Equestria Ninja Girls: Across the Shell-Verse

by Postwarmonkey50


New York

Coordinates 0508, Earth 2022

From above, the skies were dark and dark clouds had covered the skies. From below the skies, was a ruined city. Not just any ruined city, the ruined City of New York.

Coming into view, was a large carrier ship, flying towards the ruined city of New York. The ship had been guarded by many robots walking to and fro on the top of the ship. A ship…that had the mark of the Foot Clan on it.

From within the ship, new and improved Foot Bots walked to and fro from their respective hallways, marching in large platoons. And from within the bridge, watching from the observation deck, was a man decked in armour with blades, but appeared to be more high-tech with his eyes glowing with red energy.

Slowly approaching was a tiger like man known as Tiger Claw, bearing dark armour and a much more sophisticated high tech arm. Bowed to the Shredder.

“Tiger Claw,” said Shredder, knowing his second in command had approached him “What have you to report?”

“Lord Shredder,” said Tiger Claw whilst his head was lowered “The last of the Resistance in New York has fallen. We currently have them on the run.”

“And the information and equipment that they have stolen?” said Shredder.

“They are still in possession of them, but they will not have them for long.” Said Tiger Claw.

“Excellent.” Said Shredder “Report back to me once you have tracked them down.”

“Yes, Lord Shredder.” Said Tiger Claw before he stood up and walked way.

“Soon.” Said Shredder whilst looking outside “Very soon. The Resistance will fall. And None will stand in my way.”


From below the streets, near Antonio’s pizza, a large group of people were running past and through the ruins of the street, trying to get to where they needed to in a hurry, whilst also trying to avoid any security probes at the same time.

As they hid, one appeared out of the shadows and kept watch at the skies. He was an eighteen year old American boy, who folks would say he looked like a Duke. He panted from exhaustion and was sweating from the running.

“This is crazy.” Said the boy, “We’ll never be able to make it to the rendezvous point to evacuate from the city like this.”

“We don’t have a choice, Roland.” Said a female voice. Which is revealed to be a turtle. But not just any turtle, a female turtle. “Every minute we delay, the more all of existence will be in danger.”

“I know Venus, and we’re heavily outnumbered as it is.” Said Roland.

“We should get moving.” Said a GI Joe named Tunnel Rat whilst holding what appeared to be a metallic briefcase with important data and content inside “We’re almost at the rendezvous point. And I don’t think Heavy Duty will be patient enough to wait for us.”

“Agreed.” Said Roland as he looked up, then sideways, and said “Coast is clear.”

Roland, Venus, Tunnel Rat and a few Resistance Fighters continued to down from one spot to another, until they finally spotted the sewer lid. Venus and Roland quickly opened it whilst signaling Tunnel rat and a few others to quickly go down in the tunnel, which they did.

They followed the sewer trail until they followed the abandoned subway.

“Surprised that they haven’t collapsed this part of the city yet.” Said Tunnel Rat.

“They were close,” said Roland “But thankfully they thought there were no survivors, and Azmuth was able to invent a device to shield us for a few hours.”

“I still can’t believe Shredder found a way off-world.” Said one of the Resistance soldiers.

“The Plumbers were a threat to him too.” Said Venus “It was only a matter of time before they were wiped out too.”

“Up ahead.” Said Roland as he pointed at the end.

Once they got there, they were in what appeared to be the Turtles’ old lair. Nostalgia began to wash over Roland for seeing this. But he had no time, not when time is too short. They quickly looked around for one of their comrades.

“Yo Heavy, you here?” said Tunnel Rat a bit loudly, trying to get his friend’s attention.

From out of one of the doors, Heavy Duty appeared, along with a few GI Joes from the E Division, namely Ballistic, Harpoon, Mayday, Black Dragon, Sgt. Savage, Quick Stryke, Metalhead, Freight and Lieutenant Stone.

“Bout time you showed up.” Said Heavy Duty.

“We could’ve been here sooner,” said Venus as Tunnel Rat signaled the Resistance to keep watch on the subway levels. “But Shredder recently doubled its forces when they discovered what we stole.”

“And it’ll be worth it.” Said Lieutenant Stone “If there’s any chance at all to save the Multiverse, then we’ll need to take that chance.”

“And…” said Roland, gaining their attention as he had a saddened look on his face. He looked at them with a tear in his eye and said “Are they…?”

Mayday knew what he was talking about and also had a saddened look on her face. She walked over to him and said “Yes, they’ve been taken back to Headquarters. They’ll get a proper burial.”

She handed Roland a picture. As he took it, it was a picture of him, along with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. She held the photo and wiped his tear.

“Sorry for the loss dude.” Said Metalhead “We know how much they mean to you.”

“They were able to find what we’re looking for and they knew the risks.” Said Lieutenant Stone “So make sure they didn’t pass on for nothing.”

At the same time, Harpoon looked at the metallic briefcase and said “It’s all secured.”

“Then let’s head back to base.” Said Lieutenant Stone.

When all of a sudden, the Resistance soldier comes running in and shouts “We got incoming!! The Foot found us!!”

They looked at the entrance shocked, with Lieutenant Stone holding Roland’s shoulder, gaining his attention.

“Listen Roland,” said Lieutenant Stone “You’d better get out of here, pronto, we’ll hold them off.”

“Absolutely not!!” said Roland “We’ve already lost too much!! We can’t lose more!!”

“We know the risks, remember?!!” said Stone “Now get going!!”

Roland wanted to protest, but knew that they were right. Having not choice, he nodded in agreement.

“Tunnel Rat, Heavy, go with them!!” said Stone “Make sure they get to safety!!”

“Yes sir!!” said Heavy Duty “Let’s go kids!!”

Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat, Roland and Venus quickly ran to where their transports would be, whilst at the same time, Lieutenant Stone and his team stood prepared, whilst the Resistance soldiers stood guard at the door where Roland and the others have escaped through.

“Alright crew,” said Lieutenant Stone “Time to show them why E Company is the most feared. One last time.”

And within an instant, the Foot Bots, highly combative robots, appeared and attacked head on, with the GI Joes from E Division fighting with all they have. The GI Joes of E Company gave their all in fighting them.

Ballistic kept firing his dual pistols to take them down whilst using melee combat. Harpoon uses his hydro surge water cannon to shoot them down. Mayday used her special pistol to shoot a few down whilst using her hand to hand combat skills to bring them down. Black Dragon used his nunchucks to bring the robots down before pulling out his sword to cut them down. Sgt. Savage used his grenades to blow them up and uses his heavy machine gun. Quick Stryke uses his graplin hook as a weapon to melee them away whilst using his gun to shut them down. Metalhead uses his sonic guitar to smash them away, as well as his guitar’s sonic blast to blast them away. Fright uses his mace to smash them to pieces whilst using his knife to jab them, whilst Lieutenant Stone shot one Foot Bot after another, even using his combat skills to help them out.

Some of the Foot Bots that got passed them had made their way to where Roland and his team escaped, but the Resistance Fighters made sure they didn’t get past them.

‘Keep going Roland.’ Thought Lieutenant Stone ‘We’re all counting on you.’


At the same time, Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat, Roland and Venus had made it towards the garage, where their transport, the Shell Raiser 2.0 is waiting. At the same time, another teenager at Roland’s age was busy taking a final look. He had wrist claws like the Shredder, but he’s on their side.

“Obaki,’ said Roland ‘How’s it going?”

The boy named Obaki, who had an American face, walked over to them and said “Transport’s ready. We just need to get out of here, and fast.”

“Why, what are…?” said Roland before he was cut off.

“This place is going to blow.” Said Obaki.

“What?!’ said Venus ‘Why?!”

“Before you got here, Stone set up a bomb to make sure that in case the Foot found us, they’d buy us enough time to escape.”

‘Stone, what have you done?’ Thought Roland.

“There’s no time to sit around, we gotta move, now.” Said Heavy.

They quickly got into the Shellraiser, with both Roland and Venus operating the controls. They immediately launched at full throttle and drove with great speed down the tunnels, leading straight towards the other side of the city.

At the same time, the GI Joes from E Company continued to fight but would soon be overwhelmed. Stone looked at his watch and saw that there was now five seconds left.

“Joes!!” shouted Stone “It’s been an honor fighting alongside all of you!!”

The moment it hit zero, the entire place exploded and everything began to fall apart.

Farther down the tunnel, the four passengers felt the tremors of the explosion.

“Looks like it went off!!” shouted Tunnel Rat.

Obaki saw the fires coming from the tunnel and shouted “We gotta hit double time!!”

“On it!!” shouted Venus as she immediately activated the Shellraiser’s boosters, causing it to drive at massive speed. Soon it popped out of a building and drove down the street.

They continued to drive and saw half of New York sinking, considering that the lair covered half of the city’s sewers.

“Exit up ahead!!” said Heavy Duty.

They continued to follow the road and drove straight out of the city. Roland watched on the cameras as they left the city. He lowered his head, thinking of more comrades that they had lost in the cause.

‘It won’t be in vain old friend.’ Thought Roland to himself.

Soon enough, they drove the Shellraiser 2.0 out of the city and to safety.


After many hours of driving, with Roland deciding to sleep a bit whilst Venus took over the driving, they were close to their hideout, which was none other than the O’Neil farmhouse.

However, what was different was a large wall that was around it, which somehow kept it hidden from prying eyes.

“Roland, wake up.” Said Venus whilst she bumped her brother, waking him up as she said “We’re at the checkpoint.”

They stopped their vehicle, and saw two Plumber soldiers and two GI-Joes walking up to them. Roland opened the window and looked out.

“Identify.” Said the one Plumber that looked like a Robot.

“Roland Yoshi. 721493627” replied Roland.

“Alright, let them through.” Said one of the GI-Joe soldiers.

“Tell them we’re here.” Said Roland.

“Yes sir.” Said the GI-Joe soldier. As they drove, the soldier contacted someone and said “Sir, they’re here.”

They continued to drive through the dirt road and the large plot of farmland. They stopped near a few vehicles before climbing back out. They continued to walk down the road and eventually caught sight of the farmhouse.

But as they walked, Roland could see many faces all around them.

Roland looked to his right and saw both Leomon and Ogremon having a discussion, with Tai and Davis looking over their Digi-Vices to make sure that they were working. Further down, working on their vehicles and weapons, were Dominic Toretto, Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, as if they were preparing for the inevitable. Further down, he saw Garnett standing against a tree whilst crossing her arms, whilst Bismuth was busy forging swords for the remaining Arashikage warriors and monks.

On his left, he saw the GI Joes. Roadblock, Flint and about eight GI Joe soldiers were looking over their weapons whilst Jinx, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow meditated to prepare for battle. He also saw two new Ranger Teams that he heard about but never personally met them, aka, the Beast Morphers and Dino Fury Rangers. He even saw Ben 10 talking to a large platoon of Plumber soldiers that were left. But before he could go any further, he saw Night Shine, standing near what appeared to be graves.

“Tunnel, Heavy,” said Roland, gaining their attention “You two join your fellow Joes. We’ll be at the farmhouse shortly.”

“You got it.” Said Tunnel Rat before they left.

Roland felt Venus holding his right shoulder and asked “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Said Roland.

Both he and Venus walked over to where Night Shine was standing. But as they were getting closer, they walked passed a sign that said “Remember the fallen.”

When they got there, there were many graves that were dug in. Each of them…with names that they were all familiar with. They were…


Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, April O’Neil, Casey Jones, Karai “Miwa” Hamoto, Shinigami, Keno, Slash, Leatherhead, Dr. Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, Mondo Gecko, Mona Lisa, Bandit Raccoon, Ray Fillet, Hokum Hare.


Princess Twilight, Pony Applejack, Pony Rainbow Dash, Pony Rarity, Pony Fluttershy, Pony Pinkie Pie, Spike the Dragon, Sandbar, Smolder, Yona, Silverstream, Gallus, Ocellus, Starlight Glimmer, Blade, Tempest Shadow, Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dog, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, Juniper Montage, Wallflower Blush, Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sunny Flare, Sapphire Night, Zach, Caitlyn, Carter, Angel, Buffy, Gabby, Bright Eyes. And now Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

Roland gripped his fists in anger as a tear had fallen from his eye from seeing this. Venus held onto his hand for support. But then Roland looked to his right and saw Night Shine, standing in front of the grave of his fallen family; Shine Boy, Gamer, Shine Girl and Love Shine. He walked over to him to see him still having his head lowered.

“You still holding up?” said Roland.

“What do you think?” replied Night Shine in a cold tone.

“Right.” Said Roland. “You know we could’ve used your help out there.”

“Like my brother helped you?” said Night.

“Look, I don’t know how long you’re going to be mad at me and I don’t care.” Said Roland “We didn’t think Shredder would come back and be this powerful. We were outmatched because we didn’t know he gained five different power sources to make himself stronger.”

He took another step forward and said “And what would you care about Shine Boy? You never liked him because you thought he was soft. Yet I don’t know how the heck he could still love you after everything you put him through. Guess you never did care about him after all.”

Night Shine instantly pointed his blade against Roland, but the young ninja didn’t flinch. He just stood there. Night Shine had an angered look in his eye, but he instead shed a tear.

“Don’t you dare go there.” Said Night Shine.

Suddenly, Night Shine felt a different blade under his chin, and this time it was from Obaki, bearing his wrist blades. Both Roland and Night Shine looked at him. With Obaki responding with “You’re not the only one who lost family.”

Night Shine merely grunted and walked away. Obaki looked at the others and said “Come on, they’re waiting for us.”

The three of them headed to the house, where both Ninjor and Tommy Oliver, both discussing certain events. They saw Roland, Venus and Obaki approaching them.

“You made it. Good.” Said Ninjor.

“They’re waiting for you inside.” Said Tommy.

“Flash and Beetle back from patrol yet?” asked Venus.

“They should be here shortly.” Said Ninjor.

“In the meantime, head inside.” Said Tommy.

The two of them entered the house and moved towards the basement. When they walked down, they saw that there were tons of computers and monitors all over the place, along with a small cube that provided as a power source. And from below, it was none other than the Caped Crusader, Batman, the half human half machine Cyborg, and the brainy Galvin of Galvin Prime, Azmuth, all working on the technology together.

Cyborg looked at the stairs and saw three familiar faces coming down. “Glad you two could make it.”

“We were trying to pay our respects.” Said Venus “But Night Shine was his usual dark moody self.”

“Still moping?” said Cyborg.

“Afraid so.” Said Obaki.

“I know the losses have been hard.” Said Batman “But I would’ve thought that he’d have rallied by now.”

“You know as well as anyone that trauma tends to linger, Bruce.” Said Azmuth whilst tinkering.

“I know all of us raided many of the Foot’s warehouses and research stations,” said Venus “But what did we have need for the parts for?”

“As you all know, Shredder destroyed everyone who could’ve stood up to him,” said Batman “But we all know he won’t stop from there. He’ll continue to find a way to destroy everything in his path and if we don’t stop him, he’ll destroy all life throughout the Multiverse.”

“Only the worlds inhabited by the Turtles.” Said Obaki “Last time the Utrom Shredder was back, he nearly succeeded in wiping out the worlds that the Turtles had inhabited by trying to destroy the Prime Turtles.”

“Not anymore.” Said Azmuth “From the Intel you gathered, the Shredder realized that there were many others other than the Turtles who were a threat to him. Namely Ben, the Justice League, the GI Joes and so on, because all of them have fought alongside them.”

“But there’s no one left to stop them.” Said Roland.

“Which is why the only hope we have is to go to different worlds and warn them of certain events that would happen.” Said Batman “We found a world where your comrades had beaten the Shredder and he died there long ago.”

“Which ones?” asked Venus.

“Coordinates 0806.” said Cyborg as he looked over the Coordinates “On Earth 2015”

“We did a thorough search.” Replied Azmuth “They made sure Shredder’s body was destroyed, until his former followers tried to resurrect him from the dead, which didn’t work and they made sure he stayed dead.”

“So if anything,” said Cyborg “Once we get there, we’ll be able to ask them for their help, cause from what we found on the drives, it’s worse than we feared. What he’s really planning.”

Batman finished putting the last piece together in the portal, then looked at the others and said “The portal’s ready.”

Azmuth plugged in the last power source and said “And so is its power source.”

Cyborg held the lever, saying “Activating…now.”

The moment he pulled the lever, the portal’s machinery slowly started to hum, with Azmuth saying “It’ll take fifteen minutes for the portal to open. After that, you’ll only have minutes to go through it before it collapses.”

However, at the same time outside, Garnett suddenly raised her head and looked at the horizon.

“They’re coming.” Said Garnett.

Flint, who was walking by, overheard them and was shocked. He quickly ran to the house and climbed onto it. When he got to the roof, he pulled out his sniper and looked through the scope. And far ahead, he saw a handful of Foot Carriers, along with tons of Foot Gunships coming their way.

He lowered his sniper and was shocked to see what was coming.

“All hands front and center!!” shouted Flint, causing everyone to look at him in shock “We got incoming Foot Carriers and Gunships inbound!! Ten miles!!!”

From within the house, the ones near the portal heard Flint, and at the same time, Flash quickly appeared and said “We got a problem. Our position’s compromised. The Foot’s found us.’

“The portal isn’t ready.” Said Azmuth.

“We’ll try to stall them.’ Said Roland as he pointed at them “No matter what, get that portal ready!!”

Roland, Venus and Obaki quickly ran up the stairs and made their way towards the door. When they got out, they saw many of the people going all over the place to get ready for battle.

‘Fire the cannons!!’ shouted one of the Plumbers as they fired the cannons onto the incoming Gunships trying to make their way, but more continue to come.

The moment when the gunships were close enough, they had already deployed platoons of Foot Bots onto the ground and have already started to attack.

“Activate Beast Powers!!” shouted the Beast Morpher Rangers, allowing them to transform.

“Dino Fury Key!! Activate!! Link to Morphing Grid!!” shouted the Dino Fury Rangers, allowing them to transform as well.

Both Ranger Teams began to engage the Foot Bots as they acted as the first wave of defense.

‘Come on!!’ shouted Roland as he, Venus and Obaki attacked. Roland jumped up and knocked a few Foot Bots away, with Obaki using his wrist blades to cut the robots to pieces, with Venus using her Tessen Blades to block and slice the Foot Bots. Night Shine jumped from spot to spot, using his weapon to strike down the bots.

Ogremon and Leomon attacked using their weapons and abilities to knock them away. Veemon digivolved into X-Veemon and flew around to bash against the Foot Bots, with Agumon digivolved into War Greymon and used his Mega level abilities to blew them away.

Dom Toretto used his weapons to bash them away, with both Deckard and Hobbs using their martial arts and military skills to overcome most of them. Garnett and Bismuth attacked and fought them head on. At the same time, attacking them head on, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Jinx and the Arashikage ninjas attacked and used their martial arts skills to overcome their adversaries.

Whilst at the same time, the Plumbers, the GI Joes stood in line formation and aimed their weapons at the Foot Bots.

“Plumbers!! Hold your position!!” shouted Ben.

“GI Joes!! Give it everything you’ve got!!” shouted Roadblock.

“Fire!!” shouted both leaders, allowing them to shoot at the incoming Foot Bots trying to make their way towards the house, whilst Ben transformed into Diamond Head and helped fight alongside his allies.

They fought at their hardest, especially since the Foot had sent a couple of Chrome Domes down to fight. War Greymon and X-Veemon continued to fight the bigger robots, with Blue Beetle coming at the defense and blasted most of them away.

That was, until one of the caught Blue Beetle off guard and slashed him, making him collapse hard onto the ground. War Greymon and X-Veemon were able to avenge him by destroying the Chrome Domes. But it was short-lived when many Foot Bots pounced on the two Digimon as they crashed. Davis and Tai quickly went over to help them. But the moment when they got there, the Foot Bots blew up, destroying the four of them in the process.

Roland saw this, and was shocked to see that even though they put up a spirited defense, they were losing. He quickly ran back to the house and shouted through the small window “How much longer?!!”

“Ten more minutes!!” shouted Cyborg.

“We don’t have ten more minutes, we need to hurry!!” shouted Roland before he went back to fight against the next few Foot Bots with a Flying Starfish Maneuver.

More and more Foot Bots appeared, but they wouldn’t give up. Ogremon used his club to smack many of the Foot Bots away, until a large one appeared from out of nowhere and crushed Ogremon, which shocked Leomon, as well as angering him.

“Fist, of the Beast King!!” shouted Leomon as he used his power to destroy

Dominic continued to use his spanners to knock them away, with both Flint, Heavy and Tunnel Rat providing cover from above. But from out of nowhere, one of the Elite Foot Bots got the jump on him and struck him down, whilst at the same time, one of the gunships that got shot ended up hurtling towards the building, crashing into Tunnel Rat, Heavy and Flint at the same time before it blew up.

Many of the Arashikage fought with all their might, but all of them were easily overrun and struck down, but Storm Shadow, Jinx and Snake Eyes refused to give up, driving themselves harder to fight. But no matter how hard they tried, the Foot Bots just kept coming. As they fought, one by one, the Beast Morpher Rangers fell in battle as they were caught off guard and didn’t react in time to defend themselves. Flash kept running around, trying his best to break the robots down into scrap, but no matter how hard he tried, they just kept coming, even with his speed.

When all of a sudden, he got tripped by one of the Elite Foot Bots that caught him off guard. But just before he got up, he looked up and was shocked to see an Elite Foot Bot, before striking him down.

Obaki continued to fight on all fronts, trying his best to slice them to pieces. Just before a Foot Bot was going to strike him from behind, Venus came just in the nick of time with her Tessen Blades whilst using them as a throwing knife, before pulling out to assist him. Roland soon came along and pulled out his own Samurai sword, given to him by the Arashikage Clan long ago. At first, things have gone well, until the three of them felt a presence that made all three feel the chills up their spines.

The three friends slowly turned to the wall and standing right above it, was none other than the one enemy that they had hoped they would never face.

“Shredder.” Muttered Roland with squinted eyes.

“So this is where the rabble of Rebellion have been hiding.” Said Shredder as he stared down at them, before he jumped of the wall and landed on both his feet. He looked directly at them and said “Rats in the middle of a burning field.”

Many who were fighting had noticed the Foot Bots had moved away, and saw Shredder. Immediately, everyone begun to take position. With Roland motioning to the Dino Fury Rangers to regroup with Tommy, which they did.

Some of the remaining heroes stood to the left and some stood their right.

“Once I am finally disposed of all of you,” said Shredder “Nothing will stop me from gaining my grand prize.”

“We will not let you Shredder!!” shouted Leomon “Fist of the Beast King!!”

Leomon unleased his power, until to their shock, Shredder had sliced it in half with his left wrist.

“I am not amused.”

With a quick dash, he struck Leomon, shocking the lion Digimon with wide eyes as he stammered. Shredder slowly stood up right, with Leomon collapsing onto the ground and turning into dust.

“Not even the mightiest of lions can stand against the blade.” Said Shredder.

“Take him down!!” shouted Hobbs as he, Roadblock and Deckard began to shoot, with Shredder blocking them with his blades.

At the same time, many tried to attack from all around, trying to catch Shredder off guard, whilst Tommy, Ninjor and the Dino Fury Rangers stayed behind and stood their ground.

Roland was the first to attack as he swung his weapon left and right, with Shredder blocking him left and right before swatting him away. Both Venus and Obaki attacked from both sides, but even Shredder was able to overpower them.

Both Hobbs and Roadblock attacked Shredder and used hand to hand combat and wrestling moves to fight him. Roland got back up and saw Shredder had just struck down both Hobbs and Roadblock. Deckard also fought with everything he had, with Jinx, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow joining in as they used their advance swordsmanship skills against their opponent. Roland decided to try again and attack.

Shredder saw Roland coming in and attempted to strike back, only for Shredder to block him with both his arms.

“Once I eliminate all of you, the Resistance will finally fall, and none will attempt to stop me!!” declared Shredder. “For even you must realize…the end is here.”

“Never.” Said Roland “There will always be hope.”

Roland continued to fight via sword, but was kicked away before Shredder turned around and struck down both Deckard Shaw and Jinx with one strike before Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow attempted to engage in combat.

Roland skid on the ground close to the house, he looked through the window and saw the portal was slowly beginning to glow.

“Vic…,” said Roland.

“Five more minutes!! Almost there!!” shouted Cyborg.

Roland looked and saw both Bismuth and Garnett fighting too, until Shredder struck them down, turning them back to their states, causing Shredder to crush them before they could do anything. Having enough Ben turned into Four Arms and attacked, with Night Shine attacking using his machete as well.

Shredder dodged left and right to avoid Ben’s attack, until he suddenly grabbed the Omnitrix on Ben’s chest, ripping it off and making him turn back to normal, with Shredder striking him down. Night Shine attacked from behind, trying to get a few good hits, until Shredder punched Night Shine in the throat, took his machete and struck him hard, making Night Shine grunt in pain before falling over. Thankfully Venus quickly grabbed him and moved towards Roland whilst at the same time, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes attempted to attack one more time. Just when they struck, Shredder blocked them from both sides.

“Both of you are beneath me.” Said Shredder “And like the Hamato Clan.”

Shredder then struck the both of them down, putting an end to the legacy of the Arashikage clan for good.

“You deserve to fall by my hand.” Said Shredder before he moved on.

Back with Roland, Obaki, Venus and Night Shine regrouped with him.

“This is getting ridiculous!!” said Obaki “We can’t beat him, he’s too powerful!!”

“We need to do something!” said Venus “Otherwise the future will be doomed!!”

The soldiers of the GI Joes and Plumbers attacked head on, but Shredder soon overpowered them like they were nothing. Having no choice, the Dino Fury Rangers attacked head on and did their best to use their weapons and abilities to keep him distracted.

“Come on!!” shouted Obaki “We need to see how far the portal has gone!!”

Obaki and Venus ran, until Night Shine stopped Roland, gaining his attention.

“Before you go,” said Night Shine “I know that the other me will be hard to convince, and that my siblings will have a hard time trusting him. But…”

He gave Roland a couple of letter and a holographic orb. Roland knew what they were and made him look at him.

“Let them see this. They’ll listen.” Said Night Shine. “Promise me.”

Roland took a deep breath and accepted them and said “I promise.”

They heard screaming and saw that the Dino Fury gold, green and black rangers fell in battle whilst the others were struggling to be part of the fight.

Roland allowed Night Shine to stand and held his Machete.

“I’m gonna remember this rookie.” Said Night Shine with a smirk, before charging towards Shredder.

Roland quickly made it to the house and went to the basement. As soon as they made it down, they saw the portal was slowly coming together.

“Anytime now!!” said Obaki.

Cyborg looked at his computer and said “Activating…now!!”

Within a split second, the portal opened, revealing its destination.

“This portal will take you straight to Bellwood.” Said Azmuth “It won’t go to New York and Canterlot City!!”

“Then we’ll make do with what we have.” Said Venus.

They heard screaming outside, and saw that Night Shine had crashed against the house, meaning the Shredder was getting close. Both Cyborg and Batman looked at one another. They both nodded and made their way towards upstairs. It was then revealed that the last of the Dino Fury Rangers had fallen. But just before Shredder could look at the house, he was blasted away by Cyborg. Soon he and an armoured Batman stood at the ready, with Ninjor standing by their side as he drew his sword, with Tommy Oliver getting ready.

“Dragon Zord!!” shouted Tommy, turning into the Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger.

Shredder stood at the ready and said “How many times have we fought? In case you have forgotten, I have already slain all of your comrades. How can you best the likes of me?”

“Why don’t we find out?!” shouted Tommy as he and the others attacked head on.

At the same time, Obaki, Venus and Roland were talking with Azmuth once he gave them what they needed.

“Once you get there,” said Azmuth “Use the device to call both me and Maxwell Tennyson. Tell them the situation.”

“By why not go to the ones we should warn?” asked Roland.

“No, it is too soon.” Said Azmuth “When I programmed the portal, it will take you to that world, but it’ll be around that time that girl you knew, Wallflower, used the memory stone to erase the good memories of Sunset’s friends.”

“So that means we’ll have to wait until after they’ve gone through the music festival.” Said Obaki.

“Precisely.” Said Azmuth “Until that time comes, you will need to build up your supplies and arrive when the time is right.”

“But what will stop Shredder from coming after us?” asked Venus in worry.

“Not to worry, I already took precautions.” Said Azmuth “The data you provided has already been erased, and once you go through, the portal will be destroyed. Shredder could take a long time until he finds a way, until then, you will need to rely on your training and gather others to your cause when the time is right.”

They then heard screaming outside. Roland quickly looked out of the window and saw both Cyborg and Ninjor had already fallen, with Batman and Tommy Oliver on the last of their legs, barely being able to hold on.

Roland looked back and said “It’s time to go, now.”

“We’ll go first,” said Obaki “We’ll meet you there.”

Both Obaki and Venus quickly jumped through the portal, with Roland walking over to Azmuth. He stood on both his knees and was partially in tears.

“Azmuth…” said Roland “I know I can be a pain. But…it’s been an honor.”

Azmuth smiled too and said “The honor’s all mine.”

He pressed the button, causing the Self-Destruct sequence to commence. Roland gave Azmuth a quick hug, and then released him. Roland then ran to the portal and looked back one last time before jumping through.

“Good luck…” said Azmuth with a smile of his own “To all of us.”

At the same time, both a wounded Batman and Tommy Oliver crashed onto the stairs. Both of them looked at Shredder, who stood near the two of them.

“No matter how hard you fight, you will fall like rats.” Said Shredder “Once I’m done with you, you’re finished.”

Tommy only smirked and said “You’re already too late Shredder.”

“Because you lost.” Said Batman.

Before Shredder could respond, the house suddenly exploded, launching Shredder backwards as it took both Tommy and Batman with it. After the explosion, Shredder stood up and saw the house was destroyed. He gripped his fists and them screamed to the heavens in rage.


Outside of Bellwood

Coordinates 0806, Earth 2015

Moments later, the portal opened, allowing Obaki, Venus and Roland to jump on through right before it closed. The three of them panted, for they were able to escape by the skin of their teeth.

“That was too close for comfort.” Said Venus as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Where are we?” said Obaki. But as he turned around, he saw a sign that he recognized. “We’re outside Bellwood?”

Thankfully, the device Azmuth gave Roland worked. He placed it on his wrist and looked through the remote.

“Yeah, and not just that.” Responded Roland before he looked at them and said “We made it. Coordinates 0806. Earth 2015. And according to the date, it’s right around the time Wallflower used the Memory Stone.”

“Just like Azmuth said.” Said Obaki.

Roland sighed whilst turning his device off.

“I still don’t like taking this long. I’d feel better if we did this now.”

“I don’t like it either Roland,” said Venus “But like Azmuth said, we need to bide our time and build up our resources. Only then will we be able to gather the others for help.”

Roland sighed and said “Let’s get this over with.”

Roland pulled out a device that belonged to the Plumbers, whilst it was also connected to two individuals that they needed aid from. He pressed the button, allowing it to send its signal.

From two separate locations, two individuals saw the signals from their personal communicators and saw a signal addressed to them. Within mere moments, a certain Rust bucket arrived and stopped near them, whilst at the same time, a small creature, the Azmuth from this universe, teleported and saw a certain old timer coming out.

“Azmuth?” said the old timer “Did you call me here?”

“Of course I didn’t Max.” said Azmuth “I thought you called me here.”

“Actually…we did.”

The two of them looked to the direction and saw three individuals. Max and Azmuth saw a Mutant Turtle with them and were surprised, for this one seemed familiar. Then Azmuth and Max saw the device on Roland’s arm, which they were surprised to see.

“Where did you get that device?” demanded Azmuth.

“He’s right.” Said Maxwell sternly “Only high level class Plumbers are allowed to bear that.”

However, Roland instantly hugged the both of them, taking them by surprise, and thought it was strange. When he parted, they saw Roland had a saddened expression in his voice.

“Max…Azmuth…” responded Roland with sadness in his voice, with Obaki and Venus standing next to him, whilst he said “We need to talk.”

The two of them wondered what they were talking about, but seeing the device, and the state the three of them were in, it must’ve been a desperate situation. Trusting his gut, Max decided to hear them out, whilst he looked at Azmuth, and the look from the Galvin’s eyes, he agreed.

The two of them gestured to follow them to the Rust Bucket. Once they boarded, they drove off to a secluded spot. For what they were going to find out, is a matter of life and death for the Multiverse. And once they filled them in…their mission has only begun.