 30th Apr 2022
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What are you?! - Sleepy_meep_92

When a powerful villain sends Deku and others to the MLP universe, everything can go wrong!

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chapter 1-Where are we?

Author's Note:

Chapter 1/10
Hello y’all!
[mild language because it has Bakugou ofc and a little from the others ^^' ] {and just that in general}
I hope you like this story!
[stay safe out there ! <3]


Words from someone unknown rang through his ear. He wanted to speak, but no words spilled out. Only darkness in his mind. Even though he felt this way, he could still hear people conversing, speaking in a mild-tone.
Is he okay?!
Of course he is, it’s damn deku!
Midobro! speak to us!!
He heard silence once more, but at this moment, he began to open his eyes. And all he heard from that point were relieved sighs and happy cheers. Well, at least from most of them.
"W-what's going on!" Midoriya had reached for his head while he said this, but Uraraka gently swiped his hand away.
"We...don't know yet." She made a puzzled face. "But it is confusing that we were teleported here, in space, and that we aren't dying of lack of oxygen." She dabbed his head right after, showing blood on her fingers. "And you hit the ground hard, it's only a little, but best not to touch it."
He felt a little safer knowing that some of his friends were there, but, it was indeed strange. Have they not suffocated yet? Why are they here? Is the villain here? His muttering thoughts were interrupted when a blue, crimson-ish aurora surrounded a blank area. Everybody tensely stood there, worried for the worst. When they tried to activate their quirks, it failed. They seemed quirkless at this point.

The mist died with a light figure coming out, then when the light faded, popped out a pony, a pastel-blue-curly maned, faded silver coat, pony.
"Greetings!" It waved it’s thin hooves, floating around and checking out the humans that she encountered. Of course, everyone was still timid against it, but all it did was give a calm expression when walking back in front of them.
"Oh I'm sorry! Where are my manners?! I am Joycce Melancholy, the guardian of this universe you'd stumbled upon." She had said this with elegant pride, bowing to show her pointy-triangle on her head. She raised up once more and walked towards the green-haired-specimen.
"And you my friend," She slowly smiled. "is Izuku Midoriya, otherwise preferred to as 'Deku'! And you have no idea how you got here, huh?"
Everyone stood there. Baffled. They also were wondering if they were in the hands of a strong villian, and them being useless of their powers, they have only bare fists to fight for their life. But even so, the only thing she had done just now was open up a blue-faded portal, and then stared back at the group.

"I sensed that you guys were in danger, so when you were brought here, I prepped a portal to the modern realm of this world." She floated over and ushered them to come, but they didn't budge.
"Like HELL were gonna believe you, villian!" The angry pomeranian yelled, staring at her, in which she returned a cold stare.
"You dont have time to quarrel, if you want to escape, then let me help you." She scoffed and then gave a stare again at the blonde-hair. "And I assure you, I am not a villain."

The second those words were said, a black-ish portal opened behind them, making some of them jolt. Joycce worriedly gasped as the portal grew'.
"HURRY! WE MUSN'T BE SLOW!" She rushed the others into her portal while the one behind got bigger. but Deku turned before going in, staring at her like she was hurt.
"Don't worry about me," She gestured a smile. "I'll be fine, midoriya."
And with that, the five fell into the portal across another dimension. And then blackout. No one heard or saw anything.

Deku wearly looked about. They were in some sort of castle, and standing in front of him was a tall, lavender pony. She was a pointy thing on her head, too. And had blue hair with pink and purple stripes across, and wings.
"Oh! You're awake!" She smiled as she bent her hooves to help him up. "I'm Twilight Sparkle."
He grabbed her hoof, only, without his hand. It was replaced with a hoof, a pale green, hoof. He stumbled back, only to realize that he also had a pony-like body, and as patted himself 'around, he felt the same pointy-triangle on his head, just like Joycce and this strange pony-ish creature in front of him.

He looked at the creature, then at the ground. And then he did what he always did best.
He speaked so fast and at a so low-pitched-voice that even spike looked over from his book sorting and gave him a confused glance.
"Uh...well hello to you to..." She bit her lip. And then changed the subject, breaking him from his trance. "What's your name, sir?"
"O-oh yeah!" Deku flashed a embarrassing look before blasting a tiny spark of magic in the direction of books, in which Twilight blocked it.
"i'm so sorry about that! Um, do you know where my friends are?"
She pointed a hoof to a pile of ponies, and a dragon. Seems like he wasn't the only one to change. It also seemed that two were earth-ponies, while the other was a pegasus. But of course, the pegasus was bakugou.

Twilight stared at the group and then pointed a hoof at them with slight displeasure.
"Who even knew that on my OFF day I'd get two ponies, a dragon, a pegasi, and a unicorn teleported in my LIBRARY." She scoffed as she crossed her arms. But Deku put his 'hoof' on her shoulders, and tried to calm her.
"But..No matter what.." He stated. "You'll get through this, we'll get through this!" Saying this made her give a small smile. She put her hoof on his and then grinned with determination.
They had so much to prepare for.
They just arrived. But after knowing that people could bypass Joycce, and probably even overpower her, was just disturbing.
Deku tried to retreat from this feeling, but it held tight deep inside his gut.
He stared at his head.
Feeling it, he realized he had dry blood on it from earlier, the blood that happened when they teleported. By the villain.
What if it was the villain who had infiltrated her domain.
This made him worry, and thus, he began thinking of solutions.
He started muttering.