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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Bugged Out

The Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends are in for an adventure like no other.
From another world, a new friend by the name of Roland, came to seek help. For in his world, he is their brother, and their Shredder survived the attack. And in his lust for conquest, the Turtles, Rainbooms and all of their friends from their world had perished or fell in battle.
Now it's a race against time to find the artifacts that can be accessed to the single source of all Reality, and Shredder is after it.
Not only do they need the help of their friends and allies, but other Turtles from different worlds. This...is the fight...across the Shell-Verse.

***Shine Boy and Team Shine characters belong to WarriorofFaith18, used with permission
*** Based on Fiction by Wildcard25
***Disclaimer: I do not own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), or any of the other characters.
***Special shoutout to Wildcard25, Darth Wrex, Mister V, WarriorofFaith18, Jebens1 and AmethystMajesty25 for giving me the opportunity to write this Fanfic.

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It is a very intense opening

It took a lot of effort.
But just in case you wish to know the easter egg reference, i added a hint of X-Men: Days of future past in it.

Nice multiverse prologue.

All incarnations of the Heroes in a Half-Shell are about to come together, and it is going to be awesome!

Good story so far but I think I not going to continue reading this, cause I'm not a huge fan of the other ENG crossovers.

This story is going to sound a little complicated. But, I'm grateful that Venus the female ninja turtle is in the story!

Oh no, the multiverse is in danger, it seems the only way to save what's left is to bring back our heroes from the past, or so I understood, but you have my attention.
This Shredder is Ch'rell, right?
In the NYC maunsoil part, in the Karai part the correct thing would be: Miwa 'Karai' Hamato, because Miwa is her real name.

To answer your question.
From the first part, not time traveling, different earths. But it's like one huge Easter Egg. If you paid attention, Coordinates 0508, Earth 2022, is when I first began on the 8th of May 2022. And Coordinates 0806, Earth 2015, is when Wildcard25 first began writing the series.

From the 2nd, Eenope, not Ch'rell. Remember the Shredder from the 2012 series, of how he died in his mutated form? In this one he somehow survived and the Retro Mutagen did work and reduced his body back to it's normal state without the scars and mutations and will soon find other objects of power, which will be explained in the third chapter I'm working on now.

Hope that clears things up,

Mmmm ya, I'm surprised you picked the 2012 Shredder, since Ch'rell was the one interested in destroying the other dimensions, but I suppose the real Oroku Saki works too. I'd like to know how our heroes fell, and who else survived.

I can think of an intro for this story:
"The future, a dark and desolate world, two worlds at war, suffering losses on both sides, mutants, ponies, and the humans and various creatures who dared to help them, facing an enemy they cannot defeat.
Are the other universes destined to go down this path, destined for destruction like this universe?
Or can they do something to change that fate, to restore this universe, to save what is left of it?
Is the future really set?"

No need to worry, it'll be explained in the third chapter, called Alternate origins, named after one of Wildcard's chapters. Where they'll explain how he survived and how he became powerful and what happened to the others.

maybe by the time you get to that part you can get some inspiration from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWwaN63Eh8k&t=1s

Wow. I had no idea they made something like that.
It's pretty impressive.

Yes, I was also shocked the first time I saw it, that was a long time ago, but well, there you have a little inspiration for those chapters, I'm not saying that you do it with the same characters, or with all of them, try to vary a little.
PS: I hope to see the next chapter soon.

That was nicely written out with the fight sequences from both sides

When it comes to stories, I'd like to give a full description. You know, in case there are some readers who don't have good imagination.

Okay that was wild, and intense there. Awesome job, and I’m surprise you put Venus in, I bet the turtles and the rainbooms will ask about her backstory and I bet the girls and the rainbooms will get along with Venus well and wow you did an awesome job on this chapter. Keep up the great work and I wonder if any other reunions will appear and boy did you made an awkward moment with the rainbooms and their weapons, nice one

A good chapter, it's getting interesting, let's see what's in store for the reunion.

He looked down and said “But ever since we were at Batman’s world, it made me open my eyes. The foes there were more dangerous than the ones we fight and they didn’t operate by the rules from our universe. Little did we know we bit off more than we can chew, even visiting worlds from out counterparts were almost too much for us.”

Well yes but you have to admit that Batman and company were way over in the story, in the case of the 2003 turtles, yes they were a bit over, but you have to thank Wildcard for not putting the 2003 turtles as over as in other crossovers of 2003 turtles with the 2012 turtles.

“Twilight’s mom was using her Kamayari Sickle Spear and pretends to be a ninja at her backyard, Zephyr Breeze was fooling around with Fluttershy’s Fukedake Blowgun and kept hitting Angel Bunny with the tranquilizer darts, Limestone was busy smashing stuff using Pinkie’s Bakuhatsugama sickle with weight chain, Granny Smith uses one of Applejack’s Shuko hand claws as a back scratcher whilst Big Mac used the other one to plough the field, Rainbow Dash’s mom uses her Naginata Spear as a twirling baton and showing off, Sweetie Belle uses Rarity’s Kama Sickles as a cake slicer and Sunset…hides her Kunai daggers in her underwear drawer.”

No well yes, the Rainbooms have their weapons well guarded.


Well yes but you have to admit that Batman and company were way over in the story, in the case of the 2003 turtles, yes they were a bit over, but you have to thank Wildcard for not putting the 2003 turtles as over as in other crossovers of 2003 turtles with the 2012 turtles.

What do you mean?

No well yes, the Rainbooms have their weapons well guarded.

Yeah, they seriously need to find a better hiding place for their weapons.

I mean they were somewhat overrated, or at least I felt that way in the crossover with Batman, and as for the 2003 turtles, regularly these are very over when you are in crossovers with the 2012 turtles, making the latter look inferior, because of things like that people then think the 2003 turtles are overrated.
I was very surprised to hear about Sci-Twi's mom using her weapon, will Leo meet his other in-laws in the future, considering he hasn't met them in Equestria yet.

I see your point.

As for Twilight Velvet, I'm not sure actually, I don't think they did anything like that before.

But back to the main topic, I think the whole clan needs to listen to the Splinter's words to prepare for what is to come.

Everyone's all up to date with one another and are ready to make some noise

And to quote Mikey, BOOYAKASHA!!!

Oh man, that was an EPIC CHAPTER! Alternate dimensional universes are amazing! I loved the origins of Roland and Venus dude!

And within a split second, Raph slapped Mikey behind his head. When all of a sudden, out of instinct, Roland stood up, grabbed Raph’s tongue, pulled it out and bonked his head hard, making the hotheaded turtle bite his own tongue.

You deserved it Raphael

Very good. You forgot to add the extra dialogue I told you but good chapter nonetheless

Extra dialogue?
Clarify, if you please.


(After Jason asked what does Shredder want)

“I’m gonna take a guess here.” Gamer walked up pulling out a marker and board. “Knowing power hungry dictators, Shredder wouldn’t be satisfied with worlds and dimensions. He then would want to rule the next thing- multiverses and alternate realities.”

(And for when they say about Tommy getting murdered, Night Shine spits his cup of coffee and says, “you look great for a dead guy.”)

Yes please.
If you would be so kind.

Oh right, dang it, I knew I forgot something.

Comment posted by Postwarmonkey50 deleted Jul 31st, 2022

Alright, now, I remembered to add them. Thanks again for reminding me.

It seems that the battle for the multiverse begins now, the preparations for the war are being fine-tuned, in the part of the final reunion I couldn't help but remember the scene of the last chapter of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes where Cap recruits everyone under the motto: 'We know you are all Heroes, but today, we are all Avengers".
Among other things like this Roland putting himself way over the top, and Batman pretending he already knows everything and nothing surprises him because he's Batman, it was a pretty good chapter and I look forward to seeing what's next.

“When I first met the Rainbooms and Turtles, I was at first suspicious.” Said Batman “But if they can trust you, then so can I.”

You say that now Bats, but deep down you will be creating your contingency plan, just ask Superman.

“Fascinating.” Said Donnie “Different worlds, different possibilities.”

I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universes. Some are just like ours, except for one or two important events.

The Leaguers were surprised, which Fugitoid looked down in guilt. Barry came over, held his shoulder and said “You don’t have to feel that way. We all know what it’s like to make mistakes. The only thing we can do is move on and try to help make the world a better place.”

Was it a reference to Flashpoint?

“I came here to warn all of you of what his plan was.” Said Roland “Shredder has gone great lengths to reach that world and ensured that what he is planning will become a reality. That’s why I came here and asked for your help. But if you don’t want to be part of it that’s fine. Just know that all of you will be part of something bigger. Shredder’s already gone to each of your dimensions and recruited all of your enemies to their cause. And he will stop at nothing until the Multiverse is wiped out. But like I said, it’s your choice.”

When you say that you're talking about every villain the guys have faced in the multiverse?
Among them are the other Shredders?

“We have some…experience.” Said Superman cautiously, remembering the time when he and the Justice League fought the Justice Lords.

If it weren't for the fact that this Justice League is the Justice League Unlimited version, I'd say Clark forgot to mention the Injustice universe.

The heroes of the multiverse have been assembled, old friends and Allie’s reunited and the backstory of how an alternate shredder wins and wiping out the multiverse and introductions of the characters and plans a way to stop shredder and drain his powers to save the multiverse, things just got a whole lot interesting. And I am looking forward to the next chapter, awesome job, keep up the great work. And I wonder if Roland, Venus and Obaki stays with the rainbooms and 2012 turtles since theirs and their home is gone, and it would be great for them to start a new life there and not to mention how the pony’s mane 6 met their counterparts, figures they react to that but still, great job

Thanks, appreciate the support

Your welcome. Though out of Curiosity, will Venus, Roland and Obaki move in with the rainbooms and the 2012 Tmnt since they lost their home, friends and family, once they defeated their shredder, because I thought once he is dealt with, those three have no home to return to, so you think they can move in to the current dimension the rainbooms and turtles are in, because it would be interesting of them to move in and new additions to the friends and family of that world

Two of them will, one of them won't make it. Which one you ask, just wait and see.

Okay than. I do love surprises, can’t wait for the next chapter to find out and read more about it

To answer your question, yes, some of the Shredders will be involved.

Will the heroes meet up with all the other turtles from different dimensions?

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