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The Midsummer Theater Revival is Coco Pommel's most favorite thing in the entire universe.

So of course she's very excited to get a chance to help out.

And when helping out leads to her cutie mark, she's happy. Of course she's happy.

A million thanks to everyone who sat through my complaining about this story and made it into something decent. Y'all know who you are :)

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Comments ( 7 )

This is the fifth time I've read this story, and it still sends a potent message. Well done, plu.

I liked the story, would have liked to see the ending expanded upon though.

These are my notes from the first round of judging. Nothing's decided yet, but best of luck in the final round!

Oh man, this story is great! Descriptions are amazing, characters are excellent, and the structured use of small phrases works brilliantly. Not to mention a taciturn and entirely huggable young Coco. I fell in love with this story, just like that. -SF P.S. Nominated for the Fluttershy because well obviously.

This is very touching at points, and well written too. My one gripe is the ending. I just can't quite buy that two adults would both leave a filly to have her work literally stolen, and expect her to deal with it herself. Other than that, a great bit of backstory for Coco.

A cute story, mainly thanks to the adorable filly!Coco. The conflict takes a bit too long to arrive, but it's nice to see some background for Coco. Liked. :twilightsmile:

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