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I'm a man who loves stories, and I love getting into them. They inspire me to be a writer.

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After the whole situation with Cozy Glow, and the restoration of Caribouria still continues, everyone deserves to take a break. And with Nightmare Night on the way, the citizens of Equestria are looking forward to some fun, however, Thorin Oakenshield, the ruler of Caribouria, wishes to invite them to one of their famous holidays that are similar to Humanity's.

But as they arrive, a new force arrives to take it over, which is none other than a certain Draconequus' cousin?!!
How will they succeed? Let us look into this and find out.

Author's note: Not any actual sex in it, but there is mention of it and a bit of kinky action.
Special shoutout to Yabuki for allowing me to use his human OC's.

** Set during events between season 8 and 9.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Ducks Rock!

The Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends are in for an adventure like no other.
From another world, a new friend by the name of Roland, came to seek help. For in his world, he is their brother, and their Shredder survived the attack. And in his lust for conquest, the Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends from their world had perished or fell in battle.
Now it's a race against time to find the artifacts that can be accessed to the single source of all Reality, and Shredder is after it.
Not only do they need the help of their friends and allies, but other Turtles from different worlds. This...is the fight...across the Shell-Verse.

***Shine Boy and Team Shine characters belong to WarriorofFaith18, used with permission
*** Based on Fiction by Wildcard25
***Disclaimer: I do not own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), or any of the other characters.
***Special shoutout to Wildcard25, Darth Wrex, Mister V, WarriorofFaith18, Jebens1 and AmethystMajesty25 for giving me the opportunity to write this Fanfic.
***The events of this story take place following the events of Sunset Shimmer's backstage pass and the events of WarriorofFaith18's Mighty Ducks story, Ducks Rock, as well as Turtles Forever.

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On the day of Hearts and Hooves Day, the husbands prepare to organize a romantic night for their wives and then planning to spend time together for the weekend. However, a certain Draconequus came along and wanted to make this as "Memorial" as possible. How will the husbands handle it, and how will their wives react to this. Only one way to find out.

*All original human characters and kids belong to Yabuki
*Special shoutout for DragonKnight92 for the inspiration.

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*All characters from My Little Pony belong to Hasbro
*All human characters belong to Israel Yabuki

On their special outing, the citizens of Equestria received a new visitor, a Caribou from a far distant land.

He warns them of an ancient evil that will be Unleashed in Equestria, but because of the laws, no pony, not even the Mane 6 can enter. Except... For the husband 6 and Emily.

Having no other choice, the husbands and Emily embark on a dangerous journey to save their home. But along the way, siblings reunite, a true king will rise, and the husbands and Emily will become something greater than they could ever imagine.

Special shoutout to my friend/editor/partner Dragonknight92 and Chrome for helping me write the story

Set during season seven, between after episodes 24-26

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*Based on My Little Pony Best Gift Ever. But with some changes
*All MLP characters belong to Hasbro
*All humans and children belong to Israel Yabuki

We all know the story of Best Gift Ever, but what would happen, if their husbands and children, would be part of their adventure. For as the Holiday cheer would come, the Mane 6 and their husbands would panic what to buy for Hearth’s Warming. But when they had to buy certain gifts for their certain Hearth’s Warming Helper, each of them had to go through certain shenanigans in order to get them, but with the help of their husbands and children, they would make sure that this would be the best Hearth’s Warming Eve ever.

set during the events of Best Gift Ever

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A month after the Memory stone incident, everyone forgave Wallflower Blush. All but one. Sunset and the others discovered that Wallflower Blush has a brother, and that he’s angry at her for some reason, a reason that she didn’t want to share. When they got to the bottom of things, they discovered a few things that they didn’t expect, especially when the brother owed Sunset big time, and that he had been helping her from behind the scenes without her even realizing it. Will the siblings fix their mess, or will there be an intervention to help them solve this issue.

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As many of you remember that specific episode, a lot of us, the fans, had mixed feelings of how the Mane 6 were criticized because they don't get friendship like most do. So what would happen if their husbands (characters created by Israel Yabuki, to whom I dedicate this story and every single fan who understands them better) would stand up for them, and are backed by those the Mane 6 had helped in the past. Set during Yabuki's story; a Moonlight on the beach, chapter 4; visit beyond the dreams, as well as after Pinkie got married to Frosty.

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Do you remember the Jedi texts that Rey found in Episode 8? Many wonder and create where Luke had found the sacred texts, as well as what he did after he found the compass. Here is my version of it, hope you will enjoy it, as the ponies and their counterparts will learn the ways of the Force, as Luke will learn the meaning of Friendship

Special shoutout to CortezDude for the cover page.

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