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The Midsummer Theater Revival is Coco Pommel's most favorite thing in the entire universe.

So of course she's very excited to get a chance to help out.

And when helping out leads to her cutie mark, she's happy. Of course she's happy.

A million thanks to everyone who sat through my complaining about this story and made it into something decent. Y'all know who you are :)

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The Princesses have a tradition, one grounded in selflessness and goodwill, and this year, it's Luna's turn to carry it out.

Unfortunately, she'd rather be sleeping.

Written for the Jinglemas Secret Santa exchange.

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It was a fact, not a decision.

Equestria no longer needed anypony to bear the Elements of Harmony. So six mares suddenly found themselves in a position of incredible freedom. True, they all dreamt of a purpose outside of sitting around in Ponyville, waiting for an attack. They all had talents that could benefit elsewhere.

But everything isn't perfect. It never is.

Related to this story, but it is not necessary to read that.

Spoilers in the comments, so beware.

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Button Mash has a plan to win over his one true love.

Unfortunately, that plan involves doing something athletic.

Written for the Button Mash Party.

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It's acceptable for fillies to have imaginary friends.
But ponies grow tired of your stories as you grow older.
Fluttershy wishes she was lying.

Story idea by my friend Madison.
Thanks to Noble Thought

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Inspired by the song Happy Ending by Mika.

Golden Harvest farms carrots, is incredibly devoted to her husband, and lives in bubbles.

Written Script writes and travels far too often, but is charismatic and well-liked.

Derpy likes muffins and is legally unfit to take care of her foal.

And then there's Dinky, who (legally) belongs to Golden Harvest and (legally) must visit her mother once a month.

Life is incredibly complex, but it's also profoundly simple.

Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library and Equestria Daily.
Dedicated to Regidar.
Thanks to Zaphod and many others.
Updates every other day.

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Shining Armor thought it would be funny to prank his wife. To make everypony fall in love.
But it's turning out more sickly sweet.

Story idea credit goes to RainbowBob. Used with permission.

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Celestia knew, Celestia always knew the truth, so it had to be true.
Twilight trusted her, didn't she?
And fillies always grasp to truths, to their heroes, and drink in everything life throws at them.
So two and two make five.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I guess I don’t exactly learn anything Princess-worthy every day. I don’t really think the others do either -write letters that is- but I haven’t exactly talked to them in a while. You can understand why.
I... don’t want this to be a sad letter. I don’t think you need any more sadness in your life, and I’m good too. So this is just a normal letter.

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Of Twila Sparks
And Trixie.
Of light
And dark.
Of love
And loss.
Of women
And destiny.
Of future
And past.
Of life
And death.

Sequel to Princessy and Lunae et Nox

Chapters (15)
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