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Equestria Ninja Girls: Across the Shell-Verse - Postwarmonkey50

The ultimate fight for good has just gotten to a whole new level for the Turtles, Rainbooms and friends.

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New Enemies and Allies

1 year later, shortly after the Music Festival

From the top of the rooftops of New York, things have been quiet during the night. Even if a city tends to be the busiest than any other, today was a bit of a slow day. Or so they thought.

For on the rooftops, four familiar Turtles and two humans were currently going on patrol. Leonardo and Raphael continued to jump from rooftop to rooftop, with Donatello and April in tow, whilst at the same time, Mikey skated on his skateboard and Casey skated on his skates whilst trying to improvise at the same time.

“Yeah boy!!” shouted Mikey as he was having the time of his life.

“Goongala!!” shouted Casey as he performed his own tricks.

They soon made it to the water tower and stopped there for a break. Some panted from the parkour and maneuvers they had to perform whilst going from building to building.

“Not bad.”

They looked up and saw both Shinigami and Karai sitting on top of the tower, with Karai holding a stopwatch and Shinigami holding a few energy drinks for the group.

“Thirty seconds. Better than last time.” Said Karai

“Hey girls,” said April whilst smiling “Good to see you.”

“Good to see you too.” Said Karai as she and Shinigami jumped from the water tower and landed in front of them.

“Hey, where’s the Dazzlings?” said Casey.

“They said they wanted to visit the Rainbooms at Canterlot High,” said Shinigami “Said that they and the Shadowbolts wanted them to have some girl time with them.”

“They could use a break.” Said Karai before turning to them “And you guys are still trying to stay in shape.”

“Well we gotta be faster if we wanna be the awesome ninjas.” Said Mikey in his show off manner before he got slapped behind the head from Raph.

“Mikey’s goofball attitude aside,” said Donnie “He does have a point about being faster if we wanna stay in shape.”

“Still, it’s been a bit too quiet lately.” Said Raph.

Shinigami chuckled before she gave Raph his energy drink and said “Since when do you complain about having some peace?”

“Only when there’s nothing to do but train.” Said Raph.

“Even though we’re at peace, doesn’t mean we can’t stop training.” Said Karai.

“She’s right.” Said Leo as he looked ahead “And it’s got me thinking about a lot of things lately.”

“About what Leo?” asked Casey.

“When we first started out, we fought against Shredder, the Foot, the Krang, the Triceratons. We fought them and we eventually won, even a few Equestrian Magic related problems from our friends.”

He looked down and said “But ever since we were at Batman’s world, it made me open my eyes. The foes there were more dangerous than the ones we fight and they didn’t operate by the rules from our universe. Little did we know we bit off more than we can chew, even visiting worlds from out counterparts were almost too much for us.”

He looked back at them and said “And since we helped our new friends and allies face against new foes like Princess Lewej, Ripley, Cobra, VILE, SH1FT3R, Meta Humans, even enemies of Crash, the Crystal Gems, the Digidestined and the Power Rangers’ enemies, made us realize that there are foes who are stronger than the previous enemies we face. That’s why we can never let our guard down.”

“Leo’s right.” Said April “We always underestimated our enemies and we were always at each other’s throats because of our disagreements. But in the end, we’re at our strongest when we work together.”

“As long as no one’s being a hothead and accuses someone again.” Said Mikey, making Raph groan out loud when Mikey brought up a certain topic.

“Will you stop bringing the Batman thing up already?!” shouted Raph.

“Well he does have a point, Raph.” Said Casey “You didn’t even give him a chance. Sure he may have been a jerk, but we got to know him better. Besides, Princess Twilight trusts him ever since she told us about it, and that’s good enough reason for us.”

“Besides Raph,” said Karai “From what you told us, Batman did that to see how you fared in a fight, plus there’s a little something called getting on one’s good side. It took you a while to learn to trust some of the Mutanimals and me, even a few others.”

“Plus you should learn to relax a bit more.” Said Shinigami “Though we wished we were there with you.”

“No kidding.” Said Karai “If he’s really that skilled, I could tell how much he’s masking and hiding things. And in the end, he proved you wrong.”

“Yeah, just like the Rainbooms, Shadowbolts and Bandit did.” Said Donnie.

“And a few other good friends we made.” Said Mikey.

That’s when they heard Leo’s T-Phone going off. He picked it up and said “Hello?”

Leo, it’s Keno.” said Keno.

“Go ahead, what’s up.” Said Leo as he put his phone on speaker so that everyone could hear.


From the other side of the city, Keno was on one of the rooftops whilst looking through his binoculars.

“I was in the middle of patrol when I spotted someone hacking into a couple of ATM’s throughout the city.” Said Keno as he kept his eye on the mysterious figure.

Hacking ATM’s?” said Donnie “Is it some kind of hacker?

“No, but he was in the middle of hacking a few certain accounts and making a few secret transfers.” Said Keno “And according to this, it’s about half a billion.”

Seriously?!” said Mikey as he suddenly got excited “Think of all the pizzas we could buy!!

But as Keno rolled his eyes, he heard a smack over the phone, which he guessed was Raphael who smacked Mickey behind his head.

“Thanks Raph.” Said Keno.

No prob,” said Raph “Where’s that guy taking it from?

“It’s one of the reason I called.” Said Keno “It looks like he’s hacking into the Foot’s account.”

What?!” shouted everyone.

“Karai,” said Keno “Is it possible that Shredder had tons of other businesses?”

He did,” said Karai “He had other businesses so that he could make money in order to train more foot soldiers, long before he replaced them with robots.

What could someone be using Shredder’s old account for?” asked Casey.

“No idea.” Said Keno “But I was able to call the Mutanimals ahead just in case. Slash figured that we could try to corner the guy and find out why he’s doing this. Rockwell agreed, and he suggested that you guys be part of this too.”

Sounds like a plan.” Said Karai “If someone’s hacking into Shredder’s old account, we need to find out why.

“Wait,” said Keno “The guy’s on the move. Probably to another ATM.”


“Alright, sit tight and keep track, we’ll be there soon.” Said Leo.

You got it, we’ll meet you there.

Leo hung up and said “Come on team, let’s go.”

The group quickly ran towards Keno’s location.

But unknown to them, someone, or something, had been watching them from the shadows, and now is tailing them from afar.


At the same time, the mysterious cloaked figure went to another ATM. The figure suddenly held the right side of her face.

“I still don’t like the idea of sneaking around.” Said the figure, which sounded like a female “Are you sure about this?”

“Trust me, I am.” Said a familiar voice, which was none other than Max Tennyson, aka, Grandpa Max “If what you and your friends told me is true, then there’s a slight chance he might try to find a way to hack into the Foot’s old account in order to help fund his operations. Everywhere else is secured, but you’ll have only one more to secure in order for him not to hack anywhere.”

“But what if we end up bumping into them?” said the female.

“If what you said about your friends are true, then they’ll show themselves.”

“I just hope they don’t go all mistrusting like they did with a certain Dark Knight.” Responded the female in a deadpanned tone.

“Then he’ll handle it. From what you told me he can be quite the negotiator.”

The female couldn’t help but give a soft smile and said “He really is.”

She then spotted another ATM, and said “I’m close to the last one, will contact you once I’m done.”

The figure slowly approached the ATM whilst also looking around. She pulled out what appeared to be a USB drive. But just before she could plug it in, a shuriken appeared from out of nowhere as it struck on the machine, taking her by surprise. But what really surprised her, was the Hamato symbol on it.

“They’re here.”

“Alright, whoever you are.” Said a familiar voice.

The figure turned around and were surprised to see what she realized were familiar faces whilst getting ready for a fight.

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo bear arms with their signature weapons, with April bearing her Tanto and Tessen, with Casey his Hockey Stick, Keno his batons, Karai with her Shikomizue sword and Shinigami with her Kusarigama.

The Mutanimals did the same.

Slash armed himself with his mace, Leatherhead took a stance, Rockwell floated like a monk, Pidgeon Pete with his blaster, Mondo Gecko with his skateboard, Bandit Raccoon standing on Leatherhead’s right shoulder, Mona Lisa with her sword, Ray Fillet took a stance and Hokum Hare also stood in position, whilst Beebop did a pose and Rocksteady readying himself to charge.

“You got till the count of three to tell us what you think you’re doing!!” shouted Raph as he was prepared for a brawl.

The person continued to stare at them, for her, it had felt like she was seeing ghosts from her past. She looked at each and every one of them. She couldn’t help but shed tears as a small smile was on her face. This confused some as they noticed.

“Wait,” said Casey “Is he…crying?”

The person wiped her tears and said “Sorry, something in my eye.”

“Hmm,” pondered Rockwell and said “From the sound of her voice, she is a woman.”

“And she was smiling too.” Said Mondo when he caught wind of her facial expression.

“I’m fine.” Said the person “Just a little overwhelmed is all.”

“You sure,” said Mikey “You wanna talk about it?”

“Don’t talk to the enemy.” Said Raph sternly.

The person saw Raph and frowned. She then crossed her arms and said “You know Raph, you’re gonna have to be a little nicer to your own brother there.”

Everyone was taken aback by what the person said.

“Wait, she knows comrade Raphael?” said Rocksteady.

“What are you, a spy?!” shouted Raph as he pointed his sais at her.

“Like you thought the Rainbooms were spies whilst you mistrusted them?” said the female person before she scoffed and said “It’s the thing with Batman all over again.”

Now, all of them were taken aback by that, especially the Turtles, Casey and April, for only they and the Rainbooms knew about that.

“Look here pal,’ said Raph “You got till the count of three to tell us who you are, or we’re going to do this the hard way!!”

“Oh, that’s really threatening,” mocks the person “Especially coming from a certain turtle who still sleeps with a night light and a teddy bear because of his fear of cockroaches.”

When suddenly “Hey, you leave mister Binkie out of this!!”

Raph instantly realized what he said in shock and covered his mouth, whilst everyone stared at him in shock.

Casey suddenly snorted and chuckled slightly a bit, with Mikey, Karai, Shinigami, Mondo, Beebop, Ray Fillet and Hokum.

“Wait,” said Casey as he wanted to make sure he heard her right “You…you actually sleep with a teddy bear?”

Raph wanted to retort, until Slash said “Yep, he does.”

That set half the group off, causing the said group to laugh out loud as they couldn’t believe what they heard. Leo and April just gave Raph an odd look by that bit of information.

“Alright, that’s it!!” shouted Raph as he was now greatly embarrassed “You’re going down!!”

“Oh, what are you going to do?” asked the stranger “Prove yourself a force beyond reckoning? Let me ask you this…”

The stranger had a troubled look on her face from underneath the mask, with Leo seem to notice. That’s when she pulled the one card no one had expected.

“Your father, Hamato Yoshi, had dabbled with a foe, beyond reckoning.” said the female, before she squinted her eyes and said “Where is he? Now?”

Some widened their eyes in shock and gasped in that, with Raph widened his eyes, then ended up yelling in rage. Raph charged head on with his sais, but the person kept dodging left and right, avoiding his blows. She suddenly held an elastic band out, which made Mikey notice. The moment when Raph struck, the person fired the Elastic that struck his butt, making him yelp and looked back.

“Hey, I used to do that during our fifth year of training.’ Said Mikey.

The person suddenly moved her body and hips, as if she was dancing, which Beebop noticed. When Raph struck again, she used her hips to knock him against the dumpster.

“Hey, she used my moves.” Said Beebop.

Then from out of nowhere, she placed her finger inside her mouth. Just when Raph tried to strike again, she grabbed him and placed her finger in his ear, making him yelp in shock and disgust.

“Oooh, the wet willy.” Said Casey whilst cringing “Classic bully 101.”

The person backflipped and dodged Raph, only to fail to realize that Raph’s sai had hooked onto her cloak, tearing it off in the process, with the person landing on her two feet whilst Raph turned around.

“Will you stop dodging me and fight…!!!”

However, to his shock, and everyone else’s, this person was no ordinary human, but a turtle. A Mutant Turtle at that, wearing the same knee and elbow gear as the turtles, only difference, she was wearing a Cyan colored mask. And it wasn’t only a mutant turtle, she was a female mutant turtle.

“Whoa, babe central.” Said Mondo as his tongue got out.

“Sorry Mondy, but you’re not my type.” Said the female turtle, before she smirked and said “Although I can’t say the same for Lyra and Bonbon. They really like you.”

Mondo was surprised by what she said, with Donnie saying “Whoa…you’re…”

“One of us?” said Mikey as he motioned himself and his brothers.

“You could say that.” Said the female turtle.

“So…who are you?” said Hokum.

“My name is Mei Pieh Chin.” Said the female turtle, until she smirked and said “Or as Mikey would call me, Venus.”

“Oooh,” said Mikey “I like that name.”

“Really?” said Raph with a flexed eyebrow.

“Pff, and why not?” said Venus as she motioned their Salamandrian friend “You named your girlfriend after one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings of a specific woman a while back.”

Raph blinked his eyes in surprise at first, but then said “Okay, good point.”

Leo on the other hand noticed the Hamato symbol on her belt buckle. “Wait, you’re Hamato?”

“I am.” Said Venus “I was trained by my father, just like you were.”

“Wait,” said Karai as she realized something “My father and Shredder were the only ones I know who survived the ordeal, there weren’t anyone else there.”

“It’s…complicated.” Said Venus.

Leo, deciding to play the peace talker, placed his swords away and said “Alright then, start at the beginning. How do you know our father?”

Before Venus could respond, she suddenly looked up and was shocked by what she had saw.

“Oh, no.” said Venus as she took a step back, the others were confused by what she did.

“What, don’t wanna tell us the truth?” said a suspicious Raph.

“Not you. Them.” Pointed Venus.

The Turtles and their friends turned around and saw what she was pointing at. For on the top of the building, were strange metallic looking figures.

“Whoa, that’s new.” Said Keno as he held his batons ready.

Then one by one, the metallic figures dropped from the buildings and landed firmly on the ground, as if they had joined an assembly. They soon surrounded the turtles and allies. There was at least a whole legion of them. Half on the ground, and half on top of the buildings.

“Whoa,” said Beebop “What are they, new kinds of robots?”

“No,” growled Leatherhead “Foot Bots.”

He pointed at the symbol at the center of their chests.

“Whoa,” said Donnie “They’re not like any other Foot Bot I’ve seen before.”

“You think Tiger Claw or Stockman upgraded them?” said Shinigami.

“That’s not possible,” said Karai “Tiger Claw’s gone underground and we haven’t heard from him in a while. And Stockman would make robot copies of himself.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Said a smirking Raph whilst pulling out his sais “As long as we get to smash some bots, I ain’t complaining.”

“Don’t underestimate them.” Said Venus as she pulled out her bladed Tessen, taking April by surprise by the weapon “They’re not just programmed with Ninjitsu moves.”

“Why, what else do they have?” asked Pidgeon Pete.

“They also have built in weapons.” Said Venus “Along with programmed forms of fighting like Karate, Jujitsu and Kung Fu.”

“Whoa, kind of like my dad’s Dojo.” Said Keno.

“Great,” said Raph sarcastically “Any more shocks you wanna give us?”

“They also have human brains from every martial artist around the world.” Said Venus.

“What?!!” exclaimed everyone.

“My word, she’s right.” Said a shockened Rockwell “I can feel their minds inside.”

“Same here.” Said April as she was just as shocked.

“Meaning they used to be human.” Said a frightened Mikey.

“Not anymore.” Said Venus. She looked at Leo and said “Leo, I know you’re always the order guy, but don’t underestimate them. Instead of fighting harder, try to fight smarter.”

Leo pondered this for a moment, then looked at her and gave a confirmed nod. Leo stood in position, as did many others.

“Ninjas!! Take them down!!” shouted Leo before they charged.

The Foot Bot Lieutenant pointed towards the Turtles, allowing the Foot Bots to charge forward. Both sides began to clash with the Foot Bots, trying to use skill upon skill.

Leonardo blocked both Foot Bots, but was able to catch them off guard and cut them in half. He did a backflip on one robot, jumped on another and sliced the previous one in half. But as he did, he could see the brain from within.

“Holy…she’s right.” Said Leo “They really used to be human.”

Raph used his sais to throw them against the two Foot Bots’ heads, then jumped in the air, grabbed them and use his sais to throw them against two more. One of the Foot bots kicked Raph in the left, leg, another a gut blow, then a third kicked him away against the wall. He was able to recover, and saw the said bots cornering him.

“Man, those guys are tough.” Said Raph, but then smirked as he held onto his sais and charged whilst saying “But I’m tougher!!”

Donnie twirled his bo-staff and hit them left and right, jumped over and struck one flat on the ground. But just as he was about to swat another away, a Foot Bot instantly pulled a sword from its hand and used it to break Donnie’s bo-staff in half.

“Oh, come on!!” shouted Donnie.

Venus used her Tessen to fight and landed next to him. “You know, after all this time fighting, I’m surprised you never considered using a metal bo-staff, I mean it worked for Robin and Nightwing!!”

Donnie was surprised by this and said “How did you…?”

“You wanna talk, or do you wanna continue to kick butt!!” said Venus as she gave him a metal bo-staff, surprising him as she said “You always remind me to keep this just in case you keep breaking your toy stick.”

“It’s not a…!!” shouted Donnie before he ducked in fright from an incoming attack. Donnie grabbed it and began to make short work out of most of them. When he took down his group, he looked at his with wonderment. “Hey, not bad.”

Mikey jumped around from one spot to another, laughing to his heart’s content. Until he saw them having blasters in their hands, making him scream in panic and ran around trying to avoid them, which serves as the perfect distraction for April to attack and use her Tanto blade to cut two of them down, whilst she also used her Tessen, then used her psychic abilities to knock all of them away and crash them against the wall, with Karai shifting into her snake form and attacked them from both sides, then switched back to her human form to cut them to pieces. Shinigami backed her up using her Kusarigama.

“Booyakasha!!!” shouted Mikey as he used a wrestling move to use a body slam on them.

Keno used his batons to beat the Foot Bots around. Before four more could strike them down, Keno used a smoke bomb to disorient their sensors, with Keno shouting “Yo Case!! Your turn!!”

“Goongala!!!” shouted Casey as he skated along and used his hockey stick to hit his pucks, allowing them to explode and blow up the Foot Bots.

Slash charged towards the Foot Bots and punched one in the face hard, backhanded another, then used his mace to smash them to pieces. Leatherhead roared and charged towards the next group of Foot Bots whilst he grabbed a few and tossed them away, whilst he bit one and chewed it to pieces. Pidgeon Pete flew around and used his blaster to shoot at the Foot Bots on the rooftops whilst also avoiding their laser arrows at the same time. Rockwell floated around and used his psychic abilities to levitate and threw them around, until six more Foot Bots arrived to attack from behind.

“Cowabunga!!” shouted Mondo as he skated around and used his skateboard to knock one’s head off, tripped another and grabbed the third one by dragging its feet, whilst Bandit jumped up on each of the bot’s backs and ripped the wires out in order disable them.

“My thanks Bandit.” Said Rockwell whilst looking behind.

“No problem doc.” Said Bandit before darting towards the next.

Beebop skated around and used his dancing moves to fight against the Foot Bots.

“Can’t stop this bot boy.” Said Beebop as they tried to strike the thieving warthog down, but he moved too fast. And during those movements, he used belt to shoot his lasers at them, striking them down in the process.

Ray Fillet used his strength to overcome many of the bots, whilst Hokum jumped around to avoid their blasters, but because he was so fast, none of the bots noticed that he planted explosives on their backs, blowing them up in the process.

Mona used her combat skills and sword to cut them down and destroy them in the process.

“I have to admit,” said Mona “For primitive automatons, they fight well!”

Rocksteady charged through many of the Foot Bots and crushed them with his horn whilst saying “Da!! They make old Foot Bots look like baby toys.”

As they were distracted, Venus quickly went over to the ATM and plugged in her USB, causing the screen to show different firewalls being in place. After it was done, the screen said “Complete”. Allowing Venus to quickly pull out the USB and headed straight back to the fight.

After much fighting, the group panted from exhaustion.

“Whoa dudes.” Said Mikey whilst rubbing his forehead “That was tough.”

“Indeed.” Said Leatherhead “These new Foot Bots are truly formidable foes.”

“But who do you think made them?” said Casey “You don’t think it’s most of Shredder’s former goons, do you?”

“Not a chance.” Said Karai “None of his old gang could be capable of doing something like this.”

“If you ask me dudes and dudettes.” Said Mondo “I think the one who might have the answer is the babe, Turtle.”

They looked at Venus whilst she placed her weapons away.

“Alright then,” said Leo as he and the others approached her “Clearly, you’re not with them, but why were you going…?”

“Look, I’d love to play twenty questions with you,” said Venus “But we’ll do that later, cause we need to get going.”

“Where to?” asked April.

“Think about it.” Said Venus “You lot have experience fighting Foot Bots too. But who else do you know has experience with them that fought alongside all of you against the Shredder?”

Mikey was the one who instantly figured it out, making him gasp and said “Oh no.”

“What Mikey?” said a confused Casey.

“Don’t you get it?!” said a panicked Mikey “The Foot Bots we fought were the advance force, the rest of them are heading for Canterlot City.”

That’s when it dawned at all of them too and realized in shock.

“Aw sewer apples!!” exclaimed Raph “They’re going after Sunset and the others!!”

“And the Dazzlings are there too!!” said Shinigami.

“Along with the Shadowbolts, Juniper, Wallflower and the others!!” said April.

“We gotta get there now!!” said Keno.

“Back to the lair!!” said Rockwell.

“No need.” Said Venus “Our rides are here.”

They looked and saw at least three different vehicles, all of them high tech and fast coming along, taking the group by surprise.

“Figured we’d spice things up a bit.” Said Venus whilst smirking.

“Awesome.” Muttered Donnie.

“Alright, Casey, Leo and I will drive.” Said Venus “Some of you take the weapons.”

“Let’s go guys!!” said Leo as all of them climbed into their designated vehicles and drove off.


Meanwhile, in Canterlot City, a certain large group of friends, the most popular group in Canterlot High, known as the Rainbooms, were having a girls’ day out at the mall. Thankfully, it was Friday, so the girls now have an excuse to go to the mall and hang out.

When they heard the Dazzlings were coming to visit, they decided to invite the Shadowbolts, Wallflower and Sapphire, considering it’s been a while since they hung out. Thankfully Juniper was also available so now she has a chance to spend some time with them.

Sunset however…let’s just say when she went home, she decided to play a video game. But she was so distracted, she almost forgot to meet the others at the mall later today. She had used her motorcycle to get to the mall, but she rushed from the parking lot whilst she ran towards the entrance of the mall.

“I can’t believe I got distracted.” Said a frantic Sunset “That’s the last time I decided to play video games whenever there’s a get-together at the mall.”

She soon ran inside and continued to search all over the place.

“I hope I’m not…”


Sunset suddenly bumped into someone, causing both to fall on their behinds and rubbed their foreheads.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry about that.” Said Sunset as she was able to stand on all fours to get up.

“That’s alright,” responded the voice “It happens to a lot of us. Plus I should’ve paid more attention.”

The moment she took a good look at him, she widened her eyes in surprise, as the assailant did the same. The two of them continued to stare at one another with widened eyes, with confusion, awestruck and surprise.

“Uh…hi.” Responded the boy meekly.

“Uh…yes…hi…um.” Responded Sunset as her face had grown a bit red whilst the boy stood up. He gently reached his hand for her, which she shyly accepts, allowing him to pull her up and was able to stand.

“Again, sorry for bumping into you.” Said the boy as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No, it’s alright.” Said Sunset “Sorry about that.”

“Normally this is the part where I say something completely cheesy,” said the boy “But then again I don’t want to sound like that Zephyr Breeze guy.”

Sunset was surprised that he knew him. “You know him?”

“Only by reputation.” Said the boy. “Some call him a loser, some call him an idiot. But I came up with a nickname for him when I see him try to talk to a lady.”

“What’s that?”

“A rip off version of Johnny Bravo.”

Sunset suddenly burst from laughter from that name, for the way Zephyr had been acting, was so true. After she calmed down, the boy presented his hand to her and said “Name’s Roland.”

“Sunset Shimmer.” Responded Sunset as she shook his hand.

“Speaking of which.” Said Roland “The next time Zephyr shows up. Tell him this…”

He whispered into her ear, in order for her to say what she needed. She widened her eyes in shock and reeled back and said “Whoa, isn’t that a little extreme?”

“Trust me, he’ll get the message.” Said Roland. “If not, then tell him that an old friend of his sister will have a say in it.”

Sunset was a bit puzzled, but nodded. Not sure why he wanted her to tell that to Zephyr, even though he’s Fluttershy’s brother, he’s very annoying. So for Rainbow’s sake, she’ll do it.

“Now then,” said Roland as he looked around, then he spotted something with a smile and said “There we go.”

He walked over to the smoothy stand and ordered two smoothies, which Sunset wondered what he was doing. After he accepted the smoothies, he walked back to her and gave her one. Which surprised her at first, but she accepted it.

“Consider this a treat from me,” said Roland “And as a way to apologize for what I did.”

“Oh, uh…” said Sunset whilst blushing “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know.” Responded Roland as he walked next to her, then whispered “But I want to.”

Without thinking, he kissed her by the cheek, taking her by surprise with widened eyes and a blushing face.

“See you around.” Responded Roland before he left. But once he was far enough, he suddenly blushed bright red and said “Why the heck did I just do that?!”

He was suddenly contacted by ear communicator.

“Go ahead.” He said, with him hearing muttering from the ear. “The Rainbooms are in the mall, and it’s only a matter of time that they’ll be here. Venus already told me that they’re on the way. In the meantime, let’s get ready.”

As Roland quickly left, Sunset still stood there with a surprised look and a blush on her face. She instantly and slowly sucked on her smoothie through her straw and walked away, still in a surprised daze.


At the same time, the rest of the Rainbooms and Fugatoid were waiting for Sunset. The girls continued to pass the time whilst they wait. Rarity applied her makeup, Applejack ate an apple, Rainbow Dash paced around impatiently, Fluttershy was attending Angel, Twilight was reading a book with Fugatoid looking at what she was reading, and Pinkie Pie was, well, being Pinkie Pie whilst eating her cupcakes.

“Ugh,” groaned Rainbow as she was getting impatient “What’s taking her so long?”

“Will y’all relax Rainbow,” said Applejack “Sunset will be here.”

“Yeah, she probably just lost track whilst playing video games again.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“She does have a habit of doing that.” Said Rarity “She seriously needs to learn to break the norm every once and a while.”

Rainbow snorted at this and said “Like you do with what you do every day?”

Rarity scoffed and said “You’re one to talk, sports girl.”

“She’s kinda got you there Rainbow.” Said Spike.

As Pinkie munched on her second Cupcake, Fluttershy spotted a certain someone.

“Oh look, there she is now.” Said Fluttershy.

They all saw Sunset walking towards them. At first, they wanted to greet her, but they were surprised by the look of her face. She was blushing, in a daze and sucking a smoothie.

“Whoa, what happened to her?” said Rainbow.

“Um, Sunset?” asked Fluttershy the moment Sunset was close enough.

Sunset shook her head and said “Oh? Girls!!”

Sunset tossed the now empty smoothie away and smiled sheepishly whilst rubbing the back of her head and said “Sorry I’m late, I kinda lost track of time.”

“The video games again?” asked Rarity, with Sunset nodding “Darling, you seriously need to try other hobbies.”

“Yeah,” said Pinkie “Remember the painting you did a while back? Why not do those.”

“Well it has been a long time.” Muttered Sunset.

“So Sunset?” asked the smirking Rainbow “Why were you blushing earlier?”

Before Sunset could answer…

“Hey girls.”

They looked to their right and saw the rest of their entourage coming.

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, aka, the Dazzlings.

Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare and Sugarcoat, aka, the Shadowbolts.

“Sorry we’re late.” Said Lemon Zest “Trying to find parking near the mall is murder.”

“Which we could’ve avoided and gone sooner if you weren’t distracted again.” Said Sugarcoat in a monotone voice.

“Hey!!” exclaimed Lemon Zest as she looked at Sugarcoat. “Can I help it if the new rock album was out!! I just wanted to stay ahead of times!!”

“Though they are starting to get a little behind ever since Post Crush released their new album.” Noted Sonata.

“And that a certain pair wasn’t being paranoid over a certain individual and being jerks about it.” Said Aria as she eyed two certain Rainbooms.

Both Twilight and Sunset looked down in regret and guilt, with Indigo saying “Oh come on, Aria, don’t be like that. You know very well they were paranoid ever since the whole Mean Boom and time thingy incident.”

“First of all, the Mean Boom thing was months before the concert,” said Adagio “And second, Post Crush was responsible because they were obsessed about having the perfect performance.”

“And Michelangelo did tell you that they were no threat, and you did promise to listen to him.” Noted Fugatoid.

“Exactly.” Said Sour Sweet “You two really need to learn to listen to people more often, otherwise it’s Pizza Face all over again.”

“Look, we’re not proud of what happened okay.” Said a guilty Twilight.

“We really did learn our lesson.” Said Sunset.

“Like you two ‘learned’ your lesson with Pizza Face and Cozy Glow?” said Sunny Flare “Even after you promised to listen to Mikey?”

“At least we weren’t as bad as Applejack when we were at Gotham and met Batman.” Countered Twilight.

“Will ya’ll just stop bringing that up.” Muttered Applejack whilst she had her head lowered.

“Hey girls, why the bad vibe here, take it easy.” Said Sonata.

“She’s right.” Said Pinkie Pie “We’ve all been stressed out enough over what happened to us during the past year and few months. And we agreed to have a good time and have a great get together, no negative emotions whatsoever.”

“She does have a point.” Said Juniper Montage as she came along “All of you have been through enough trauma, both physical and emotional. So try to relax and take a break for once.”

Some took a deep breath as Sour Sweet said “She’s right. Things have been a bit out of hand lately.”

“And we could use a proper brake.” Said Aria.

“So what should we do first?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Ooh, how about we all get something to eat first at the mall’s diner.” Said Pinkie “We can take the one near the entrance to the mall.”

“Hey, good idea.” Said Indigo “I heard they got the best burgers and fries in town.”

They soon made their way towards the diner, but unknown to them, watching from the roof and glass window, were a handful of Foot Bots watching the Rainbooms and friends from above whilst scanning them at the same time. One of them signaled the rest, before disappearing to attack them before they knew they were there.


An hour later, the girls were done with their food at the diner.

“Boy, those place had some good eats.” Said Sonata as they left.

“Though it is kinda annoying that you kept asking for a taco.” Said Sugarcoat in her monotone voice “You do know that there are other foods besides tacos, right?”

“That’s what we’ve been trying to tell her ever since we got into this world.” Said Aria whilst rolling her eyes.

“What?” said Sonata “They’re delicious.”

Applejack rolled her eyes and said “She’s just like Mikey when it comes to pizza.”

“Although they do eat different foods every now and then.” Said Fugatoid “Like ramen.”

They looked at Fugatoid surprised, with him saying “Leonardo told me.”

“He can make ramen?” said a surprised Twilight.

“Sword fighting wasn’t the only thing he learned from Master Splinter.” Replied their cyborg friend.

“Remind me to ask him to teach me to make some.” Said Rainbow, making the others look at her. “What? Ramens are really good and they’re quite the best dish.”

“More than that pasta and potato sandwich on sourdough?” asked Applejack with a flexed eyebrow.

“Well, second best.” Replied Rainbow.

“Hey there girls.”

The sound of a familiar voice, made Rainbow and a few girls groan, for there was only one person that they didn’t like; Zephyr Breeze.

“I see all of you are hanging at the mall.” Said Zephyr whilst rubbing his messy hair “Any of you want to hang out with the Breeze master?”

Rainbow groaned as she wasn’t in the mood for this, until Sunset had her arms crossed and made a flexed eyebrow whilst saying “Oh look, it’s the rip off version of Johnny Bravo.”

The girls were taken aback by this, especially Fluttershy, causing half of them to laugh at that.

“Hey, who are you calling a rip off?!’ said Zephyr as he felt like he was insulted.

Sunset, remembering what Roland said, walked up to him. The moment she was up close, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him forcibly towards her, taking everyone by surprise.

“Let me give you one piece of advice.” Said Sunset with squinted eyes.

They heard her whispering to Zephyr about something. The moment she was done, he quickly backed away and said “Okay, okay, I’ll stay away!! You don’t have to get that personal.”

Zephyr quickly moved away before a scene would occur. Sunset turned to the others and they were surprised by what just happened.

“Whoa,” said Adagio “What did you say to him?”

Sunset sheepishly rubbed the back of her head saying “You don’t wanna know.”

Rainbow came over and hugged Sunset, saying “Thanks. You’re a real lifesaver.”

When all of a sudden, they heard a very loud explosion outside, gaining everyone’s attention.

“What in tarnation?!” exclaimed Applejack.

“What in all things fashion was that?!” exclaimed Rarity.

“From the sound of things, they came from outside.” Said Spike.

“Let’s investigate.” Said Sour Sweet as she and the others ran out.

Pinkie then broke the 4th Wall and whispered “Time for the big fight.”, before running off to help the others.


The moment they got outside, all of them were taken aback when they saw many people running around screaming as a handful of cars were on fire. They couldn’t believe that there was so much damage outside.

“Whoa, what happened here?!” said Indigo, until they all saw Pinkie shivering rapidly.

“Oh no,” realized Sunset “Don’t tell me. The big doozy?”

“Y-y-y-y-yup.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“What kind of doozy are we talking about?” asked Lemon Zest.

“Probably because of that.” Said Sonata.

And out of the fire, large platoons of robots appeared, walking towards the Rainbooms, then stopped a few feet away, forming a phalanx formation.

“Whoa,” said Juniper “Are those robots?”

Fluttershy suddenly saw a familiar symbol, gasped and said “Not just any robots.”

They saw her pointing at the symbol, and to their surprise, it was a familiar looking symbol they thought they’d never see again.

“No way, Foot Bots?!!” exclaimed Rainbow.

“But I thought Shredder’s Foot Clan was finished.” Said Spike.

“They were.” Said Adagio “Karai told us we destroyed the last of the Shredder’s factories that made him his robot foot ninjas.”

“Though they do look a bit different.” Said Sonata when she noticed something was new about them.

“Doesn’t matter that they’re new,” said Indigo “We can take them.”

“But we don’t have our weapons with us.” Said Juniper Montage.

“Yeah, we left them at home.” Said Pinkie Pie.

“Citizens.” Said one of the robots, taking the girls by surprise before taking a few steps forward “It would be wise to surrender. If not, then we shall…”

When all of a sudden, a shuriken was struck against the Foot Bot’s head, making it explode before collapsing. The girls were surprised by this, until from out of nowhere, five individuals jumped in, wearing outfits they’ve never seen before.

“No citizens here.” Said one of the males.

“He’s not wrong.” Said the middle one before looking at the girls and said “Citizens implies that we pledge our allegiance to a centralized authority. We sometimes see ourselves as an anarchy collective.”

“Huh,” said Spike before he pondered, then said “Can’t argue with that.”

“Oh my, look at those outfits.” Said Rarity as she looked at them.

“Huh,” said Pinkie Pie as she looked at them “Come to think of it, their outfits almost look like a combination of Azrael and the League of Shadows, but they’re white and different, and they have the Hamato symbol on them.”

The girls saw the Hamato symbol, that much is true, but what surprised them was what Pinkie had shared with them.

“Wait, how did you know about them?” said a curious Sunset.

Pinkie then suddenly pulled out a random memory stick from her hair and said “Oh, I hacked and downloaded all the files of Batman’s enemies and allies from his computer whilst Raph and Applejack were scolding him whilst they were having a hissy fit, thinking that we didn’t care about going back home to our families when we were stuck in their dimension.”

She placed the memory stick back into her hair, as the newcomers were surprised, whilst the rest of the Rainbooms looked at their party friend with flabbergasted looks and dropped jaws as their brains had just been shattered. Twilight then ran up to Pinkie and grabbed her shoulders.

“How the heck did you hack his computer?!!” shouted Twilight as she shook her party friend “He told me his computer was un-hackable!!”

“Eh, I guessed.” Said Pinkie Pie whilst she shrug her shoulders after Twilight stop shaking her.

Twilight on the other hand had her left eye twitching rapidly at that response. Rainbow on the other hand had an odd smile on her face as she pointed at Pinkie and said “Respect Pinks. Respect.”

“You girls,” said one of them, gaining their attention “All of you make sure that the civilians are safe.”

“But also try to kick butt at the same time.” Said the other one smiling underneath.

“But they don’t have their weapons with them.” Said Spike.

“Eh, we can take em.” Said Rainbow, feeling confident.

When the middle one suddenly said “You mean like you lot did when you thought when you could take the Joker when a certain hothead and country gall rushed in without thinking?”

They were taken aback and shocked by what he said.

“How did you know that?!” responded a shocked Sunset.

“Story for another time.” Said the one next to him, who happens to be a leader, but then suddenly had a duffle bag with the others doing the same, whilst he said “As for your weapons.”

They tossed them to the Rainbooms and their friends. Spike was the first one to open them, and to their shock, their weapons were in there. They looked at them, with the one in the far right saying “You really need to learn to store your weapons.”

“Wait,” said Applejack “How did y’all know about our weapons.”

The middle one said “Well, Juniper’s Uncle stored her Nordachi Sword for her at a display case at his house for just in case, the Dazzlings kept theirs in their tour van, the Shadowbolts kept theirs stored at a sporting display case. As for the Rainbooms…”

He did a slight breathing in through his teeth, as he knew it was going to bite him when he tells them sooner or later, but…

“Twilight’s mom was using her Kamayari Sickle Spear and pretends to be a ninja at her backyard, Zephyr Breeze was fooling around with Fluttershy’s Fukedake Blowgun and kept hitting Angel Bunny with the tranquilizer darts, Limestone was busy smashing stuff using Pinkie’s Bakuhatsugama sickle with weight chain, Granny Smith uses one of Applejack’s Shuko hand claws as a back scratcher whilst Big Mac used the other one to plough the field, Rainbow Dash’s mom uses her Naginata Spear as a twirling baton and showing off, Sweetie Belle uses Rarity’s Kama Sickles as a cake slicer and Sunset…hides her Kunai daggers in her underwear drawer.”

And true to their response, Sunset blushed red in embarrassment, Rarity gasped in shock as she had wondered why there was a slight trace of frosting on her sickles, Rainbow Dash’s left eye twitched rapidly, Applejack slapped her forehead hard as she couldn’t believe her own grandmother and brother would do something so idiotic, Pinkie widened her eyes and wondered why her weapon looked like it had just recently bashed something, Fluttershy gasped and held her mouth shut with both her hands as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and Twilight also twitched her right eye as she couldn’t believe what her own mother was doing.

“You…” said an embarrassed Sunset as she pointed at the one in the middle, whilst she had a stern and angry gaze “You were in my…”

“I’m not proud of it.” Said the middle one immediately. “Look, I’d love to play twenty questions with all of you, but right now, we got ourselves a situation to handle here.”

At first, they wanted to discuss things, but given their situation, they didn’t have time to discuss this.

Immediately, the Rainbooms, the Shadowbolts, the Dazzlings and Juniper Montage readied their weapons for combat. Whilst at the same time, the five strangers pulled out their weapons. The one in the far left pulled out his two long samurai swords that appeared to be merged as one whilst holding a kunai with chain. The one in the left, pulled out two mounted wrist weapons that resembled to Deadshot, as well as a pair of specialized knuckles. The one in the middle pulled out what appeared to be a broadsword, but it’s hilt had a dragon on top whilst the handle that almost looked like a handle from a motorcycle, which some thought it was an interesting design. The one on the right had a samurai type of sword, but the handle was the same as the one in the middle’s. And the one in the far right had a metal wolf hand claw sword.

“Whatever you do,” said the stranger in the middle “Don’t underestimate them. They’re not the same Foot Bots you fought with just Ninjitsu moves.”

“Why, what do they have?” asked Sunset.

They saw the new Foot Boots were drawing out spears, swords, sais and daggers, whilst also drawing out shields.

“They have built in weapons for one thing.” Said the one in the far right “They’re also programmed with other forms of fighting like Karate, Jujitsu and Kung Fu.”

“Whoa, programmed with more moves.” Said Twilight surprised.

“Anything else you wanna add?” asked Indigo.

The one the middle kept their focus and said “They also have human brains from every single martial artist from around the world.”

“What?!!” gasped the girls from what they heard.

“Oh my, you are correct.” Said Fugatoid as he scanned them “They do indeed have organic brains.”

“Who could’ve done this?” said Fluttershy in horror.

“Story for another time,” said the one next to Silverbolt “We need to finish the fight here before they plan to hurt innocent civilians.”

Seeing that there was no time to talk, they kept their stance.

“Warriors!!” shouted the one in the middle “Take them down!!”

As they charged towards their targets, the Foot Bots did the same as they too charged straight towards their targets too. However, the middle one stopped whilst he looked back and saw many civilians. Fearing that they would get hurt. He quickly ran back to them and directed them to safety.

“Quick, all of you!!” shouted the young mane “Get to safety now!! It’s not safe here!! Go!!”

Everyone did as he asked and quickly ran, whilst he also went to make sure everyone else was safe. Sunset caught a glance at this and saw how he was quickly directing them to safety.

Sunset jumped and slide onto the ground to avoid any heavy attacks whilst she used her Kunai Daggers to slice and jab a few Foot Bots, right before she threw a handful of them, hitting them directly centered to their heads before collapsing, whilst at the same time, Fugatoid protected her with his built in weapons. Fluttershy used her Fukedake Blowgun to deflect and whacked most of the Foot Bots whilst also giving them a kick. Suddenly the one with the samurai type sword landed next to her and handed her a large pouch.

“Got you something.” Said the stranger, which she accepted as she saw there were new darts in there. “Use it on them. Trust me.”

Fluttershy did as she asked and used her Blowgun to blow them towards the Foot Bots, causing them to explode.

“Wow,” said Fluttershy as she was surprised that they worked “Thanks.”

“No problem, Flutter Butterfly.” Said the boy before darting off, which surprised her when he said the name. But not want to be distracted, she continued her fight.

Pinkie Pie bounced around using her Bakuhatsugama Sickle to slice and dice a few robots, before she used her Weight chain like a lasso and whipped them. But at the same time, she jumped backwards and reached for her party sprinkles, then tossed them hard, allowing it to blow up a few Foot Bots at the same time.

Applejack used her Shuko hand claws to slice a few robots left and right. Though she had a hard time blocking the Foot Bots and their swords, she quickly jumped up whilst pulling her one claw off of her hand, then punched the ground so hard, they flew in different directions.

Rarity used her Kama sickles to block and slice a few bots whilst at the same time used her diamond discs to shield herself, then used them to slice them in half. Rainbow Dash used her Naginata Spear to block the Foot Bots’ attacks and moved her body fluently, but also twirled and sliced them in half before using her superspeed to break them to pieces.

Twilight used her Kamayari sickle spear to block and slice them in half, whilst she also used her magic to lift them up and tossed them at one another, allowing them to defeat them. Sour Sweet used her Surujin chains like whips and whacked most of them, whilst quickly jumping over and used the chain to rip them apart the moment she landed, with Indigo using her Guandao Spear to block their laser fire and directed them towards the other bots before she sliced them to pieces.

Sunny Flare used her Katar daggers to dodge a few Foot Bots whilst slicing and dicing them at the same time whilst she moves her body fluently. Sugarcoat uses her Chigiriki Mace to deflect many of the robots whilst using her flexibility, and the moment they have an opening, she uses her mace from the end of her chain to swing them around and bashed at least two of them. Lemon Zest uses her Kanabo Clubs to bash the Foot Bots left and right, but then held one behind whilst using the other one to block two of their attacks, and the moment she spotted an opening, she twisted around and whacked both of their heads off at the same time.

Juniper uses her sword to twirl it for a bit, then used her sword to block two Foot Bots attacking her, but thanks to her footing and self-defense lessons from her uncle when she worked at the studio, she moved on the ground as if she was ice skating, allowing her to cut four Foot Bots down. Adagio held her stance whilst holding her Nordachi sword, allowing her to charge forward the Foot Bots. She jumped in the air and twirled whilst the Foot Bots were shooting lasers at her, but she dodged them with ease. Once she landed, she darted left and right so fast, she cut down four bots, threw a shuriken against the fifth’s head and kicked it so hard, it send it flying against the wall.

Aria moved her Tri-baton chuck as if it were a bo-staff, spinning it around fast whilst she prepared herself for the Foot Bots. She moved her body left and right whilst bashing the attacking Foot Bots. She jumped in the air, performing what one would call a “Monkey jumps over fence” maneuver. She jumped over again, but used her weapon to latch onto a Foot Bot and tossed it hard onto the ground, then used it to break its robotic head off. Sonata used her Tonabas to block at least two of the Foot bots, then lifted them in the air, before jumping and delivered a strong double kick to both of them. She used her Tonabas to punch a few left and right, then delivered a strong kick to them.

The one with the metal wolf hand claw sword used his weapons to slice and dice the Foot Bots left and right, even jabbed one of his claws into one of the Foot Bot and ripped its wires out. Then he sliced it’s head off and kicked it like a soccer ball, allowing it to strike against the eighth’s head, before it collapsed. The one with the silver/red samurai sword used his sword and ignite it to turn into a fire sword, then used it to make a ring of fire around himself, then unleashed it to a handful of Foot Bots that tried to attack him. The one with the kunai with chain swung it around and hit the Foot bots in all directions, until he placed it away and separated the samurai swords, making it a dual one as he went on the offensive. The one with the mounted weapons and knuckles fought just as hard. He punched left and right, blocked rapidly with both his arms when two Foot Bots tried to punch him, whilst more tried to attack from all around, but with his mounted weapons, he made short work of them when he spun around.

However, he heard a loud noise from above, which made him look. He was shocked to see what was coming.

“Oh crud,” said the guy before he turned to the others and shouted “We got incoming!!

Everyone looked above and to their shock, there were over fifteen large gunships arriving, with Foot Clan symbols on their sides.

“There’s more?!” exclaimed Rainbow.

“How in tarnation did they get ships?!” exclaimed Applejack.

Each of those Gunships deployed over two platoons of Foot Bots, as if they had just come out of an assembly line.

“Aw, how could it get any worse?!” exclaim Pinkie Pie.

When all of a sudden, eleven more gunships arrive, dropping large ball like objects from above. The moment it landed, the balls open up, revealing legs in order to stand up, mounted lasers from its arms and a head that automatically appeared and marched with them. Which shocked the others.

Pinkie!!!” shouted the others as they looked at her with annoyed expressions.

“Oh. Whoopsie.” Said a sheepish Pinkie Pie.

When all of a sudden, they heard loud honking. They saw three vehicles coming in as their mounted weapons destroyed the Foot Clan gunships that crashed in different directions. The vehicles automatically stopped in a line, and with swift motion, The turtles and their allies immediately jumped out and armed themselves.

“Yay, our friends are here!!” said Pinkie with wide smiles, whilst the others were happy to see them too.

Leo pointed his katana at the Foot Bots and said “Ninjas!! Take them down!!”

Soon their mutant and the humans of New York attacked and fought alongside the Rainbooms and their friends as the battle intensified, whilst at the same time, the leader of the mysterious group continued to direct citizens away from the battlefield.

Twilight jumped over and landed next to Leo and said “Leo, what the heck is going on?!”

“No idea!!” said Leo before he sliced a Foot Bot “We were on patrol when the Foot Bots showed up. Then she told us that they were going to attack you guys next!!”

“She who?!” said Twilight when she jumped and delivered a roundhouse kick. Then she saw the female turtle fighting with some of the girls.

“Whoa.” Said Twilight surprised “Another turtle? And she’s a girl?”

“Her name’s Venus.” Said Leo “That’s what she told us. She told us after we beat some of the Foot Bots back at New York that the rest were coming after all of you.”

Sunset appeared after she had done a somersault and landed near them. “Well we have fought them in the past a few times against Shredder and his minions!!”

Beebop then landed next to Sunset and said “But who the heck else could make them. They’re way too advance to even be Stockman’s robots.”

But as they continued to fight, one of the Foot Bots fired what appeared to be a bomb from its left wrist. Mikey shouted “Incoming!!”

But the bomb missed them and landed next to a scared little girl, whose name was Water Lilly. She whimpered in fear when she saw it, especially since it was ticking rapidly.

“My baby!!” shouted the woman, which gained Pinkie and a few others’ attention.

Pinkie gasped and said “Water Lilly?!!”

The leader overheard and looked at it in shock as the bomb rapidly beat, and then exploded as anyone from a viewpoint would see.

Everyone dreaded the worst of the fate of the little girl. But when the smoke cleared, they saw that the mysterious leader was the one who was injured instead, with his entire back being scorched by the explosion. He painfully got up, groaning and grunting in pain, whilst at the same time, he held Water Lilly in his arms, shielding her from the explosion. She looked around and was confused, but was a little frightened over what happened. The leader, at the same time, removed his mask and hood, revealing to be none other than Roland, whilst at the same time, held onto Water Lilly’s shoulders, worrying for her safety.

“Hey, are you okay?” said Roland as he had his left eye closed as he could barely cope with the pain.

Water Lilly at the same time looked at the gentle face whilst being a little puzzled, but then she looked at his back and saw how he was hurt, then looked back at him. And at such a young age, she realized that he saved her life, but was also concerned for his wellbeing. She slowly hugged him, whilst he slowly hugged her back, with Water Lilly’s mother doing the same thing.

“It’s okay. Everything is going to be alright.” Said Roland.

Whilst at the same time, many were relieved that the little girl was okay. Sunset on the other hand, was greatly surprised when she saw the leader’s face, and it was none other than…

“Roland?” said Sunset as she felt her heart beating and her throat drying for upon seeing him.

But as she focused on Roland, she didn’t notice one of the larger Foot Bots grabbing a car and tossed it in her direction. Roland looked at her directions and immediately noticed. He darted towards Sunset and had his sword drawn. Sunset thought he was going to attack her until his sword glowed green.

Roland twirled his blade, jumped in the air and shouted “Ryujin no ken wo kurae!!!

Sunset saw Roland in the air and with one major swift, he used his blade to cut the incoming car in half. But before it could be made contact, Roland used the laser grapples from his wrists to grab both the cars and tossed them back towards the Foot Bots, making them explode the moment the cars had hit upon contact. Roland landed swiftly in front of Sunset as she kept staring at him with her cheeks reddened. He slowly turned around and looked at her.

“You, okay?” asked Roland, which Sunset bashfully nodded her head.

At the same time, Venus approached with a case and a small canister, which snapped Sunset out of it as she surprisingly saw another female turtle in the mix.

“You okay there Roland?” said Venus as she sprayed Roland with a type of foam.

“Barely,” said Roland whilst he grunted from the pain as the foam began to do its work. “What’s the status.”

“Just like you said.” Said Venus “They sent an advance force in New York to take care of the Turtles and their allies, whilst they sent an entire invading force to Canterlot City just to get rid of the others.”

“They were after us?” said Sunset “Why?”

“Think about it.” Said Venus as she looked at Sunset “You guys fought alongside the Turtles against the Shredder when you first encountered him in New York, the battle against the Triceratons and when he got mutated into Super Shredder, so it’s obvious that all of you were deemed targets to eliminate.”

“Then it’s a good thing all of you showed up.” Said Sunset, but at the same time, everyone gathered having cleared most of the Foot Bots.

When all of a sudden, three more platoons arrived and surrounded them.

“You gotta be kidding me!!” shouted Raph “They’re still at it?!!”

Roland looked at Venus and said “You got my gear I asked?”

“Right here.” Said Venus as she opened it, revealing a certain type of outfit and a type of sword that had a motorcycle handle on it for some reason.

Roland smirked and said “Perfect.”

He picked up the case and suddenly tossed the clothes in the air, gaining their attention. But at the same time, Roland instantly jumped in the air and was out of his old clothes, whilst at the same time, he instantly put on his clothes whilst in the air, until he finally landed as he crouched whilst he caught his sword.

The moment Roland stood up, he was all decked out. He was wearing black combat boots with the top covered in metal plating. He was wearing black pants with metallic shin and knee guard. He wore a black shirt underneath, whilst at the same time, was wearing a black swallowtail jacket. But at the same time, was wearing arm guards to protect his wrists, but he also looked back at the others.

All of them had stunned looks that he had changed his outfit so quickly.

“Oh my.” Muttered Rarity as she fanned herself “His ensemble. It’s magnifique.”

Roland looked ahead of the battle, and saw many of the Foot Bots and their larger companions were beginning to surround them. Roland couldn’t help but smirk at this.

“Well then. Looks like it’s my time to shine.”

He took a few steps forward from the group and said “Why don’t you guys take five and enjoy the show?”

“Have you lost your mind?!” shouted Donnie.

He looked back at them whilst still having the smirk on his mouth and said “Trust me. And boys…play the beat.”

One of them instantly pulled out a jukebox and played a new CD. As the song played, Roland continued to move forward and drew out his sword, which was written ‘Hamato’s Blade’ on the side.

“Alright you mama jammers.” Said Roland “Who among you here brought the Marshmallows?”

He twirled his sword and stabbed it into the ground and shouted “Cause I’m bringing the fire!!”

He suddenly revved his sword up, causing it to hum and instantly ignite itself with flames on both sides, surprising a few in the process. One the music began to play, Roland instantly charged towards them, with the Foot Bots doing the same to him. But the moment he was close enough, Roland made his move.

Roland performed an Ex Streak, allowing three of the Foot Bots to fly in the air. He jumped in the air and slashed the robots four time simultaneously before they scattered to pieces. Roland pulled a Foot Bot towards him using his grapple, allowing Roland to slice the Foot Bot in half.

Four of the Swat Bots attempted to attack from behind. But before they could even get the chance, Roland darted towards them and used his grapple from both his wrists and fired them both at the same time, pulled them and slammed them hard into the ground, shattering them in the process. Six more Foot Bots attempted to attack Roland from the air whilst using their jetpacks to fly in the air and attempted to shoot him their mounted lasers.

Roland instantly rolled to avoid their attacks, then instantly dashed towards them with great speed. Before they could react, Roland sliced the two of them in half before they exploded. Before the robots could take another crack at him, he’s instantly pulled out what appeared to be two pistols and rapidly shot at them, breaking them apart in the process.

He was able to land and dart towards one of the Foot Bots. He jumped onto the Foot Bot’s shoulders, then ended up making it spin whilst Roland used his pistols to shoot the Foot Bots around him that attempted to try and attack him whilst he cheered for a bit at the same time. When he jumped off, he placed his pistols away and performed a roulette spin, allowing him to pull out his blade and performed a cyclone before slicing one of the Foot Bots in half. He used his grapple to grab one of the larger Foot Bots, then smashed its head hard onto the ground.

Two more larger Foot Bots arrived, with Roland noticing. He pulled out both his pistols, and somehow combined them, turning them into a rifle. He cocked the weapon, allowing it to be charged up as if it were a Power Ranger’s weapon. The moment he pulled the trigger, releasing a charged shot, destroying the two larger Foot Bots and ended their existence.

He placed his pistols away and charged towards the next group of Foot Bots whilst drawing his blade again. He twirled his sword and cut at least six Foot Bots down. He jabbed his blade into the Foot Bot’s chest, until Roland turned the handle, causing the blade to glow, allowing Roland to swing his sword, destroying the Foot Bot, but also four more.

When he noticed a handful of Foot Bots were stunned, Roland decided to have some fun. He used his tech to summon a holographic camera that looked like it came from the fifties, whilst he pointed at the stunned bots and said “Oh yeah!! Looking Good baby!! Make love to the camera!! Woo!! Work it!! Yeah!!”, before he turned it into an emp bomb, allowing him to toss it at them and making them shut down.

Four more Foot Bots attacked from behind, until Roland ended up jumping in the air and landed on one of the Foot Bots, whilst using his grapple to shoot through one, and grab the other. He spun them around, hitting other Foot Bots as if the one he caught was a chained mace. He pulled one to him, allowing Roland to grab the Foot Bot’s head, and crushed it with his hand. He made the Foot Bot move around whilst he laughed and taunted other Foot bots whilst cutting them down with his sword. Roland jumped and skid on the ground whilst holding onto the one Foot Bot as he kicked two more away. Roland then stood up and kicked it away, knocking more Foot Bots away.

The turtles, Rainbooms and their friends watched in awe the way he fought, even the people who were supposed to be evacuated were surprised to see him fight.

“Whoa.” Said Mikey “He’s good.”

“But isn’t he kind of showing off?” asked Lemon Zest.

“He does fight seriously.” Said Venus “But this is new actually.”

“So it’s obvious he had some training whilst he was traveling.” Said one of the hooded figures.

More Foot Bots appeared and tried to strike Roland down, but he used his sword to give one big strike, slicing all four of them in half at the same time. He looked behind and saw the last of the Foot Bots and Larger ones tried to attack, but then Roland jabbed his sword to the ground and revved it, causing it to be set ablaze. He pulled the sword out and made a stance. But at the same time, his eyes suddenly glowed green, making his flames to green fire, which surprised the others.

“Ryujin no ken wo kurae!!!” shouted Roland, allowing him to deliver a massive swift strike from his blade, sending a large flaming energy to the Foot Bots, engulfing them in the power and destroying them in the process.

Once the music stopped, Roland couldn’t help but smirk and slowly turned around whilst placing his sword away. Everyone stared at him in stun shock and silence.

“Aw, is it over already?” said Roland when a random Foot Bot stood up. But before the Bot could react, Roland took out his pistol and without looking, he shot the robot’s head off, causing it to collapse. “And I was just getting warmed up.”

They were silent for a moment. Until the people outside of the mall cheered at the display. Even the Rainbooms and their friends were greatly impressed over this.

“That…was…AWESOME!!” exclaimed Rainbow like a fangirl. “You were Pow! Bam! Slash!! And you even have that cool gadgets at your disposal. And that one liner ‘Alright you mama jammers. Who among you here brought the Marshmallows, Cause I’m bringing the fire!!’, that was so cool.”

“I have to admit,” said Karai whilst she placed her sword away “His moves are impressive.”

“More like showing off.” Said Raph whilst crossing his arms after placing his sais away.

“At least I’m not a jerk!!” retorted Roland.

“What?!!” shouted Raph. Then he stomped on over to Roland and said “Care to repeat that you little…?!!!”

When all of a sudden, Roland turned around and had a mask of a giant cockroach on it, whilst waving his arms in the air and shouted “Booga-Booga-Booga!!!!”

Raph ended up screaming like a little girl and fainted from that surprise, causing Rainbow, Pinkie Pie, the Dazzlings, Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, Mikey, Venus, Casey, Keno, Shinigami, Mondo Gecko, Bandit Raccoon and Hokum Hare to laugh out loud when they saw his misfortune, even Roland laughed when he took off the mask and tossed it away, as did Sunset as she couldn’t help herself.

“Ah, classic.” Said Roland after he wiped a tear away.

But then he looked to his right and saw Water Lilly with her mother. He then walked over to her, wanting to make sure that she was okay. Once he was close enough, he looked at her mother, which she nodded that she can speak to her. She placed Water Lilly on the ground, allowing her to walk over to Roland, whilst he stood on his one knee just so they could make eye contact.

“You okay there?” said Roland “Sorry if you got scared.”

Roland rubbed Water Lilly’s head, which caused the said girl to blush and giggle. To ease her worry, he took something off of his neck, which appeared to be a necklace of some kind, with the symbol of the Star on it.

“This here is the Northern Star.” Said Roland whilst showing it to her “The story goes that as long as it shines in the night sky, it’ll always guide you back home. And if you see it, you’ll know that the future can look very bright.”

He placed it around Water Lilly’s neck, making said girl look at it, then looked at him with a blush and smile. She slowly hugged Roland, with the boy returning the gesture.

“Be safe little one.” Said Roland.

Water Lilly suddenly kissed his cheek, which made him smile at that. Water Lilly’s mother picked her daughter up, with Roland standing too. The mother hugged the boy as a way of saying thanks. She then left to take the rest of the kids home.

The others watched the display.

“Oh my.” Said Fluttershy “He’s really good with kids.”

Roland once again grunted as he stretched his back a bit. Venus and the four hooded figures came to him, with Venus saying “You, okay?”

“Still a bit in pain.” Said Roland.

“We’ll need to get you a proper patch job.” Said one of the hooded ninjas.

After Raph got back up, Leo decided to be the calm one, walked over and said “Alright, now that things are quiet. Mind telling us who you all are?”

“Leo’s right.” Said Karai “We trusted you so far and you did help us out. It’s only fair that we know you guys too.”

“We’ll explain.” Said Roland “But first thing’s first.”

Roland pulled out what appeared to be a Plumber’s badge, which surprised the Rainbooms and Turtles, for they recognize that. He activated it, causing Grandpa Max to show via hologram, which took them all by surprise.

“Roland, what’s the status?” said Grandpa Max.

“We were able to freeze most of the Foot Bots’ assets in case they showed up.” Said Roland “But…the Foot Bots made their appearance. And we had no choice but to reveal ourselves.”

Grandpa Max turned around and saw the others. “So I see.”

“Wait,” said Sunset as she approached and said “Grandpa Max, you know him?”

“I do.” Said Grandpa Max “And I’m sure all of you have a lot of questions. But not here. I’ve already sent a cleanup crew to clean up the bots in New York and will be there to clean up the ones at Canterlot City soon. In the meantime, transport to bring you guys over is on the way. The Utrom council will be waiting too. I’ll see you all soon.”

After that, communications had been cut, whilst at the same time their transport arrived.

“Aw, yeah.!!” Exclaimed Mikey.

“Road trip!!” exclaimed Mikey, Pinkie and Sonata at the same time.

Everyone soon began to board the ship, with Roland being the last one. Sunset walked next to him with a blush. She then said “Thank you. For saving me.”

Roland looked at her and smiled, whilst saying “You’re welcome.”

After they boarded, the doors to their transport closed, allowing them to take off and fly straight to Bellwood, hoping to get the answers what they’ve been looking for.

Author's Note:

All the mentions of Sunset, Twilight and Raph sometimes screwing up, were some references to Equestria Ninja Girls: Batgirls and the upcoming project of Jebens1 about the Rainbooms and turtles being at the music festival.

Plus I figured a Devil May Cry song might spice things up a bit.