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Sweet celestia.
I fcked up.

I left him there.

I'm screwed I really am.
I promised her I'd care for him. Now he's gone. They'll kill him in a day.
I have to go back.
I need to.
I have no choice.

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Wow 2 weeks after release and its canceled. That sucks.

...But i like this story!

Yeah sorry. I just had it moderated but before I didn't really see any continuation to it. :applecry: I sincerely apologize. But I will Have a new story soon [it won't be cancelled because I have big plans for it]

Could you at least tell us all how it would've ended?

It's kind of dark, though.

I'm still up.

what the?!
I'm not dead?!
What is this faint screaming in my ear?!
Lil' Cheese?!

As I turned my tired head, I could see him, just screaming his lungs off, his eyes were bloodshot red as if he was crying for a long time.

was I knocked out?!
or did I black out?

But now I can't feel pain. Blood is still dripping where I was sliced, but I felt nothing. I noticed that I could barely hear anything, other than faint screams of panic from the frightened little filly before me.

We were gonna die, because right after I noticed that I could see the walls that were a giant room now become a medium-sized square around us.
I reached for his hand, weakly with my splattered hooves. Hesitatingly, he took it, and i brought hi close as I waited for our time.
The wall closed in.

that sound, it sounded...so close....like it wasn't a tiny mouse.
There goes another, so close too.

I opened my eyes to see friends, all with yellow outlined circled discs above their heads.
I began to sputter, then I heard words from one I'll never forget.

"AUNTIE TWI! YOU'RE UP!!! Mama's here! She's here!

They're in Heaven aren't they?

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